a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: John Zaika & Bobby Kimball
  1. 'Till Tomorrow
  2. All I Ever Needed
  3. My Kinda Lover
  4. Two Souls
  5. This Time
  6. Kristine
  7. Live The Groove
  8. Do You Ever
  9. Loves Gonna Find You
  10. Hand In Hand
One of this years surprises is the release of this Bobby Kimball's new solo album, recorded with little fuss, earlier this year.
So far this is only an indie release, with copies available through AOR Heaven for now. It was sold at a recent Harley Davidson festival that Kimball headlined.
Apart from the actual sneak release of this, there are few other surprises.
This is pretty much AOR by numbers, with Kimball covering the styles expected. The album is very mellow, largely comprised of ballads, most with the expected Toto influenced sound.
But Bobby's vocals are as large and healthy as ever and for that reason his many fans will no doubt take much delight in adding this to their collection and playing it over the next few months.
The other draw card to this release is the fabulous and much welcolmed backing vocals of the great Mickey Thomas of Starship. It's easy to notice the few tracks he contributes to.
'Till Tomorrow is only mid paced, yet one of the album's more uptempo tracks. This is classic Toto style pop rock with a good hook and chorus and some tasteful guitar moments from Buzzy Fieten.
All I Ever Needed is a great and sentimental westcoast style ballad. A good strong vocal from Kimball.
My Kinda Lover is a upbeat jazzy pop number in the style of early Toto.
Two Souls is one of the tracks featuring Mickey Thomas. It's a killer soulful ballad but more for the harmonies provided by Thomas. He sings up a storm.
This Time is a simple soft pop song. There's some Hammond style organ in there, some straight piano in a very stripped back sound.
Moving from pop song to ballad means Kristine is indeed another ballad. But one of the best of the album. Mickey Thomas is back again, this time sharing lead vocals with Bobby. The guys really sound great together. Add some strings and you have a very powerful more Toto style ballad.
Live The Groove brings back that organ and some distinctly Lukather-ish style guitar chops, plus horns and percussion a la Toto. You got it! A early days of Toto style pop rocker.
Do You Ever is another ballad. This is a good mid tempo ballad wit hmore tasteful guitar from Buzz and a really good lead vocal.
Loves Gonna Find You is a funked up free flowing pop rocker. Hand In Hand ends the album with another ballad, but another really good one.
Another big vocal performance from Bobby.
BOTTOM LINE: This album will please Toto and Kimball die hard fans but will struggle to find an audience outside that circle. The album's highlights are with it's ballads, the overall feel of the album brought down a little by the mid tempo pop tracks. They could have been better.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Some Toto fans and all Bobby Kimball fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Toto . Solo - Classic Toto Hits . Rise Up . All I Ever Needed

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