Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD 103
Produced by: Vitalij Kuprij & John West

Released: January 14 / Website
Closest Relative: Ring Of Fire, Yngwie
GENRE: Melodic Metal

  1. Voyage To Nasca (Instrumental)
  2. Your Victory
  3. Running Out Of Time
  4. Sacred Pathways
  5. Silent Temple (Instrumental)
  6. The Emperor
  7. Nightmare
  8. The Killing
  9. The Calm Before The Storm
  10. March To Ruin (Instrumental)
  11. Flower Of The Orient
  12. Nightmare (Radio Edit)

Artension are back for album number 5 after a little break from each other. Back is the killer line up that features songwriter and keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, plus powerhouse drummer Mike Terrana and one of Europe's finest singers in John West.
Artension is one of those band's that demand concentration and attention to detail, as they perform 12 new technically superb songs.
Artension are actually an American melodic heavy rock act, with touches of progressive metal, neo-classical influences, operatic arrangements and symphonic keyboard melodies and swirls.
I initially thought the band were European, but all but one of the band lives in the US now and of course, vocalist John West is a tried and true American.
There are a stack of bands doing very much the same thing, but these guys are one of the very best. And this album is spot on.
This genre is not my forte, but I can tell a good tune when I hear it. Vitalij's keyboard and piano playing is sensational, the production is high quality and John West is vocally as strong as ever.
The songs sound well produced and the dramatic license / flare enhances the songs rather than takes over them.
Dream Theater fans are reminded that there is competition out here for the prize of best prog rockers.
BOTTOM LINE: Aside from any further song descriptions, the songs titles and the lie up of this super-Euro Metal-group should be enough to instantly turn on fans of the genre.
From the stand point of those not normally into things that heavy or technical, Artension have a great knack for rhythm and melody. If you should have such an urge to sample these songs, you might just get a taste for something new.
This is a very strong record with very strong individual performances and especially song writing.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of technical and intelligent hard rock / melodic metal. All John West fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Into The Eye Of The Storm . Phoenix Rising . Forces Of Nature . Machine . Sacred Pathways

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