Track Listing
· Undivided
· Everyday
· The Distance (2)
· Joey
· Misunderstood
· All About Lovin' You
· Hook Me Up
· Right Side Of Wrong
· Love Me Back To Life (3)
· You Had Me From Hello
· Bounce (1)
· Open All Night

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
· Bon Jovi (5)
· 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit (8)
· Slippery When Wet (1)
· New Jersey (2)
· Keep The Faith (3)
· Crossroad
· These Days (4)
· Crush (7)
· One Wild Night
· Bounce (6)

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Line Up
· Jon Bon Jovi: Vocals
· Richie Sambora: Guitar
· David Bryan: Keyboards
· Tico Torres: Drums
· Hugh McDonald: Bass
Island / Mercury
· Produced By: Bon Jovi, Desmond Child
· Running Time: 49.06· Genre: Hard Rock
· Release Date: Out Now · Released: WORLD
· WebLink: Bon Jovi · LabelLink: Island

Bon Jovi are back with a new album, released in a relatively short time since their last studio album Crush in 2000.
Let's get straight to the point - Bounce is a better album than Crush, but it still could have been even better.
Jovi, Sambora & Co. haven't sold the amount of records they have for no reason - these are smart guys and they know what sells. So once again, the style might be a little different, but the formula that has served them well since Keep The Faith is alive and well.
Bounce sees another updating of the band's sound, just as they did on Keep The Faith and Crush. This time the rockers take on the contemporary modern rock guitar sound of such bands as Creed.
The slower ballad/mid tempo tracks are typical Bon Jovi, but several have the added charm of featuring heavy orchestration. That touch adds some much needed texture to those tracks and makes them more memorable.
But in similar fashion to their last album Crush, Bounce features several low points.
Basically I am referring to the heard it all before ballads that detract from the album's possibilities. Basically, Bon Jovi keep talking up the rock credibility, but have yet to fully come through. At this point, they are more talk, less rock!
Having said that, even the these ballads I'm complaining about are of better and more consistent quality than the last few albums.
Jon's vocals are spot on and Richie again proves he is one of rock's best ever guitarists, making his mark on both the rockers and the ballads with ease -complete with his updated 2002 guitar sound.
The album opens with one of the heaviest guitar tunes of Bon Jovi's career. Undivided is a September 11 inspired anthem of American pride features a killer heavy Creed like guitar sound, that reverts to a more traditional Jovi hard rock sound for the verse. Good album opener and great uptempo hard rocker that most fans of Jovi should adopt as their new fists in the air anthem.
Everyone is already familiar with the single Everyday, another good uptempo rocker with a modern edge. It's certainly a darker sound than It's My Life.
The album flows easily into The Distance, a rock track that is as much an anthem as it is a uptempo ballad. This track is certainly a highlight of the album. The soft, acoustic driven verse gives way to a huge guitar driven anthem chorus that also features some excellent orchestration, taking the song into another level.
A great rock anthem, with a big memorable chorus that isn't too heavy that it won't attract new fans when it is inevitably released as a single. Tracks like this are why Bon Jovi are still relevant in 2002.
Well, it's been 3 tracks, so a ballad must be next and sure enough, Joey fits that bill. No complaints with the album so far and this track isn't about to change that. This mid-tempo rock track again features excellent orchestration and prominent positioning of some David Bryan's piano. Another solid chorus in a 'storyteller' type song reminiscent of the New Jersey album.
The tempo of the last two tracks continues with Misunderstood. This is another mid-tempo rock ballad that features a solid lead vocal in the verse and a great bridge leading into a wonderful vocal hook lead chorus. A heartfelt uptempo ballad, and one of the better I have heard from the band.
Now might have been a good time for another big rocker, but unfortunately it's time for the obligatory slow, lighter-in-the-air ballad Bon Jovi have become all too famous for. All About Lovin' You interrupts the flow of the album with a very standard tired example of the formula used far to often previously. Granted it's a solid lead vocal from Jon and a sweet track, but heard it all before - skip...
Hook Me Up is that rock track I could have used one track earlier But here it is and boy, that guitar sound and accompanying rhythm really does pound the hell out of my speakers. Great stuff. Love the sound and the song sounds promising, especially as the verse builds to the climax you know is coming. And yeah, the chorus arrives and it rocks, but truth be told - it's actually pretty weak and unconvincing. It's a much needed rocker, but falls short as far as quality control.
This is where I get frustrated with Bon Jovi. After only one rocker, it's straight back into power ballad territory, with Right Side Of Wrong - another formula tear jerker. The pace of the album is delt another blow, when the guys really should have swapped this track for another rock track. The mid-song guitar solo doesn't save it. Skip...
God, another slow ballad. C'mon guys - the album's tempo is all but lost now. Power ballad number 3 is Love Me Back To Life. Two things about this track. First - it's awesome - it's one of the band's best rock ballads, with ton's of attitude and a great hook and that excellent orchestration again. But the impact is totally lost because of the overload of ballads.
Don't skip this track, ballad or not, it's all class. Instead, skip You Had Me From Hello. The title was a dead give away and worried me from the beginning. Jon Bon Jovi knows how to coin a phrase for a cleaver lyric, but given that we have already passed through 2 slow ass ballads and 2 rock ballads, this is just plain boring. I think some will disagree with me, as it's an acoustic ballad with a sweet message, but again, any possible good is lost due to the overflow of similarly paced tracks.
Now Bounce is more like it!! Yeah, this is one huge ass rocker that grabs you by the balls from the opening guitar riff and doesn't let go for 3 minutes 12 seconds.
A big ass anthem in the vein on It's My Life, this track will make it out as a single and will be huge. One of the catchiest tracks of the year.
Maybe the album is back on track - Bounce leaves you feeling like it is and pumps you up ready for another big rock to close the album.
But no! For the love of God! Once again, all momentum is totally killed with another slow ass, dead boring formula ballad. Why was this included in the album? Why was it positioned here, right after the album's best track? Open All Night is just another heard it all before slow Jovi ballad. Skip...
But that's it. The album is done.
Unfortunately that's it folks. 4 rockers, 6 ballads and 2 mid tempo tracks.
I really like Jovi's rock ballads and I like their mid tempo tracks, but there are just too many slow tracks here to make this album a classic.
Yes, it's their best since Keep The Faith, but it's not a dead set classic as there was still so much more potential.
That is made all to clear by the tracks that haven't made the album. I'll refer to these tracks shortly and they have no bearing on the score given to the album as a whole (12 tracks), but upon hearing them, there is easily 2 or 3 tracks that could have replaced some or all of the ballads: All About Lovin' You, Love Me Back To Life, You Had Me From Hello and Open All Night.

