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Escape Music ESM055
Produced by: Jack Ponti

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: No idea
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Go Easy On Me
  2. Keep Tonight
  3. Telephone Line
  4. Damiana
  5. Angry Tears
  6. Love Fades
  7. Diana
  8. Eyes
  9. Not Suppose To Fall In Love
  10. Other Side Of The Night

Angry Tears is the joint project between AOR great Jack Ponti and New York singer Joey Sinopoli.
The album was originally touted as a darker moodier Bon Jovi or something reminiscent of Ponti's last AOR release - the comeback Baton Rouge album.
Yes, this album is dark for sure. It's a dark, moody and modern, but it's also unconvincing.
To be brutally honest, this is not a great album.
Vocalist Joey has an unusual voice for sure, but that's OK. It is not that fact that puts me off.
Basically this album lets down Jack Ponti's reputation as a perfectionist and an A1 producer.
I just don't like the sound of this album at all. It's modern melodic rock, but the guitar is tuned so far down Nirvana would be impressed.
The mix between the guitar and rhythm section is muddy, it's only the vocals that are clearly audible. The album could almost be a punk record.
And the other problem is the songs. They just don't grab you. They are very dark and somewhat laid back and don't have an edge or hook to make you want to keep playing the album over and over again. Telephone Line and Damiana are prime examples.
Angry Tears isn't much better.
There are a couple of songs that hint at what could have been - the heavy punky track Not Suppose To Fall In Love is pretty in your face and Eyes has a good attitude also, but the mix lets it all down.
BOTTOM LINE: Sorry guys, but I am really disappointed. The songs just don't go anywhere, they are dark, moody and just don't go anywhere.
I guess I will be dropped of another Christmas card list with this review, but I just can't recommend it.
Everyone involved has done much better in the past and an doubt will do better again in future projects, but not on this record.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Some Jack Ponti and Joey Sinopoli fans.

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