Most Self Indulgent Guitar Solo Ever!
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20/02/12: Efraín -
Andy Larocque - The 7th Day Of July 1777, Arrival, The Family Ghost y The Accusattion Chair

Steve Vai - For The Love Of God y Tender Surrender

Joe Satriani - The Crush Of Love

Eddie Van Halen - Black And Blue, Eruption, Panama, Hot For Teacher y Beat It

20/02/12: Efraín -
Andy Larocque - The 7th Day Of July 1777, Arrival, The Family Ghost y The Accusattion Chair

Steve Vai - For The Love Of God y Tender Surrender

Joe Satriani - The Crush Of Love

Eddie Van Halen - Black And Blue, Eruption, Panama, Hot For Teacher y Beat It

09/03/09: king shuldiner -
best solo ever is death's trapped in a corner andy laroque and chuck shuldiner together is fucking amazing check it out if you haven't heard it

21/11/08: Metal Master Music -
Erection - Wig Wam

04/10/08: Hoss1970 -
So many to list and choose from: Putting the obvious ones aside; EVH, Satch, Yngwie etc, some of my favorite solos, and not necessarily self indulgent, in no particular order:
Mick Mars - Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue)
Gary Moore - Over The Hills & Far Away (Wild Frontier
Tom Scholtz - Cool The Engines (Boston Third Stage)
Neal Schon - Beleive in Me (from Jeff Scott Soto's Lost in the Translation).
Mike Slamer - The Sun will rise (Seventh Key)
Hellecasters - Mist Beyond Delhi (3rd album/3 guitarists!)
These along with many others give me goose bumps every time I hear them.

14/05/07: julie -
Eddie VAN HALEN Eruption!!!!!!!!! see for yourself on you tube then try to tell me not.

18/03/07: Milko -
Deep Purple - Fortuneteller
Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force
Yngwie Malmsteen - Dreaming
Deep Purple - Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues
Gary Moore - Empty Rooms
Axel Rudi Pell - Broken Heart
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
Rainbow - Ariel
Rainbow - Tearing Out My Heart
Rainbow - Street Of Dreams
Rainbow - Black Masquarade

20/07/06: Roby -
ANGUS YOUNG, do i made myself clear?!! And SAMBORA, SLASH, G. MOORE, and all the others. But ANGUS RULLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/07/06: Paul Gilbert -
Dudes, if your looking for a killer guitar solo check out "Road to Ruin" by Mr big on there "Raw like Sushi 2" live album. The guitar solo on the song is good enough, but when Gilbert goes at it unnacompanied, you gotta WEEP!

Other good ones include

Ice Cream-Man Van-Halen (EVH)
Just Killing Time BLS (Zakk Wylde)
Scarafied Racer X (Paul Gilbert)
Far Beyond the Sun MALMSTEEN!
N.N.Y Vinne Moore
Summer Song Joe Satriani

There are more, but check those out!

28/06/06: kickass kev -
The ultimate best geetar solos:

I remember you- skidrow
November rain- gnr

The best ever. EVER I SAID!

23/05/06: homer -
alot of people seem to forget other great zeppelin solos like dazed and confused and heartbreaker

03/05/06: MIKES -
MR.HAIRMAN SLAAAASH he has a pure guitar feeeeellling solos with taste baby

25/03/06: szymon -
ok. ok. let it be - John Norum too, I have to admit he`s very good; just listening to first Europe`s album, he was 18 at that time or sth like this but his playing is very mature and technically very advanced, gifted man...

19/03/06: thomas -
Alvin Lee : Standing at the Station, from "Rock and Roll Music To the World"!! ALVIN Lee is SO underrated it kills me! Just listen to anything of his, you will knwo you are listening to a one of a kind guitarist that not many can hold a candle to!

02/03/06: KS -
Well well well........i see almost all my favourite artist mentioned here. Anyways my list goes like this:
1)Steve vai- Windows to the soul, somewhere over the rainbow, hand on heart
2)Joe Sat- Love thing, summer song, tears in the rain
3)Eddy Van halen- Feeling(most electifying solo till day), jump, human beings
4)Vitto Bratta (white lion)- Broken Heart, lights and thunder (seriously, where the fuck is he)
5)John Petrucci (Dream Theater)- Spirit carries on (how come no one mentioned this. Please do hear it guys or u will miss out on one of the best solos ever)
6)Kee Marcello (Europe)-Superstitious
Take care fellas and do listen to these songs if u havent.