No Regrets is an excellent rocker that is featured as a Japanese bonus track and on one of the Everyday CD Singles. The song features a soft verse that builds into a rousing anthem chorus with a feel good vibe that would have been perfect for the album. In fact, there would have been no other track like it on the album!
Postcards From The Wasteland is an average slow to mid tempo ballad that is featured on the Japanese version (again ending the album on a sour note).
Standing is a pretty cool uptempo rocker with a catchy chorus and solid guitar sound.
Another Reason is an original sounding rock track that would have been an asset to the album. The chorus is a rousing soulful example of the band trying something different.
Breathe is another mid-tempo rock ballad, but easily eclipses the quality of at least 2 of the album ballads.
Lucky is another interesting mid tempo rock track, with a heavy accent on the Beatlesque/Oasis type of sing-along pop rocker. Very commercial.
We Can Dance is an acoustic slow to mid tempo ballad, but once again, is original enough to warrant replacing one of the album's more predictable ballads with this. A catchy song with a sweet vibe.

The Bottom Line
I expected Bounce to rock hard, especially after the ballad free Live album and the awesome radio response to It's My Life. It seems the band had other ideas.
As good as BJ's ballads are - don't we have enough of them already?
Granted, these are some of the band's best and there are a couple of variations on the typical sound - in fact, 2 of these ballads are 2 of the band's best ever. The rest....skip.
BUT the inclusion of the rest and the relegation of tracks like No Regrets and Lucky to simple B-Sides is criminal!
The album is as solid as the last few. But once again it's short on promises and overloaded with slow tracks.
Sundries - great artwork and solid running time - lousy track sequencing. The pace of the album never had a chance.

Additional Ratings

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16/02/06: Big Mike -
Rating: 70
I hated Crush, It's my life was good but the rest was just shit.
Bounce is alot better. Bounce,undivided,everyday,misunderstood are good songs. Unfortuately, the production lacks which is a surprise for a band with a name as big a Jovi.

17/08/04: Evandro Souza -
Rating: 40
This is the weakest bon Jovi album ever, i really didnt liked this record, iīm a huge fan of the band and .. i Really didnt liked this one ...

04/10/03: Bobby -
Rating: 100
I think you are all crazy, The music is so positive,These songs are what Bon Jovi are all about! They always move Forward, They have always and will always be a Rockband with great songs. Thats why there still making albums Im glad they bont make the same records over and over.

24/09/03: Geoff -
Rating: 80
Musically, this is possibly the finest I've ever heard Bon Jovi. Unfortunately, to make an album good I feel that one needs to incorporate good songs along with the already realised good music. I feel that Bon Jovi have not stepped up to that challenge in recording this CD.

'Undivided' is a great opener, a big hard rock anthem that gets proceedings off to a very promising start. 'Everyday' continues in hard rocking fashion and if I'd not heard it a million times before I'd rate it even higher than I do, which is already quite high.
Without doubt, 'The Distance' is stand out track of the album for me. Great, big melodic hard rock anthem and what we need to hear from Bon Jovi!
I don't like 'Joey' at all, mostly due to the chorus, 'Misunderstood' is actually a rather cool balladic number and I do like this one, 'All About Lovin' You' is cool too, continuing the vibe of the previous track, 'Hook Me Up' is good for the fact it's a big rocker, but the lyrics are quite silly and too simple - still a good hard rocking song, 'Right Side Of Wrong' is very bland and below average, ' Love Me Back To Life' continues in the vibe of earlier balladic tracks, but with balls. 'You Had Me From Hello' is my second favourite song off the album. Soft, sentimental and a beautiful little peice of pop rock, nice acoustic sound too. Yeah, really like this one.
'Bounce' is like 'Hook me up' - great hard rocker, but such stupid lyrics. 'Open All Night' is an awfully bland closer.

Overall, much better than 'Crush' and musically very impressive. Though the review is very favourable, as a whole I just feel there could have been more great songs in place of a whole bunch of rather average ones. Still, pretty decent effort when looked at in detail.

31/07/03: Boz -
Rating: 84
Bon Jovi in 2002 is a good thing. The band still has it's good harmonies, good gutair, and the most important thing in today's music scene: good looks. So this album could do well if radio/MTV-VH1 decide to give it a go. Tracks like "Undivided", and "Everyday" are pretty good rockers with catchy melodies. "Misunderstood" and "Joey" are on the softer side, but could do will commerically. Judging from the lyrics, both of those tunes have great video possiblities. Like the last few Bon Jovi releases, this album is full of ballads as well. The problem is, some of them sound like "filler ballads." Tracks like "Open All Night", "You Had Me From Hello", and "Right Side Of Wrong" don't appeal to the listener because they are overshadowed by past Bon Jovi ballads. Track three, "The Distance", is the best ballad type song on this album. Jon and Ritchie vocally have never sounded better. Even the CD sleeve was improved this time around. As long as fans don't find the 90's Bon Jovi tiresome, this album should do respectable numbers.

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 74
This is probably the worst record these guys have done. To me they just seem to be wasting their talent. Despite the fact that this disc includes four rocking, memorable tunes, the rest ranges from boring to horrific. How many cheesy ballds with cliche lyrics can one band produce. I'm affraid these guys will never touch the glorious heights of "Slippery..." (I'd settle for something as consistent as "These Days.") simply because Jon and Rich feel they need to fill their records with "power ballads" that might have gotten air play 12 years ago. Disspapointing.

18/03/03: jimmyshoes -
Rating: 90
Opinions of this album seem very polarised as they were for Crush. One of the keys to Jovi's success and longevity is their ability to adapt and add a modern sound to their music without totally alienating the fans of the classic material. For the most part they have achieved this, very few bands from the era of 80s rock can boast the new generation of young fans Jovi have accrued in recent years. But inevitably we have the ever growing comparisons of old stuff vs new stuff.
I have been a Jovi fan since Slippery and have kept an open mind with each new sound and direction the band has taken.
For me Bounce was a tentative step in a very exciting direction, it represented the move towards heavy, yet melodic rock that has been hinted at previously but never fully explored. Unfortunately it was ultimately frustratingly clear that Jon still likes to play it safe on the ballad front. Don't get me wrong, I love a good power ballad but I wouldn't want a whole album of them, or even half an album of them, which is what we have here.
The standout tracks for me here are definitely the rockers, Everyday, Undivided, Hook Me Up, and Bounce are 4 great numbers that I will not tire of for a long, long time.
I can't understand those that have slated Joey. OK so it's not exactly rock, but I love to see the guys try something a bit different and it's a cracking tune which really let's Dave's keys shine. There's drama, colour and emotion here which is all but absent from the drab mid-tempo songs on the album.
Right Side of Wrong is another of those songs that's hard to categorise. It tries to be the dramatic, atmospheric song in the same vein as Wanted, Wild is the Wind, or Dry County and while the main verse/chorus of the song is a bit twee and contrived, the heavily orchestrated solo section really blew me away. The soaring guitar and dramatic strings arrangement packs an emotional wallop and is reminiscent of "3rd" side of Extreme's concept album Three Sides to Every Story.
Out of the remaining songs, there was little that stood out for me. I found Misunderstood to be particularly bland and a shocking choice for the second single. Talk about a momentum-killer. By the time the third single (All About Lovin You) has done the rounds, I just hope there's enough interest left in the album to make Undivided and Bounce the hits they deserve to be, but sadly I expect this will not be the case.
In summary, this album had 4 great rockers, 2 refreshingly different songs, and a mish-mash of 6 ballads and mid-tempo numbers which were adequate if not awe-inspiring.
If we could have bumped up the hard edged quota to 6, maybe thrown in another couple of experimental tracks, trimmed the ballad count back to 2 (making them more memorable and less samey, recall the lush vocals and huge guitar on Bed of Roses) and had a couple of well thought out mid-tempo pieces, I believe this could have been the ultimate crowd pleasing album.
It seems strange that Jon goes to great lengths to portray his band as a ROCK band, especially in the live setting, go to any live show and you will generally find no more than 2 ballads in the set, yet the albums seem to be awash with slow, flabby, unnecessary fillers.
Perhaps Jon is trying to recapture the success of "Always" which is still the band's biggest hit although they were robbed of the number one spot in the UK. I just don't think ballads are the best way to achieve this anymore. Look at how "Thankyou for Loving Me" flopped, a classic power ballad in every sense of the word.
All in all Bounce is a great, solid album, but a true classic lies within tantalisingly close reach if only Jon could take a chance on writing songs he might consider "less commercial."

