a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Bobby Barth
  1. Let The Music Come Back
  2. Hang On
  3. Young Hearts
  4. Jennifer
  5. I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight
  6. Midnight Drives Me Mad
  7. Steal Another Fantasy
  8. Silent Soldiers
  9. Holdin On
  10. Dangerous Games
  11. Sympathize
  12. For A Little While
  13. Carry On
  14. Masquerade
Axe are a band that have paid their dues and over the years built their solid reputation on the back of some great material.
Axe's last studio album 5 was very cool and their next one looks to be of the same caliber. Just check out their version of Fire & Ice lifted from the MTM Volume 3 sampler. Twenty Years Volume 2 is the result of the band having no control over the content of their original studio albums and therefore having to re-record them in order to release a best of. It is also the sequel to Twenty Years From Home, the bands' first re-recording of the favourite songs.
Guitarist Bobby Barth added this is a cool way to correct past mistakes and use what the band have learnt over the years into their classic tunes.
Also here are a few tunes from Barth's much loved solo album 2 Hearts 1 Beat and a bonus track (Midnight Drives Me Mad) for good measure.
There are some great tunes here - Let The Music Come Back, Young Hearts, I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight, Silent Soldiers and Dangerous Games....already classics and great to hear them in a 'fresh' manner.
Bobby Barth and Bob Harris to some great lead vocals and after listening to the album, I want to go find Volume 1 to play again.
After the preview on MTM Volume 3, I am also really looking forward to the new album, out mid year.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Axe and Bobby Barth fans.

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