15/02/06: evilized -
No practicular order:
Satriani Joe
Vai Steve
Malmsteen Yngwie J
Petrucci John
Smith Adrian, Harris Steve(bass guitar), Gers Janick, Murray Dave
Blackmore Richie
Tolkki Timmo

so there you favorites, maybe I've left some out but that's about it

09/02/06: Kryzahor -
I think that Michael Angelo is a talented guitarist, and who a so particular style to play the metal like the rock'n'roll. Its feeling is cleaned lhimselfe and fuck the rules in composition of melodic lines! I heard some albums of Michael has his start, and I have found that they were powerful and energetic! For me more original than an album of Yngwie Malmsteen which is satisfied to play of the ranges in differents keys quickly... Certain pieces of Angelo are single so much into instrumental of guitar electric by their hardly solos et their dynamism! I quote Prog, No boundaries, Science fiction, Time traveler (a solo never has the impressive speed fastest played, call to arms.... pertaining A the Nitro band this guy could play more wildly in ranges of insane better than Malmsteen has its starts! This guy has ever play on four necks for an Nitro's concert, "freight train". But I have respect for Yngwie which knew to give has the guitar an artistic direction!

04/02/06: gummo -
Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) Never to Be Found.

24/01/06: Orrutea -
Yngwie Malmsteen-Baroque and Roll

24/01/06: ice -
With no particular order ...
Chris Oliva in Edge of Thorns (full album)
Malmsteen in Don't Let it End and Dreaming (Live w/ Jorn)
Randy Rhoads in any solo
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani
Jason Becker, Marty Friedman
Iommi, Blackmore ..oh God ...
John Sykes

22/01/06: King Crimson Fan -
Robert Fripp is one of the best "self-indulged" guitarists if not the greatest. But hey he's a master and teacher, inventing advanced delay techniques ( frippertronics ) along with Brian Eno, perfected tapping & he tunes from C to C instead of E2E. To find the lost chord!
If you haven't heard of King Crimson you need to be skooooled, where you been?

21/12/05: Reinaldo Sanchez -
kim bendix peterson & Andy La Roque Forevers...(8)(y)

29/11/05: August -
man how i miss satriani on ur lists. He makes the most beautifull guitar music there is. I mean 'crying' 'flying in a blue dream' 'THE FORGOTTEN (part 2)' 'Love thing' 'lifestyle' and many more i forget right now. All amazing melodic songs. K guys cyaa

04/11/05: mevans -
fair dinkum,all u people must be under 30.evh has been the most innovative guitar player,beck,nugent,blackmore,lommi,santana,,,,brilliant guiatrists but eddies guitar work has no lynch give me a break .a try hard spastic

27/10/05: Ben Strout -
George Lynch is The Master (Awaken from Lynch/Pilson or the muted-hammer-on blitz in solo #3 of Tierra Del Fuego from Sacred Groove, for example). Also-rans include Tony McAlpine, Warren di Martini (Lay it Down), anything by Steve Vai, and Reb Beach's Lynch-esque ripper in Shattered is gnarlissimo.

06/10/05: Gerry -
Warrior - Thin Lizzy The solo gives me the chills everytime
Reasons Love - UFO could have put most of MS solos
Ladies Night In Buffalo - Dave Lee Roth

gonna go away now and thing about some more!

27/09/05: rockstardom -
Rory Gallagher,Roy Buchanan,Walter Trout,Alvin Lee,
Stan Webb,Aynsley Lister,David Gogo,George THorogood,
Pat Travers,Dave Meniketti,Coco Montoya,Melvin Taylor
Craig Erickson,Robin Trower... some of the best guitarplayers ever!!

15/09/05: Barry -
What about:
Akira Takasaki (Loudness), I mean I'm a real big George Lynch fan. I love his music to death but Akira will put down all the greats. I'm a pretty experienced guitar player so I'm not some nieve kid that thinks Lenny Kravits is awsome, but that japanese dude can do crazy stuff. Also Hary K Cody (Shotgun Messiah) is the shit as well.