21/02/03: Bobby -
Rating: 90
Awesome cd from an awesome band.Yeah i know people will complain but the positives outwiegh the negatives.Pls dont tell me that this band and that bands cd is great,they are probably playing in front of 500 people each week.
Bon Jovi can sell any stadium anytime...and u know why?Listen to UNDIVIDED,EVERYDAY,THE DISTANCE(WHAT A SONG)MISUNDERSTOOD,HOOK ME UP,LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE,BOUNCE,...i even like YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO........Easily there best cd in yrs...altho i loved THESE DAYS.....Crush was a little dissapointing.BOUNCE ROX....a very pleased customer .

18/02/03: Hugo -
Rating: 80
This is my opinion: I think that this is a good cd because the songs are good and the production is modern. Also it is very easy to listen to, but everybody knows that Bon Jovi can make a better record. Come on guys ,you can improve your hooks with more vocals and more melody! I understand that you do not want to be in the 80s anymore, but you can mix your music whith the new sound and the result would be amazing! you know to write a hit, we want to hear those fantastics vocals again. Sometimes groups seem to be blind, if you record the Cd that is on my mind, with a modern sound it would be a number one!
(please excuse my English)

22/01/03: Jon_22Madrid2M12 -
Rating: 9
one of the 4 best BJ albums ever! good album for the 20th aniversary!!! rock on guys!!! Elvis's dead but you're not!!!!
the distance.- 8
all `bout lovin' you.-7.5
hook me up.-7.5
right side of wrong.-9.5
love me back to life.-7
you had me from hello.-7
open all night.-8

13/12/02: Marcelo Demian -
Rating: 75
I think this album is O.K., but Desmond Child is still proving he is the best songwriter on earth. Andreas Carlsson is great too, but maybe a song he wrote here, "EVERYDAY" is too similar to a hit he did to NīSYNC, "BYE BYE BYE". (Itīs the SAME chorus!!!)
Bye bye bye

28/11/02: Alonso -
Rating: 90
Very good album, although without arriving at a mean level, since very hard and good songs abound with which I do not fit in the album like Joe says very well. The Bounce song is brilliant, the best thing than they have done from the Keep the faith.

21/11/02: Vaughn -
Rating: 75
This is there best effort since New Jersey. Here's why.

We actually get 4 ROCK SONGS:

1) "Undivided" has a killer opening guitar sound
2) "Everyday" has the sound of yester year and it is a sweet workout tune.
7) "Hook Me Up" Once again the beginning sucks you in and then it is a flat out rocker.
11) "Bounce" need I say more, balls out rock.

I like the slower ones as well, "Misunderstood" and "Had Me From Hello".

What was missing? This track did not need 12 tracks, 10 would have been fine. "Joey Keys" absolutely sucks and the last track were needless.

They are definitely going in the right direction. 1995's "These Days" was a piece of slow crap. I did like a few songs, but that puppy was about a 30.

2000's "Crush" was a vast improvement, but still only a 50. I liked "Mystery Train", "Thank You" and "Its My Life", but seeing as how I cannot really remember too many other songs, it was overall an average effort, but at least it was starting to sound a little more like Jovi.

"Keep the Faith" (1992) is even weaker than "Bounce", probably about a 60. "Bed of Roses" and "Keep the Faith" are all I take away from that one.

Just my 2 cents.


12/11/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 55
What's this ? I thought I was first listening to a new U2 record ! Where's Bon Jovi's identity, where's their own style. This is a super modern record, leaning even by the nu-metal scene, what a disappointment !!!!!! And where are the keyboards ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? This is the worst record ever by Bon Jovi. Where are the days of Runaway ??????? Sad, sad, sad !!!!

31/10/02: Chad -
Rating: 80
I didn't read your whole review but I agree with you 100% with what I did read until the pattern of the songs started to change. I agree it is a little different and that they are going in a good direction. I do think the ballads are pretty bad on this album. I didn't like Crush at all. I only listen to Debut, Slippery When Wet, New Jersey and now Bounce. Thanx for letting me express my opinion.
P.S. I read your Boston review. I have the first 2 albums but I don't know if I want to get the new album. I don't care for the songs on Walk On because I heard it on a live cd I have of them. A great all around live album but they should've stopped. I guess I would have to hear the album first before I buy it. Thanx again.

28/10/02: Niklas -
Rating: 65
No !!!!! What's this ? I'm very dissapointed with the boys.
After a decent "come-back" with CRUSH I was really looking forward to this album. But now I wonder what the had in their minds...

OK, the positive things first
Opening track "Undivided" is magnificent. Love this song !
First single "Everyday" is a solid rocker with a modern sound.
"Misunderstood" is a solid mid-paced song like "Just older"
But "Older" is better...
"Hook me up" rocks !! Very good. Maybe too hard to come out as a single (?)
"Bounce" rocks in the same vein as "It's my life" VERY GOOD!!

These 5 songs are the only ones that gets thumbs up. The rest of the bunch ranks somewhere between "Uninteresting" and simply "Boring"'s a real shame.

Avril Lavigne kicks the s**t out of this...

