Z Records ZR1997043
Produced by: Arabia

Released: FEB. 26 / Website
Relatives: House Of Lords, Bon Jovi
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
  2. Dark Side Of Love
  3. Love Me Do
  4. 1001 Nights
  5. Till The Day I Die
  6. So Tired
  7. Runaway Renee
  8. I Wanna Be King
  9. Waiting
  10. Mariah
  11. Brother Louie

In their Bio, Arabia's vocalist is compared and paired up with James Christian from House Of Lords and Graham Bonnet. Turns out to be pretty accurate, as this guy has a massive set of lungs. Gravelly/raspy ones at that, but big nevertheless and an almost perfect mix of the two aforementioned vocalists.
This album comes from the school of 'never too big' hard rock, with most of the album true to from with over the top and in your face vocals and piercing guitar howling.
The band and some of the songs have been around for a fair while, with the guys releasing some product through the now defunct Long Island Records.
That release was under the name Scarecrow and 5 tracks from that release are featured here. More about that in a minute...
This release shows good potential, so I will be keen to hear future material.
With a larger keyboard presence than the artists just mentioned, this album brings to mind another comparison.
That is to vocalist and fellow raspy James Christian sound alike Troy Reid of Stranded. Just not quite the finesse of those two singers.
If you enjoyed that release, this is well worth a listen.
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter is a big American keyboard and guitar rocker, with touches of the stadium side of Bon Jovi and of course House Of Lords. Starting slower and heavier, Dark Side Of Love is even better paced than the opening track, as the chorus takes off. A truly over the top rock anthem.
1001 Nights is a big fat moody rocker. Sorry for the lack of a more technical description, but that's pretty accurate!
Till The Day I Die continues the ear rupturing heavy rhythm and offers a sound not unfamiliar to Bon Jovi in their heavy early days and of course in the style of the debut House Of Lords album.
At this point, the tracks from the band's previous incarnation scarecrow join us.
Runaway Renee takes a slightly different turn. It's a more stripped back and acoustic driven tune with a great AOR hook in the chorus.
After this point the production and delivery of the album takes a turn for the worse. It's not a write-off, but in comparison to the first half of the album, the production is weaker and a little dated and the delivery and vocal sound is not as intense.
It is far too obvious that these tracks (I Wanna Be King, Waiting, Mariah & Brother Louie) were recorded in separate sessions to the excellent first half of the album.
BOTTOM LINE: A great start to the album, with a weak finish, particularly in the production quality, but the quality and grandiose pompousness of the first half just about covers for the last 3 or 4 tracks.
A recommended CD for lovers of completely over the top American stadium rock and for fans of really gravelly, rough and raspy vocals. Album number two - what will be their first complete start to finish album should be a major step up.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of big, loud, over the top stadium hard rock and fans of raspy/gravelly vocals.
DISCOGRAPHY:Scarecrow; Arabia - 1001 Nights

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