01/09/05: Frootloops -
I wanted to add some trylu amazing songs-artists hwo weren't mentioned yet.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven, when the solo kicks in you just can't turn the song off. It's not Plant but Page that made this song immortal!

Hotel California by the Eagles. that solo just takes you to other places.

Santana - Samba Pa Ti. oh yeah! switching rythms

Little Wing Jimi Hendrix (you can jam on this for hours)

check out: Pat Metheny - Our spanish Love song for some truly mello warm sounds!

Thin Lizzy - Still in Love with you (one of the most beautiful mello solos ever! by Gary Moore of course)

All along the watchtower - Jimi hendrix he takes it to the top, very catchy (check out DAVE MATTHEWS band version of it, simply amasing, LIVE of course)

And I must have forgotten some others. I'll post soem of them later on.

06/08/05: Rheins -
Steve Vai - Somewhere over the rainbow
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb(LIVE),Van Morrison
Pink Floyd - Dogs
Joe Satriani - 5th Beethoven

05/08/05: tejamz -
Best Rock solo ever is Michael Schenker - Rock Bottom, from Strangers in the Night
Best Guitar soloist ever - Shawn Lane !!!!! Hands down, untouchable.
Taste Tone Melody Ridiculous speed, Rock Jazz Classical influences rolled into one. R.I.P. Shawn

26/07/05: Frad -
Vito Bratta's stuff. His leads are all full of story, he is really what I can call a real guitarist.. where the hell is he now?

16/07/05: jahoo -
the best solo's:
Kee marcello superstitious
slash sweet chlid o' mine
john norum the final countdown
john norum seven doors hotel
ritchie blackmore highway star

26/06/05: szymon -
The best:
Kee Marcello, for everything he did with Europe
Aldo Nova for Twitch album
Brian May with Queen
Malmsteen`s 1st album
Rush for 2112

24/06/05: Cherif the lebanese -
love you

26/05/05: Roy -
There are some great like: Steve Vai, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Zakk Wylde, and so on but what´s about the man who make these one of a kind guitarists to what them are : JIMI HENDRIX !!??

19/04/05: Chris -
Sweet Child O' Mine! Slash is the ultimate live guitar solo player. Considering he plays whilst off his head on booze and/or other substances thats pretty amazing!

18/04/05: mark -
all i've read is crap eddie van halen is the most explosive guitarist alive.all his solos have no peer.eruption as told by none other than mr vai is the most seminal piece of virtuosity he;s ever heard.

13/04/05: Blue Turk -
Anything by Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai

15/03/05: Feelzzy -
Randy Roads for revelation (mother earth)
Uli Roth For we'll burn the sky (does scorpions have a solo guitarist since he left?)
And everything from the man in black :Ritchie Blackmore !

13/03/05: Lee -
Ritchie Blackmore's solo "difficult to Cure" onthe album of the same name. Also On Bent out of shape " Maynmaybe next time". Cliffs of dover and Rubina are fantastic, as is Ace Frehley's " Fractured Mirror" But my favorite is "Layla"

13/03/05: mp -
Kee marcello (Europe) - Superstitious
Yngwie Malmsteen - Ricing Force
John Norum (Europe) - The final Countdown

11/12/04: mido -
the melodic part of burn by ritchie blackmore,
the highway star solo in made in japan concert by blackmore.
instrumental institution by malmsteen(yngwie j. of course!!)and baroque n roll!!!!
and the bohemian raphsody solo by brian may...
long live rock and roll............

01/12/04: ZedIndian -
Some more
1) Vito Bratta - Hungry -WhiteLion
2) John Sykes - We all Fall down - Blue Murder
3) John Petrucci - My Universal Mind - LTE
4) Slash - any track
5) Frank Gambale - Italian Job
6) Alex Skolnick - Testament - Return To Serenity

09/11/04: Dr.Rock -
Anything with MR.Richie Sambora
and john sykes solo on Thin lizzy`s holy war,Michael schenker on strangers in the night (UFO)doctor doctor,clapton-bell bottom blues,layla,slash-estranged and many more.
Keep Rock`n

30/10/04: wolfman -
i think micheal angelo wails man, but hes not that good at making a good song, i think some slower stuff would be sick, ps....what are some good nitro cds?