27/10/02: Ignacio -
Rating: 82

I like it. Much more than Crunch, that was for me their lowest. A couple of classics, Big Rockers, ballads not so classic (that it the weakness), but i believe that evolution worked better than lepp's last release. Just one point: i will always say, i get angry of the japanese bonus tracks ... any album for any country has to have the same tracks .. fans are fans, we are not country-fans :-/

Anyway, BJ still rocks!! :-)

23/10/02: Jeff -
Rating: 90
Well finally we have the new Bon Jovi cd......and you know what? It is really not as good as I was hoping it would be. I have been a Bon Jovi fan for as long as I can remember and I have to say that this ranks down with thier debut disc. However, in comparison to other major releases out there, it is a gem! I like EVERYDAY a well as the song BOUNCE. There are way to many slow songs on here. It drags the album down. Overall I would recomend it but only after you have picked up Harem Scarem- Weight of the World and Def Leppard- X

Rock! Rock!

22/10/02: el teto tu te agacha y yo te la meto -
Rating: 0
Vaya mierda de ultimo disco.....hacen esta musica para vender les falta melodia y el bon jovi este de los cojones pasa tres kilos de sus fans aor's que le den x el culo y q llegue al top manta (nš1).

17/10/02: giovanni -
Rating: 40
Skip this one. The good songs will be played on the radio. Everyday is a mediocre song, It's my life was ten times catchier and better.
Too many ballads and too few Bon Jovi on this one.
But, maybe the problem is with me: I didn't love These Days, Crush was a huge success but very inferior to the main BJ records, and this one is an honest record with almost no rockers.
Tired of waiting for Bon Jovi to be Bon Jovi.

17/10/02: Bonfanjovi -
Rating: 2
Wow new bonjovi album....listen.....listen.....listen.....listen..... my opinion is that this album sucks!! give me the new TOTO album instead of this one.
I am a big fan but after crush and this album i don't know if i am gonna say this tomorrow..
Why all the damn fillers!! where are the originals!! i don't want rip-offs of loap or wdoa!! come on you can do better!!

Edward schuller

16/10/02: Jon -
Rating: 80
Much better than Crush, and a pleasant suprise, but it's not perfect. The biggest problem with the album is the overdose of ballads. The rockers are great (despite the little bit of techno/wierd stuff in Everyday), and they pretty much save the album from the pits of ballad hell. "Undivided" wasn't nearly as cheesy as it could have been-I mean, there were so many songs written about, and in tribute to, and inspired by the terrorist attacks on America in 2001, but only this one and Jackyl's "Open Invitation" are any good, and that's because they're not sappy, they're angry! "Everyday" has a hint of techno for just a short time, but redeems itself nicely. "The Distance" isn't hard rock and isn't a slow ballad either, it's just rock. In fact, it reiks of Journey, not hard Journey, nor soft Journey, but middle-of-the-road Journey, that the ballad AND the rocker lovers can all enjoy-great song. "Hook Me Up" is pretty good too. It has a killer rythme, and is very heavy. "Love Me Back To Life" is another Journeyish rock song. Great stuff! "Bounce" is the final really good song on the album. It is another heavy rocker. Let's see, that's 6 great songs, and the rest ranges from tolerable to crap. But, this album gets a high rating because the good songs are so great. Too bad it's not a 6-song EP (with the 6 good ones of course). Oh well, can't get a good full-length arena rock album nowadays without at least a few stinkers.
PS I used to love Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Aerosmith, but the three of them became the biggest sellouts in rock history (another band, the mighty Van Halen, started to do ballads as well, but VH retained their greatness because they never resorted to formula ballads {except for When it's Love-thats it}, and they never changed what they were about--amazing musicianship and fun). Back to Jovi, Lep and Smith--They each rocked in their own way (Slippery, High n Dry, Rocks), and each one started making music to please the even greater masses, by alienating the still large masses that made them rich and famous to begin with. Each band started to record way too many ballads, and each band started to become a little techno also. Not only that, but their rockin' stuff got mellower. This is the second album by all of the three that started to reverse the evil trend (the first was Lep's Euphoria-unfortunatly that didn't last) . Bon Jovi have started to reverse the trend by making their rockers hard again. Crush's rockers weren't that hard. This albums rockers are! There are still too many ballads, but I think I'm going to become a Bon Jovi fan again, especially if their next album continues the trend.

15/10/02: marcelo teixeira -
Rating: 90
Sou fã do BON JOVI pra caralho, o cd é muito bom, UNDIVIDED é demais, assim como HOOK ME UP, THE DISTANCE, MISSUNDERSTOOD, BOUNCE, EVERYDAY, LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE, mas open all night e You had me from hello não tem nada a ver com BON JOVI. Se excluissem estas 2 músicas e colocassem as demos STANDYNG e ANOTHER REASON TO BELIEVE eu daria nota 100.

15/10/02: Mike B -
Rating: 90
This album grows on you. I know we are all wishing for then next Slippery When Wet album of this era. However, I would get a little tired of hearing the same songs in the same style over and over again. For Bounce I think it is a solid album with 4 or 5 possible singles. I agree with most of you on there being too many ballads. I like songs 1,2, and 11. Bounce #11 is one of the best songs on the album and would love to hear it as a single and live in concert. Just like any other band you have to change your sound in order to grow and gain new fans. Will they gain any new fans on this album, probably not but they may continue to win over fans that became turned on to them from the crush album. The album grows on me everytime I listen to it. Keep rocking hard Bon Jovi.

