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MTM Music 0681-24
Produced by: Bobby Barth

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Guild Of Ages
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. The Crown
  2. Together We Stand
  3. Prelude
  4. Fire & Water
  5. Restless Angel
  6. Children's Memory
  7. Good Times
  8. Torturous Game
  9. Sunshine Again
  10. Foolish Deception

Axe are back! It's been a few years between drinks for the Denver based classic rockers. Their last studio album - the comeback release 5 was a great slice of old school classic hard rock.
The Crown is much the same.
The band aren't as raw or as edgy as they once were. It's still power rock n roll, but in it's place is a smoother and more produced sound.
Also back at the job is awesome vocalist Bob Harris. Once again Bob sings his heart out and sounds better than ever. Has he a little Glenn Hughes in his voice?
Just witness the raw power and emotion of the band's cover of Angry Anderson's solo track Fire & Water.
The Crown opens the album after a short intro and is straight into classic Axe. Uptempo without being too energetic.
Together We Stand is more melodic and into anthem AOR territory.
I like the sentiment of the lyrics on this track and on the album as a whole. I think the writing of Bob and Bobby is outstanding.
Just check out the ballads Restless Angel and Sunshine Again. Great emotion.
For those that want a little more hard rock, they guys can still deliver and do so with Children's Memory, Foolish Deception, Torturous Game & Good Times. I actually like this album better than the last, but that could come down to taste for others.
BOTTOM LINE: I think Axe can be an acquired taste, but for the already converted, this should easily fit into your collection. Where it will sit in relation to the band's back catalogue is yet to be decided. The album could have been longer, 2 or 3 more tracks would not have hurt, and it could have been a little edgier in the rock n roll department, but there are still some fine performances.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Axe, Bobby Barth and Bob Harris fans, fans of intelligent lyrics in their rock n roll.
MTM DISCOGRAPHY:Five . 20 Years From Home Vol 1 & 2 . The Crown

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