30/10/04: aleksi -
the song with david coverdale on days of thunder...what a solo and then fo course eruption ba eddie the diva....haha...

18/10/04: Ben Neiman -
best solos: Eef Albers-"wingless" from Focus Con Proby", Steve Lukather-"It Hurts" from Greg Lake album, Allan Holdsworth-"Metal Fatigue", Terry Kath-"25 or 6 to 4", Amos Garrett-"Midnight at the Oasis", Kee Marcello-"Falling Apart"from Melon Demon Divine, Larry Carlton-"Point it Up", Robben Ford-"Nothin's Changed"-from Jimmy Witherspoon's Spoonful

13/10/04: Azza -
Nitro - Freight Train
Nitro - Fighting Mad
Nitro - Shot Heard 'Round The World
Nitro - Take Me
Nitro - Hey Mike
All with Michael Angelo on guitar :D

17/09/04: Hugo -
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trilogy
Yngwie Malmsteen-Blitzkrieg
Yngwie Malmsteen-You don`t remember, i'll never forget
Kee Marcello-Flight of the bumblebee
Kee Marcello-Ready or Not
John Norum-The final countdown
Nils Norberg-Free at Last
Mike Wead-Endlessly
Andy La Rocque-A broken Spell
Vinnie Moore-Race with destiny

25/08/04: Anand -
Too many solos to say but a few of 'em are
1. Stargazer - Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore)
2. Highway Star - Deep Purple (Ritchie Blackmore)
3. Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page)
4. Catch the Rainbow (OnStage Version) - Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore.

Blackmore is awesome. Haven't heart a virtuoso like him. He is the god of Shred Guitar. Malmsteen and others are his little children.

17/08/04: GULLA -
Rainbow:Catch the rainbow-from live on stage.
Blackmore is incredible...

08/07/04: elvis -
John Norum and "THE FINAL COUNTDOWN"..I dont now what to say..FANTASTIC!!

05/07/04: Pete -
Camel :: Ice <br>
Rainbow :: Mistreted <br>
Pink Floyd :: Comfortably Numb

30/06/04: erlend -
sweet child o mine

16/06/04: Fred -
Frankie Sullivan (Lead Guitar Survivor) on Live Versions Of Eye Of The Tiger (Live Indianapolis 1984) and See You In Everyone (Live Japan 1985)

05/06/04: Caputo -
Generally speaking, Yngwie takes the cake. More specifically, his playing on Alcatrazz's live album. He's playing fills every 4 measures through the entire album over Graham Bonnett's abysmal vocalizing. In my 2o years of playing & studying the guitar, I have never heard any thing more self-indulgent than his playing on that album.

30/05/04: J byrd -
Easy, The great Vinnie Vincent. 1st album, songs - Animal & Boyz R Gonna Rock

24/05/04: arEs -
Jeff Waters - Annihilator is the best ever and forever...

22/05/04: Tom -
Micheal Angelo wins hands down for being over the top. Just watch the video for his olds groups song nitro and he solos on a 4 neck guitar!!!

19/05/04: Kenneth DeRosa -
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN "i'll see the light tonight"

12/05/04: Anthony -
1. Lost behind the Wall (Dokken)George Lynch's finest moment ever!
2. Lay it Down (Ratt) Warren De Martini is flawless.
3. Never know Why (Ozzy Osbourne)Jake E.Lee rips it up.Listen to the fade-out of the song. The song is finishing and he is just getting started!
4. Signs of Life (Journey)Neal Schon is the master of milking the emotion out of a piece of wood with strings on it. I thought men weren't supposed to have multiple orgasms. Well, when I heard this I lost it. Incredible.

5. Headed for a Heartbreak (Winger) Reb Beach bleeds his guitar dry. I love this dude's playing!

6.Valley of the Kings (Blue Murder)John Sykes milks his Les Paul for all it is worth. Brings tears of joy to my eyes.