14/10/02: JASON - JACE5150@AOL.COM
Rating: 60
Alright, I would like to start this with the obligatory apology for saying ANYTHING negative about Bon Jovi. But when writing stuff like this it's essential to be honest... even about the bad stuff. So where to begin? I bought this album at 9:00 A.M. the day it came out and have listened to it about a dozen times by now so please don't think any of these comments are based on snap judgements. I'll be the first one to admit that I thought "Crush" was neck and neck with 7800 Fahrenheit as the weakest Bon Jovi album ever. To me, the only highlights on that record were the last two songs... "I Got The Girl" and "One Wild Night". If I never hear any of the rest of the songs on that album again, that's fine with me. I do think "Bounce" is slightly better than "Crush". But not by much. However, I would like to point out that, as an album, "Bounce" is very good and solid. As a BON JOVI ALBUM... I need more. To me this record sounds like a Jon Bon Jovi solo record (Joey, Right Side Of Wrong, Open All Night, and All About Loving You) mixed with a heavy out of character Bon Jovi record (Undivided, Hook Me Up, Misunderstood, The Distance). I have come to look at Bon Jovi similar to how I look at Def Leppard. Both HUGE bands who produced two consecutive monster records (Slippery When Wet, New Jersey... Pyromania, Hysteria) and have managed to keep their fan base primarly because of those two albums and the fact they have remained productive after all these years. However, where Def Leppard doesn't seem to care about radio friendly material (not to say that "X" wasn't chock full of it), Bon Jovi seems to be writing things that they can simply do better than. And I hate to say it, but I get the impression that it's partially commercially motivated. And one more thing before I get to the record... how long has Hugh Mcdonald been Bon Jovi's bass player? Since 1995's "These Days", ya think maybe after 7 years of recording and touring with a band a guy could at LEAST expect to be in the band photos. Shit, even on Saturday Night Live he's not in the pictures. I'm sure there's a legitimate reason for that... but it seems pretty shitty to me. Alright... as I said I listened to the album quite a few times and at first I wasn't too thrilled with it, and then I really started to dig it, and now the more I listen to it, the more it irritates me. As I said, there are some VERY fine songs on this record... but is this Bon Jovi?? I swear to God if you just play the first 10 seconds of track 6 you would believe it's a Richard Marx song. Or the beginning of tracks 1 or 7 is some damn grunge band. This is not Bon Jovi to me... and neither was "Crush"
UNDIVIDED- Is a very decent way to open an album post 9-11. But the song itself... flat. Totally out of character crunchy guitar sound, no huge vocals, and not much of a hook really.
EVERYDAY- is a good song. Fairly catchy (Although everytime I hear Jon sing "Everyday" I hear "Torn To Shreds" from Def Leppards's last album). Overall though... a good song. But at this point in the record I'm starting to wonder if there's gonna be any huge BON JOVI vocal choruses.
THE DISTANCE- is awful. And I'm amazed that it is. There are very few Bon Jovi songs that Desmond Child had a hand in writing that are just flat out boring (Maybe "Diamond Ring"- but even that was a halfway decent song). In fact, with the expection of "All About Loving You", every song on "Bounce" that Desmond Child co-wrote is pretty lame. The Distance is no exception. And still... I'm waiting for the big choruses.
JOEY- Strange tune for Bon Jovi. Definitely sounds like a solo Jon Bon Jovi throw away. But overall it's a good song. Not great, but solid. But still... this isn't Bon Jovi. It's Jon Bon Jovi singing a Springsteen song from "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" record or something.
MISUNDERSTOOD- is flat out bland. And here's where you can really start hearing how the decades have taken a SLIGHT (slight mind you) toll on Jon's voice. And I'm not faulting him for that... not every singer can be as fortunate as people like Sammy Hagar or Ray Charles who seem to just get better as they get older. Jon's been screaming his ass off for 25 years... his voice SHOULD be a little thinner and brighter than it used to be. But on this song it's very evident. And when he repeatedly sings the word "I" to the melody G F# D B E during the chorus it gets old real fast. It sounds like it's on a loop in the studio and it takes me out of the song. But that's okay... cuz the song didn't have that great of a hold on me in the first place.
ALL ABOUT LOVING YOU- is a good tune. Despite the fact that the production is more Phil Collins than Bon Jovi, I still like this song. Good strong melody. And by this point in the album I've given up waiting for the big choruses.... they aren't coming.
HOOK ME UP- What the hell is this? What band is this? Did my CD player just accidentally jump to a different disk? Look... I know bands can't just produce cookie cutter albums and expect to stay in the mainstream... But maybe Bon Jovi should be a little more like Def Leppard, Mr. Big, Sammy Hagar, Nelson, or Winger and not give a shit about the mainstream. We're the fans and I DON'T think I'm alone in saying... Where are the songs like "Blood On Blood", "Homebound Train", "Damned", "If I Was Your Mother", "Wild In The Streets", "Roulette", "Keep The Faith", or ANYTHING with a little bigger production. I mean does poor David Bryan even HAVE a job anymore? What's his role on this record? He's now the piano player to tunes that Jon wrote and could probably play as good himself. There's NO WHERE for David to shine on this record. Hell... Hugh McDonald contributed every bit as much as David was able to... yet where's his face? Anyway... Hook Me Up is very strange for a Bon Jovi Tune. At best it reminds me of "Fear", which was my least favorite song on the Keep The Faith record.
RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG- is a good song. Every time I hear it I think it was written along with the tunes for the Young Guns II soundtrack. It reminds me so much of "Dying Ain't Much Of A Living". And, VERY strangely, the instrumental part of this song brings to mind "Delilah Blue" by Joshua Kadison... anyone know that one??? Anyway, a good long song (Jon's become obsessed with running traffic lights), and one of David's VERY few chances on this record to do anything.
LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE- is damned fine. A great lyric, a great chorus. Now that I've resigned myself to the fact that there aren't gonna be any HUGE songs on this record, what might have been a so-so track on any pre-1999 album becomes one of my favorites on this one. GOOD GOOD song.
YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO- Oh my, where do I start here? Well... the song itself is good. I like it, I won't skip it on my CD player or anything. Although the first 15 seconds or so sound JUST like "The Other Side" by Jamie Walters (great song, by the way). But here's the thing with this tune... and you all know what the thing is: We all saw Jerry Maguire. I remember about a year after that movie was out some dumb-ass country song came out called "You Had Me At Hello" and I was SO angered and disappointed that anyone would try to capitalize on that line and build a fuckin song around it. So cheesy... so exploitive... and so wrong. Yet here we are a few years later and one of my favorite bands ever does the same thing. Don't misunderstand me, I'm sure this song wasn't written because of that movie... but they HAD to know the association people would make with it. Either way, the song itself is pretty good. It actually sounds more like a solo Richie Sambora track than anything else. And while we're on the subject of lifting good lines from other sources. What the HELL could Jon have been thinking by putting "Life is just what happened while we were busy making plans" in WRONG SIDE OF RIGHT?? I suppose it could be meant to be an homage of sorts... but I was just stunned the first time I heard that. THAT line is probably the greatest line John Lennon (or maybe ANYONE) ever wrote. I think to reproduce that in ANY forum is... well... borderline blasphemous. I think the greatest line Jon ever wrote is "Tonight I won't be alone but you know that don't mean I'm not lonely". Does that mean I can write a song and put it in there? .... alright, I'm venting. I'll stop.
BOUNCE- Ahhh... my favorite track. A GREAT GREAT song. Despite the fact that it is the SAME damn rhythm track and dynamics as "It's My Life". Upon hearing this song for the first time I actually went the check my copy of "Crush" to make sure it was the same record company that released it. Otherwise, Bon Jovi could have probably been sued for copying themselves. They're even in the same key for God's sake. All that being said... a good good song. The one I look forward to hearing. My favorite song on this album and the only thing on this record remotely close to the huge chorus I was waiting for.
OPEN ALL NIGHT- is fair. A good song in and of itself.. but a Bon Jovi record closer? nah! No that I have any problem with albums ending with ballads (Journey's "Escape", MSG's Self titled record, Def Leppard's "Hysteria", Honeymoon Suite's "The Big Prize", Aerosmith's "Pump" etc...). In fact, I think most albums should close with a killer ballad. But this one seems more suited stuck in the middle somewhere. But again, a decent song.

Overall this is just not Bon Jovi. I know that bands need to grow and expand and all that shit, but these last two records combined don't hold the same quality and punch as ONE SIDE of Slipper When Wet, These Days, Keep The Faith, Bon Jovi, or New Jersey. I read somewhere that Bon Jovi wrote 42 songs for this record before choosing these 12... maybe they chose the wrong ones... or maybe the other ones were really flat. All I can say is that I will ALWAYS buy a new Bon Jovi record no matter what. To me, those guys giving us the great songs the gave us in the past warrants me dropping $20 or so every 2 or 3 years for them. But I think when I buy the albums now, I'm buying them out of support for what they did... not what they're doing.

