Bonfire Double X LZ Records
Produced By: Claus Lessmann & Hans Ziller

Running Time: 63.56

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 86%
Bonfire's last studio album was so bad it nearly put them out of business. It put them in a position where nothing less than an absolute classic was required to get them back to the top of the heap.
Double X is not that album, but it at least gets the band somewhat back on track. The guys return to the same hard rocking sound used prior to the horrible Free album.
The only problem is that it does not address the very same issue the band's fans have had for a decade now a desire for the guys to return to their very best the sounds of such classics as Fireworks and Point Blank.
Double X will please long time fans that stayed patient, as it returns to the band's straight ahead European hard rock sound and is more or less, a melodic friendly record.
The album itself sounds great sonically much better than Free. The guys produced it themselves and their individual performances are of a high standard as one would expect.
The songs themselves still need some work. I still don't hear enough big hooks and there are no real rocking anthems or high flying harmony vocals as there were on the band's earliest albums.
When they rock the just rock such as on Day 9-11, But We Still Rock, Right Things Right and Bet Your Bottom Dollar. I could use some bigger choruses here and the guitars are more or less riffing without much flair not too many theatrics in play here.
On this album the guys actually sound their best when they slow it down a little. The mid-tempo and acoustic driven Cry For Help has a great chorus; What's On Your Mind is a great little pop/rock anthem and Notion Of Love brings back memories of the band's best years.
The big ballad of the album Blink Of An Eye is included twice a little unnecessary. The 6 minute regular version is "enhanced" by a nearly 8 minute extended version that closes the album. Once would have been enough fellas!
And a special mention for Rap Is Crap. Yes I agree completely with the lyrical sentiment of the track, but it's pretty average at best and didn't they have a little rap influence on one track from the last album?
The Bottom Line
Ok, so the band is back on track. Now it is truly time to think about what the fans have been asking for and deliver big time on the next record. Bonfire are an institution when it comes to the pioneers of European melodic hard rock but it's time again for them to show the young guns how it is done before they are rendered irrelevant by those same young guns such as Wig Wam, who are now doing it bigger and better.
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Line Up:
Clauss Lessman: Vocals
Hans Ziller: Guitar
Jurgen Weihler: Drums
Uwe Kohler: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
Day 911
But We Still Rock
Cry For Help *
Bet Your Bottom Dollar
What's On Your Mind? *
Blink Of An Eye *
Rap Is Crap!
Notion Of Love *
Right Things Right
Hard To Say
Wings To Fly
So What?
Blink Of An Eye (Extended)

--*Best Tracks

14/12/06: Alliedforces -
Rating: 80
After the last effort its nice to see bonfire back on the right track. Some really good tunes on this one and some ok ones....

19/07/06: Arney -
Rating: 82
Not a bad effort at all !! I have found this album easy to get into & very catchy. Sure it's no "Point Blank" or "Fireworks" but it still rocks with strong guitar driven songs. It sounds like they had alot of fun making the album with a lot of quirky little narrative inputs on a few of the songs. I really recommend this album to any long time fan of the band, you will not be dissapointed this time around, the boys are back doing what they do best- ROCKING!!

29/06/06: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 85
This is one ,if not my favourite band.This is better than 'Free' but nothing like 'Strike X','Fuel..' and 'Fireworks' etc in terms of melody and catchy choruses.
These guys can play and the style on this album is how it should be done.I think the next one could be a monster album but they are on the right track.

22/06/06: michael coleman -
Rating: 90
i agree with other comments. this is indeed a good cd from bonfire, cry for help is a very good song along with whats on your mind. a return to form? not really, but could there ever be another fireworks or point blank. only critism, the harmony vocals could have been thicker, but buy buy and buy now and be really rocked.

20/06/06: Mike -
Rating: 90
Not a terrible effort but like he said it could use some more hamony type songs. Day 911 is a serious double bass drum attack!

Support the guys it's a good CD to add to your collection!

20/06/06: Jeff R -
Rating: 90
much better than the last one. notion of love is a classic bonfire song, and my fav. on the disc. along with wings to fly , and whats on your mind . this disc just rocks.

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