7. Superstitious (Europe) Kee Marcello almost stopped grunge in it's tracks with this solo. Perfection.

07/05/04: Christopher O'Donovan -
Joe satriani: Flying in a blue dream
Metallica: Fade to black
Steve vai: Windows to the soul
Guns n roses: Sweet child o mine
Ozzy: Mr Crowley
Plus everything melodic and with legato guitar techniques. Im gonna make it big with my new band called "Submerge" and i have loads o solos in it too. Im 15. Rock on Ireland!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24/03/04: Izzy404 -
~Phil Collen *Women*
~Dave Mustaine *Trust* and *Mary Jane*
~Andy Laroque *A visit from the Dead*
~Oz Fox *Always there for you*
~Eric Johnson *Cliffs of dover*

10/02/04: Rob -
The solos by Andy Laroque and Pete Blakk on King Diamond's "Them" album....amazing. Also.....Shane and Nathans solos on the Teer CD. Those guys are awesome too....

02/02/04: Bam-Bam -
Although it seems like some people are being praised here, and rightfully so because a lot of these choices are brilliant guitar players, the category is "Most Self-Indulgent Guitar Solo Ever" and for that I have to go with the aforementioned Michael Angelo (NITRO) on "Freight Train" and Vinnie Vincent (VVI) for his gastro-intestinal abomination "Boys Gonna Rock"! Self-indulgent, indeed!

20/01/04: Jay Mancini -
Dave Uhrich-Fretnotized

15/01/04: Cory -
Great solos but Dave Meneketti goes a bit over the top on "I Believe In You".

13/01/04: Tom -
Most self-indulgent?

The Great Kat indeed. And any Eruption-style rip-off.

Best solos... "Far Beyond The Sun" (Malmsteen), "For The Love Of God" (Vai) and most stuff by Joe Perry and Richie Sambora. Perry / Sambora don't play the most technical stuff, but they always play with taste and... It just "fits" the song. Peace!

18/11/03: harun -
guns and roses:sweet child(slash)
testament:alex skolnick

14/10/03: purple ace -
the best ones are
without any doubt
pink floyd:comfortably numb
ufo:rock bottom
gary moore:military man live
rainbow:stargazer live in germany
deep purple:fools live
triumph:rock n roll machine
thin lizzy:suicide,black rose
and so on and on

13/10/03: Lance Rushing -
BEST Guitar solos ever:
George Lynch (Dokken) - "In my dreams"
Warren De Martini (Ratt) - "Lay It Down"
Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe) - "Misery Loves Company"
John Norum (Europe) - "The Final Countdown"
Ted Nugent (Damn Yankees) - "Come Again"
Randy Rhoads (Ozzy) "Crazy Train" (live version)
George Lynch (Dokken) - "Kiss Of Death"
Hear N' Aid - "Stars"
Chris Impelliteri - "Fly away"
George Lynch (Lynch Mob) -"All I want"
Kee Marcello (Europe) - "Superstitious"
John Norum/Billy White (Don Dokken) - "Crash & Burn"
Steve Lynch (Autograph) - "Turn up the radio"
Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) - "Daddy, brother, lover.."
Brad Gillis/Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) "Don't tell me you love me"
Jamie Cramer/Michael Cutting (Holy Soldier) -"See no evil"
Ronni Le Tekro - (TNT) "10,000 Lovers"
Eddie Van Halen - "Humans Being"

as far as SELF INDUFGENT, that would be.....

30/09/03: mossa -
Kee Marcello(europe) Superstitious and Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot) Day of the eagle

28/09/03: dean -
no order
rock bottom-schenker blistering
highway song-metlocke southern genius
beyond the realms of death-tipton,downing double trouble

06/09/03: Scott Anderson -
Dave Uhrich-Fretnotized

15/07/03: EnchantFan -
ANYTHING by Michael Angelo! 'The Jam Game'

03/07/03: michal -
scorpions mathias jabs rock you like huricann and michale and rudolf schenker -coast to coast its genial best guitar song

29/06/03: id -
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson in G3
If there is something better than that i will give up on rock!!

27/06/03: Chris -
Anything with the name Gary Moore on it.The man's a God.