14/10/02: Don Hosler -
Rating: 95
There are obviously alot of deaf people out there-and unfortunately a few who write one thing and contradict it a few paragraphs later. Did anyone else notice that in the review of this CD "LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE" was graded as the 3rd best song on the CD and then later listed as one of the "ballads" that should be taken off in place of one of the B sides ? What's up with that ?
And anyone who thinks "YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO" is unoriginal needs to have their head examined. I'll admit that upon first listen it didn't grab me, but the second time I heard it...look out. This struck me as one of the more unique acoustic ballads they've done with an arrangement that kind of rides a rollercoaster of emotions. Brilliant.
Hey, I'll admit that I'd love to hear BJ rock out a little more and a Slippery When Wet for the Year 2000, but let's face it...they aren't the same band they were back in 1986. You write about things that are relevant and about what you feel at the time...not about the way you used to feel...otherwise you're making a retro record, and thank God Bon Jovi have evolved over time without bringing rappers or scratches into the studio like everyone else. THAT would be a sellout ! And, for the record, I love ALL ABOUT LOVIN' YOU and OPEN ALL NIGHT. You people need to do yourselves a favor and stop comparing EVERYTHING to EVERYTHING and judge each record on its own merit and let it stand on its own two feet.
If you do, you'll see that this CD is awesome, Richie's guitar sound really takes things to a new level (albeit he could have done some more intense soloing) and the whole thing has a class and style all its own. My only other critcism is I wish Jon would push his vocals a little more like he did on Always and These Days - it seems like he's playing it a little safe these days.

14/10/02: Steve Smith -
Rating: 85
I have just one thing to say: MAKE YOUR OWN VERSION OF BOUNCE!
Record a cd-r/minidisc, exclude All about lovin' you, Right side of wrong and Open all night, add the much better b-side tracks No Regrets (killer rocker!), Standing (another great uptempo rocker!), Another Reason To Believe (powerful rocker, great pace variations and feeling to this song), Breathe (a good acoustic guitar-driven slow song, yet not mushy like some of the ballads that were included on the album), Lucky (Beatles/Oasis-sounding type of song indeed, an uptempo and happy tune), and We Can Dance (great and interesting mid-tempo track with new influences that would have been well suited on the album, great track)and you will have a 15-track monster new Bon Jovi album that will blow your mind away!! These tracks are all brilliant and it's such a shame they were not included! It's all unbelievable, really. It doesn't matter how good ballads they write, too many are on the album and some of them are too mushy and I agree that they sound too much formula. I will listen to my 15-track MD forever, it's damn good, but the actual album was compiled by someone under the influence, what a mistake I am sad to say. Bon Jovi have always had great B-sides, Edge of a broken heart and Borderline (Slippery), Love is war and Boys are back in town (Jersey), Starting all over again and Fields of fire (Faith), Bitter wine (These days), I'd be a rich man and Ain't no cure for love (Crush) and I might add the movie sound track singles Good guys don't always wear white and Real life, are all bloody brilliant songs, well performed and produced. But when I bought the two different 4-track cd-single versions of Everyday I was completely blown away! Damn, here we have six, yes six!, totally classic tracks and they are all excluded from the album release, need I say more?? Huge mistake, still they will sell many copies...

14/10/02: Lori -
Rating: 90
Well, I have to say that I do like it better than Crush and that is the only one I even try to compare it to. It's not fair comparing it to songs that were written almost 15 years ago. I agree there are too many ballads and was hoping for more rockers like Hook Me Up, Undivided and Bounce, but I actually do like some of the slower ones. I'm in the minority but I love You Had Me From Hello as I find it very romantic and you don't find those kinds of songs these days. The Distance is one of their best on the CD and i'm hoping they put it out as a single. For me in the end, the rocks songs rocked and the ballads were romantic, which is what I like in my music! Well done guys!

13/10/02: Mark Warburton -
Rating: 70


13/10/02: Marco -
Rating: 65
Thank god for Richie Sambora. He's what makes the album sound good, both on vocals and guitar...I'm a fan of Bon Jovi...But it's certainly not their best album. It has it's strong points like with Bounce and The distance. The ballads are missing something...I don't hear any hits in regards to the ballads.

12/10/02: Steve M -
Rating: 80
I agree with most of the reviews Way too many ballads!!! Journey did the same thing on their last 2 cds. But Joey & The Distance are good.I was hoping to hear More rockers But not this time! Bon Jovi are just too formula Always the same!!! Still they'll sell a few million copies.I still like this better than Crush that sounded too much like Tom Petty! I'm looking forward to the new Westworld cd. The guy gave it a 98 will see soon!

12/10/02: Fabio -
Rating: 40
Heard the record, three times. I still can't get where the magic is . Three great songs and the rest is just sufficient mid.tempo or ballads.
But I expected rockers from Bon Jovi, this guy forgot how to rock and adapted his music style to the european charts. Here in Italy he's more than a myth now than back to Slippery When Wet times, thanks to It's My Life, used in lots of commercials.
The point isn't "I want a New Jersey style record", the point is "I want some rockers!!!!". Even Journey were criticized for the lack of rockers on their records , and they are known mainly for their ballads material.
Why does every Bon Jovi record have to be acclaimed?
still a mistery to me. mediocre record.

12/10/02: WILLEM VD HEUVEL -
Rating: 80
I'm slightly dissapointed.Would have expected more rock,uptempo songs after the really dissapointing "crush".Indeed there are a lot of heared it all before tunes(all about lovin'you = never say goodbye)for example.My favourite songs: "hook me up" and "bounce".

12/10/02: antonio -
Rating: 98
This Cd is Great! Itīs all i can say about it.
I'm from Spain and i follow Bon Jovi since i heard 'Slippery' and 'New Jersey' a few years ago, just before they made 'Crush', and i have to say that 'Bounce' isn't the best they have done simply because everything they have done is great. All of his albums is different to the rest, and all of them are great. Once again they make a new change, this time in the rock direction, to give us a master piece. All of the songs are great on itīs own style. 'Undivided' is a great heavy song, like 'everyday', 'hook me up'and 'bounce', perhaps heavier than enything they've done before; 'The distance' and 'love me back to life' arenīt, in my opinion, ballads, i think they are two great modern aor songs; 'Joey' and 'right side of wrong' are two great mid tempo songs, and you like it more if you pay attention to the lyrics; and at last, the ballads aren't the best ballads they have done, but all of them have a great feeling.
In conclusion, i think 'Bounce' is a great album, and i donīt give it a 100 just because the orchestation itīs a little bit boring.

