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Z Records ZR1997074
Produced by: Bonfire

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Fair Warning, Scorpions, Axel Rudi Pell
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Revelation Day
  2. Under Blue Skies
  3. Strike Back
  4. Down To Atlanta
  5. Southern Winds
  6. Good Time Rock N Roll
  7. Until The Last Goodbye
  8. Diamonds In The Rough
  9. Damn You
  10. Anytime You Cry
  11. Too Much Hollywood
  12. I Need You

Bonfire have been around quite sometime now, this being their 10th studio album. Most bands by the time they get to this point don't release their best ever albums, but they can at least prove they still have an edge and can still record enjoyable music that the majority of the fan base should accept and be happy with.
And that is my exact opinion on this album. It doesn't reach the high's of their more anthem filled Point Blank & Fireworks - late 80's era - but it still rocks well and is still an enjoyable listen.
The band hold their own and vocalist Claus Lessman, who was once on track to be Europe's answer to Jon Bon Jovi, still sounds in good form, although these days Jaded Heart's Michael Bormann clearly has the edge as far as Jovi-isms!
Bonfire were a band going places in the late 80's / early 90s, with a strong following. They survived the hard rock washout of the 90's by concentrating their time in their native Germany, rather than the USA. Now the Internet is so strong, many are only just now becoming aware of the band.
So for unfamiliar, Bonfire's style is commercial hard rock, in that familiar Bon Jovi-ish way, but with a distinctly more European feel - closer these days to that of The Scorpions, Jaded Heart and Fair Warning.
For a German band, they sure sing a lot about the southern states of America, but you'll have to forgive the band that indulgence!
Vocalist Claus has a distinct German/European twang to his vocals, so be aware of that.
The original album's 12 tracks are added 2 by 2 bonus tracks, which are just as good musically, but come up short production wise compared to the rest of the material.
BOTTOM LINE: Another solid European melodic rock record. Bonfire have a commercial hard rock sound that is familiar, yet somewhat fresh, and these songs are all pretty strong melodically.
The sound is guitar based, but there's nothing too heavy here - it's all pretty fluffy stuff and very enjoyable. More so for those that love the European rock sound, but prefer it sounding more commercial, over the heavier more progressive, guitar shredding variety.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Classic Bonfire fans, fans of commercial German hard rock.

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