Bad Habit Above And Beyond AOR Heaven
· Produced By: Jonas Reingold

· Running Time: 46.31

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR/Pop

· Links: AOR Heaven
Songs: 85%
Sound: 92%
I can't see any Bad Habit fans being disappointed with this release. The band's first in several years sees them pick straight up where they left off, with their own brand of Scandi-pink and fluffy pop rock.
Above And Beyond is an album of perfectly produced and crafted Scandinavian high-tech AOR/pop. A lot of production effects and programming is in play throughout the record, giving it a very contemporary pop feel, but the guitar parts and the structure of the songwriting push the songs into that needed classic AOR direction.
I Don't Want You, I Don't Want To Say Goodbye, Let Me Tell You, My Confession and Above And Beyond are all classic AOR hooks, dressed up in a contemporary production.
Let Me Be The One, A Lot To Learn, Never Gonna Give You Up and Surrender are all more polished pop tracks while I Believe sees the band turn the guitars up a little more for a heavier, moodier track. More like this might have been even better.
This is a very pink and very fluffy. The cheese factor is in play a little, but it's Bad Habit, so you know what to expect.
The songs are happy, the mood is up (even when it's down) and the tempo flows effortlessly from song to song.
The accents of lead singer's is occasionally raised by myself as an issue in the overall enjoyment of an album and its funny that Bad Habit's Bax Fehling has one of the most noticeable accent twangs of any lead singer I listen to, yet the quality of his delivery allows me to forget about that.
The Bottom Line
Above And Beyond is a very consistent and enjoyable album, featuring some strong material – so long as you like it how it is delivered – pink and fluffy and with a strong pop feel, plus a multi-layered mix allowing the songs time to grow on you. An easy decision for established fans, one to check out for others if the description appeals.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· After Hours
· Revolution
· Adult Orientation
· 13 Years Of Bad Habits
· Hear-say
· Above And Beyond

Line Up:
· Bax Fehling: Vocals
· Hal Marabel: Guitars, Keyboards
· Jaime Salazar: Drums
· Patrik Södergren: Bass
· Sven Cirnski: Lead Guitar

Essential For Fans Of:
· Scandi AOR/Pop
· Bad Habit
Track Listing
· I Don't Want You *
· Just A Heartbeat Away
· Don't Want To Say Goodbye *
· Let Me Be The One
· A Lot To Learn
· I Believe *
· Above And Beyond *
· My Confession *
· Let Me Tell You
· Surrender
· Calling Your Name
· Never Gonna Give You Up
· I Need Someone

--*Best Tracks

09/10/09: panos -
Rating: 90
I love this album.Can't wait to see them at the Firefest Festival!

25/07/09: Niraj Kapur -
Rating: 89
Never been a fan of Bad Habit, but now I'm converted. The opening four tracks alone are better than many modern rock albums. My Confession is the best. Early Bonjovi/Survivor influence. Well done guys.

25/04/09: SoMuchMusicSoLittleTime -
Rating: 94
I had not heard Bad Habit before but checked out the soundbytes and thought they were worthy of purchase. Sure glad I did. I am really impressed with these song arrangements. This is talent that has escaped me no more. I hear a little bit of Giant in the title track. There is no song I would skip so far. "Let Me Tell You" is a brilliant track with a smashing vocal. "Let Me Be The One" will also be a top song of the year for me. But song after song is catchy and enjoyable. I know it is got a pop tone to it but for some reason I don't necessarily sense that as too much because the production is so excellent. A great bottom end sound gives the songs strength. Interesting point that Andrew makes about the vocal. I was concerned about it but after listening I realize the singer's vocal delivery is a real strength to the band and Bax nails it here.

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