12/10/02: Andrea -
Rating: 65
I can't understand: when they rock they are great!!!! Hook me up, Bounce, Undivided and Everyday are very good, Misunderstood also. But it's very difficult for me listen to an album with 7 ballads: VERY BORING!!! I prefer "Crush". I'm very disappointing!

11/10/02: Mika -
Rating: 99
I think BJ dont get a fair review here, Bounce is so much better than Def Leppards X album, and i think the quality of BJ is so much higher than any of the albums reviewed here at Melodic Rock, and you cant compare this album to SWW or NJ. The album you should compare Bounce with is Crush and this is so much better, i think Bounce really takes BJ into the new age, tracks like Undivided, Everyday, Hook me up, Bounce, Love me back to life, Misunderstood, The distance is pure BJ heaven and not to mention the ballads that all makes me wanna cry just listen to Joey (FANTASTIC STORYTELLER SONG) Right side of wrong (BLAZE OF GLORY TIMES) and ALL ABOUT LOVING YOU (JUST PURE POWER BALLAD HEAVEN)after listening to this album maybe 100 times, i think this is just pure magic!! Itīs just BON JOVI at their best year 2002 i canīt skip any song on the album because itīs better than all the rest you hear in melodic rock department in the world, there is no band or artist that even comes close to BJ, Bounce rules.............

11/10/02: Rick -
Rating: 60
Most bands don't sell out and grow musically instead of commercially. Because they don't have a commercial success of Bon Jovi does not mean they won't pass the test of time 20 or 30 years is a very short time in the history. Look at music History! Beethoven, Bach, mozart, Brahms, and..... were not appraciated at their time on this earth. Can U now name the composers who were famous in that era while this gifted composer were living? They tell you the word classical music and their name would come out of your mouth before anyone else.

Commercial success has no indication of how goof you are. At least, a lot of bands that get noticed on this site, at least give the fans of Melodic rock a great music to listen to.
No Body is asking them to repeat themeselves, but to be original and not copy the bands that suck.. Changing stylers and sounds should be part of a evolution snd musical growth, not formulated. If you love this album good for you, but don't put the bands that don't get on a radio down. At least, they play a music we all love here.

11/10/02: Jeramie -
Rating: 100
I really dont care what any body thinks about this cd I give it a high score cause you cant redo your past work and you have to grow or you will die just like all the bands do if you play the same crap it gets old and I love this cd and think it is the best to date heavy is the way to melodic and just to perfect it needs to sound like a human played it not a computer and thats how most of the new melodic stuff sounds to damn perfect that it will go over most peoples heads if you r not a musician. I think it could have had a few more rockin but never the less take what you get and be happy that a good band is still alive and able tobe played on the radio thats a feet that most bands cant even get if you dont have the new jovi go and buy it and enjoy

11/10/02: Dave -
Rating: 85
This was a disappointment to say the least, but the songwriting is much better than on their previous effort. Its sad that BJ will sell the CD's, while artists like Def Leppard and Tom Petty put out the better CD's....

11/10/02: Dean Byrd -
Rating: 90
What am I hearing here? Are some of you people even listening to the same album I am? I agree that some of the tracks were "missplaced" on the album. Particularly "Open All Night" ended the album. I also agree that "You Had Me From Hello" & "Joey" could be left off. However, the rest of this album is great! "All About Lovin' You" is the best power ballad they have recorded since "I'll Be There For You" & I totally disagree with the number of ballads you dudes or dudettes are quoting here! There are really only 4 ballads to me. The rest are as rocking as anything else I hear on rock radio. I did say rock radio not heavy metal System Of A Down garbage. There are nine solid tracks and it could very well be my third favorite album behind "SWW" & "New Jersey". Time will tell but the concept of a rock band having to do all "rockers" just escapes me guys. Bon Jovi has always been a very diversified type of rock band. They can do both rockers and ballads much like Def Leppard and Aerosmith. If you take that away part of the legacy is taken away too. This will be one of my favorites long into 2003...

11/10/02: ddregs -
Rating: 60
Really don't know what to say. When Bon Jovi celebrated their return to their 80s sound with It's My Life (or so they said), and then I listened to the rest of Crush, I immediately thought of another 80s band: U2. They announced the return to their early sound, but aside from the single (Beautiful Day), the rest of the record was a mix of ballads, with no rockers in sight.
Same goes for this new Jovi record. It rarely rocks. The ballads are good. But I was expecting a mix of 70 %rockers and 30% ballads, not the contrary, from the band Bon Jovi.
Still repeating, it's a matter of expectations.
I am really let down by this release. And waiting for a real rocker.
Maybe I'm going to check BIG or the new Westworld, reading Andrew's suggestions....
This is just another cd in my shelf, and not a brilliant one.

10/10/02: Mrt -
Rating: 6
New bon jovi!!! Yippie

I run to the record store and buy the album then put it in my cd player and after a ride of 2 hours i come home with the nolage that i wasted my 20 euro!!@#%$
This album really sucks bah, undivided is really good and i love everyday but for the rest, no this is even more bad than these days

10/10/02: dokken6008 -
Rating: 73
Again, here I am finding that I couldn't agree more with the webmaster of Melodic Rock himself on what SHOULD have been a fantastic Bon Jovi release. To sum my points up as best and as quickly as possible, here we go...

If you want a lot of rocking, pass on 'Bounce'. If you want to get swamped full of sappy ballads, go ahead and buy the new Jovi record. However, there are three key rockers on this album. One is the band's new let's-try-to-top-"It's-my-life"-again-in-the charts-single, "Everyday". The other is the album opener, "Undivided" with a huge chorus that everyone is guran-damn-teed to fall in love with, whether they admit it or not. The final great rockin' track you'll find on 'Bounce', is yep, you guessed it, the title-track, "BOUNCE"!! My final words on the album itself are that I am disappointed in the album itself and that the ballads are ridiculous and they suck all the life out of the rest of the album.

Side-notes: Hey, it would be nice to hear Sambora trying to solo a little more often. And what is wrong with Torres? This guy didn't even try to get a decent drum fill through the entire album. The production was good, but often the drum tracks seem to have been mixed in too low through the entirety of the cd.

Final words: Hey Jovi, maybe next time. Right now the L.A. Guns may not be kicking your asses around the block in sales, but the sure as hell are with their music. Rock on, brothers. And don't hold your breath for another 'Slippery When Wet' or 'New Jersey' anytime soon!

10/10/02: Raymon -
Rating: 70

When are these guys gonna start rocking? I really like
Everyday and all the Rock songs are good. The ballads, however suck big time, compare to the ballads from previous albums.

They are downgrading. Bon Jovi was one of the bands that set the standards for 80's hard Rock or glam or whatever you wanna call it. At least, they were original. I don't see them moving with time, now they are a copy cat of bunch teenagers and new comers like Creed.

Why not be proud of who you are and where you came from? Why not be real creative and do what Nirvana did in 93 instead of riding the wave and appeal to teenagers and disappoint the fans that brought you where you are?

