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22/02/07: SoMuchMusicSoLittleTime -
Correction to my prior post: Gus G is the guitarist for Firewind. The name of the album is Alliance.

Also gotta give an honorable mention to Terry Brock for his vocal performance on Slamer's disc. Superb!

21/02/07: SoMuchMusicSoLittleTime -
Artwork: Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell, House Of Lords - World Upside Down, Final Frontier - Freelight, Ten - The Twilight Chronicles

Vocalist: Jakob Samuel of The Poodles, Joe Lynn Turner, James Christian, Pekka Ansio Heino of Brother Firetribe/Leverage

Guitarist: Jimi Bell of House Of Lords, Teeny of Wig Wam, Gus G of Alliance, Mike Slamer

Bassist: Marcel Jacob

Drummer: Sporty of Wig Wam

Producer: Mike Slamer, Wig Wam, Hess & Lesperance

20/02/07: JB -
Hey..what about Neil Zaza's "When Gravity Fails"??? It was released in 2006 and features Jordan Rudess, Michael Anthony, Steve Smith and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. It's a killer melodic rock album! I can't believe you guys didn't include it. He has a if you'd want to check it out.