Frontiers/Now & Then FRCD
Produced by: Andre Andersen

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Royal Hunt, Ian Parry Consortium Project
GENRE: European Hard Rock

  1. Coming Home
  2. Tell Me Why
  3. Arena
  4. Desperate Times
  5. Life
  6. Black On Black
  7. Eclipse
  8. Sail Away
  9. Piece Of My Heart

As most will know, Andre Andersen is the producer/composer/keyboardist behind the very successful Royal Hunt.
This is his second solo album and is apparently an outlet for some less progressively dependent tracks!
Up front for the vocalist duties on this album is the much travelled Ian Parry, who is no stranger to this style or sound.
What we have isn't any great departure from Royal Hunt, certainly a little less progressive, but still equally over the top and musically inspired.
Andersen plays most of the guitar parts, all bass and keys and again has written and produced the whole affair. Talented chap!
This is European hard rock, with a slight progressive twist, mixed with neo-classical influences and a sound that mixed swirling keyboard and piano parts with Yngwie-ish riffing and soloing.
Ian Parry sounds as authorative as always with his powerhouse vocals and will appeal to all established fans of his.
I must say the tone of the guitar sound is rather different. It has certainly been filtered through several effects and a I am not sure I totally dig it, but overall, it does fit the style of the album.
There are still 3 songs clocking over 6 minutes and 2 instrumentals, so the contents of this album should be of no surprise to Royal Hunt or Andersen fans.
BOTTOM LINE: Although it's enjoyable for what it is and it's certainly of high standard, I still think Andersen is better in his role in Royal Hunt. The last 2 Hunt albums have been superb and I enjoyed those more than I did this.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Andersen and Ian Parry, some Royal Hunt fans.

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