24/04/03: Laurent - jazzhard@hotmail
In no particular order, my favourite solos

Vivian Campbell - Gotthard's "Firedance"
Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways
Randy Rhoades - Mr. Crowley
Vito Bratta - War Song
George Lynch - Tierra de Fuego (don't remember the exact title. Spanish influenced instrumental on "Sacred Groove")
Steve Lukather - David Garfield's "Peace Within Each Man"
Dean Parks - Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart"

and everything by the great Michael O'Neill, Larry Carlton, Michael Landau and Michael Thompson. And Lee RItenour of course.

04/04/03: franf -
1. Michael Schenker: Rock Bottom.
2. Mark Knopfler: Sultans of swing.
3. Rory Gallagher: overnight bag.
4. Gary Moore: Don´t take me for a loser.
5. John Sykes: Still in love with you (Lizzy).

28/02/03: James Eckstein -
anything by Yngwie Malmsteen, and are we forgetting a Mr. Edward Van Halen, with Eruption!?

08/02/03: springfield -
we're talkin' self indulgence...not best solo...ALMOST everything Malmsteen does.

18/01/03: evil428 -
Michael Schenker on UFO's "Rock Bottom" (live) is still incredible!

14/01/03: Doug -
tough to decide but Zakk Wylde's solo in "No more tears" is plain hypnotic.

08/01/03: Dave -
2 words...>Steve Vai.

05/01/03: wlad - sharkattack
Just everything from Mark Kendall (Great White)!

01/01/03: shane -
best 2 solos within a song are Kee Marcello's solo in "Superstitious" from Europe and Ty Tabor's solo at the end of "Prisoner" from their self-titled 4rth cd.

31/12/02: Teo_3 -
1)Vivian Campbell on "This Heart Of Stone" from Shadow King
2)Vivian Campbell on "Firedance" from Gotthard

31/12/02: carlos -
frankie sullivan´s solo in "Silver girl" (Survivor)

26/12/02: Jerker -
Yngwie live

12/11/02: Ioannis The Greek... -

31/10/02: FuddSan -
If you've ever heard "Freight Train" by Nitro, you know in your heart that's it!

30/10/02: Filipe Almendra -
Best solo: Highway Star by Blackmore, and UFO's Rock Bottom by Michael Schenker.

16/10/02: Zubin -
"Damn Yankees", Ted Nugent in "Here I come Again" . The world seems to stop when the solo is on. Takes the cake, Any day.

09/10/02: Krys24 -
Every Neo-Classical player that ever recorded, i.e. Yngwie.

08/10/02: Richard -
Ulrich Roth on 'Fly To The Rainbow' on the Scorpions 'Tokyo Tapes'

08/10/02: Guilherme Oliveira -
The man is called GEORGE LYNCH..."Wicked Sensation"

03/10/02: stormbringer -
Ritchie Blackmore - on any Deep Purple and Rainbow tour on the 70's

26/09/02: Lynchomaniac -
Tracy G live with Dio on the Angry machines tour!
Runner up: Chris Caffery live with Savatage on the latest tour!

23/09/02: Dan Friml -
Ooops... :)) My fingers are faster than my mind.. I've been reading the best solo :)) Don't count my vote for Pete's solo!

23/09/02: Dan Friml -
Pete Lesperance in If There Was A Time... Without any doubts :))

20/09/02: Dr Nick -
Yngwie's solo spot on Live in Leningrad is hysterical!

19/09/02: jace -
Can't QUITE remember the name of the song. But it's an instrumental on Ymgwie Malmsteens Alchemy (I THINK that's what the album's called) and it has "blue" in the title somewhere. All I remember is listening to that track and thinking. "I got the point, asshole, you're fast. Now get ON with it."

14/09/02: Rob -
Yngwie J. Malmsteen......Just so you don't get him confused with all the other Yngwie Malmsteen's.

10/09/02: caberthi -
Lynch's "Mr. Scary"

02/09/02: Taliwakker -
Malmsteen and his many bastard sons out there

29/08/02: dogga -
Any Malmsteen or Vinnie Vincent album.
Or, come to think of it... The Great Kat.... fucking terrible.