I don't have a problem with moving with time, but, I do however, have a problem with moving with trends of mainstream and stop being yourself in order to sell records. Why don't they try to come up with something new and make a impact on a mainstream instead riding the copy cat band wagon. I for one look at the bands like Def Leppard and bon jovi as something way better than whatever happened in 90's and this decade and it makes me mad, when this bands are copying musicians that are less talented and interesting music.

Anyway,I think Bon Jovi can do better and should do better and I am still crossing my finger for another Slippery or New Jersey of new decade. not necessary to copy another Slippery , but be original and interesting. This album had a potential of being great and let's leave it at that.
their direction has only one goal and that is to sell cD's no matter what. can U imagine kids in Disney radio request It's My Life?

10/10/02: Dick Gozinya -
Rating: 80
Five great tracks; "Undivided", "Everyday","The Distance", "Hook Me Up", and "Bounce". Unfortunately, the rest is the musical equivalent of furniture, it just sits there and can easily go unnoticed. These guys have done some superb ballads in the past like "Silent Night", "Never Say Goodbye", "Living In Sin" and "Bed Of Roses" so just about any ballad they do anymore is fighting a losing battle to come close to the quality of their previous efforts so why in the hell did they do six paint by the numbers ballads here? I also agree that some of the B-sides are far better than tracks that made the cut so someone in the quality control department was obviously spending far too much time jerking off in the quality control department. Despite the problems, it's their best release since "Keep The Faith" and only a few more rockers would've put it in the class of Slippery and New Jersey. Greatness is still within their grasp when they want to rock....

10/10/02: BK -
Rating: 94
Woah...a little harsh there. I found the storyteller stuff to be a little OTT (Joey and Right Side of Wrong), but otherwise this album sparkles with Bon Jovi sheen from beginning to end. The 9/11 thing is definitely heard in the lyrics...but the guys do well enough not to douse the album in it. I find the Bon Jovi "typical" ballad to be quite good...and this album is chock full of them. I consider that a I absolutely dug These Days just for that reason. All and all...I have had the Japanese version and all the singles for some time now...and find myself liking this album more and more with each listen...much in the way the new Leppard album has grown on me. BUY IT NOW!!! BK

10/10/02: David Nicholson -
Rating: 100
This Bon jovi album is the best to date, the songs are just simply brilliant, my favourite songs are Undivided,Everyday, The Right side of wrong, Joey, Bounce, All about Lovin You and Missunderstood.
It is also to see there longtime songwriter on board once again MR DESMOND CHILD he has to be one the best writers on this planet.
Well Done Guys
see u on tour
regards Dave from Manchester

10/10/02: Doug -
Rating: 100
I agrees with Andrew alomost 100% on his review. The rockers are awesome. I would have to pick Hook Me Up as the best rocker, with Bounce coming in 2nd. Followed by Everyday and Undivded. I only like 3 of the ballads/mid tempos. The rest will put you to sleep. Right Side Of Wrong & All About Lovin' You are pretty good. But I totally disagree with Andrew on Up All Night. I really like this song. Maybe because it kinda hits home for me. But I love this song. But that is my opinion. Overall this album is very dissapointing. After the success of It's My Life, I expected a rocking album. But we received (not to put him down, because I do like him) a Richard Marx type album with all the ballads & mid tempos.

10/10/02: Figge -
Rating: 72
I couldn't agree more with Andrew on this review...just plain f****ng boring!!! The best songs are great, and of course it's the heavier uptempo ones, but there are too many slow and mid-tempo songs that just ruin the whole thing. I think it's just too bad, because I love the rockier style of Bon Jovi and I don't dislike the ballads either but it's just TOO MUCH! Instead of having two or three uptempo songs it should've been reverse.
Nevertheless "Undivided" and "Bounce" are great songs.

10/10/02: Matt -
Rating: 92
The two songs that I could have lived without on this album were Joey and Open All Night. Joey I just think is one of the weaker songs on the album and Open All Night just should not have ended the album. I think that a rock band should always start and end an album with a big rock song. Especially the last song, because you want to fire up the listener so they replay the album again.

I think the rockers are huge which is why I gave the album my high marks. It's a newer heavier sound, but it's still arena rock! They didn't lose me one bit with their heavier guitars and Creed like choruses. These are the kinds of songs that can blow the roof off concert and even attract new listeners. And I've seen some of these rockers live already when they played a few live on television to kick of the NFL football season here in the United States. Excellent.

'All About Lovin' You' and 'Right Side Of Wrong' are two of my favorite slower songs. What I've always liked about Bon Jovi, is that they are great story tellers and can write a bitchin' ballad. RSOR tells a great story and kind of reminds me of a song off of the Young Guns soundtrack. AALY is just another great ballad from Bon Jovi and it's the type of song I look forward to on every BJ album.

In all, I would highly recommend this album. In fact buy the album and play some of the heavier songs for unsuspecting listerners (without telling them who it is) and see if they like the sound first. Then when they "beg" you to tell them who it is...haha....tell them. I do that all the time to "Non Hair Band Fans" and surprise them everytime. Of course they are too shallow to go out and buy the album, but f*ck 'em...I know the truth!

10/10/02: Sam -
Rating: 87
I'd have to agree with this review. I think all the songs on the album are good but the band shows how great they are with the rockers but leave you wanting more. Its definitely steps in the right direction and Bounce is the best track the band has written in years

10/10/02: Dave -
Rating: 82
I ahte to give such a low rating as this is my favorite Jovi cd since New jersey, but the bottom line is that there are way too many crap songs on here! I've even got where I can lsiten to "Joey" but I cannot stomach "All About Lovin You", it's a pure rip off of another song I hate, "Thank You For Loving Me"! "Right Side Of Wrong", "You Had Me From Hello" and "Open All Night" I skip. But where Bounce is good, it is damn good. After having heard a few of the B-sides, they need to bring back the pizza pie jury, or whatever it was... Bon Jovi still trying to be too many different types of bands all in one cd! Worth purchasing but buyer beware, you are only getting an eight track cd!!

10/10/02: Bman2112 -
Rating: 70
Again, a spot on review, although i feel that it has been graded slightly too high.
Living in the UK, i've had this album now for a couple of weeks, and to be honest it's already off my cd changer in the car.

Why? - simple.....too many ballads, and not good ones at that either. What is really worrying me about Bon Jovi is their inability to write a really good ballad nowadays.

None of these ballads are up to Always or This 'Aint a Love Song, and with the exception of Right Side Of Wrong, they are almost all skip tracks.

That's the bad part - now to the good. The first song Undivided is GREAT. Typical Bon Jovi at their BEST. Everyday is ok, but The Distance is the song on the album. This is a real winner. Misunderstood is very good, with a great catchy hook and the title song Bouce is great.

In conclusion......i'm off to burn this cd onto my computer, take out the ballads and be left with 7 great Bon Jovi songs that i can rock to!!. 84%, no way, unless that's what you're giving the rock songs on this album!!

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