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AOR Heaven
Produced by: Alyson Avenue

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Fiona, Robin Brock

  1. Free Like The Wind
  2. Every Now & Then
  3. Lost & Lonely
  4. Tell Me You Love Me
  5. One Desperate Heart
  6. Call Out My Name
  7. Walk Away
  8. It's In Your Eyes
  9. Without Your Love
  10. All This Time
  11. One Touch

Alyson Avenue are a female lead melodic rock outfit in the best tradition of Lee Arron, Fiona and more recently Robin Brock.
I am actually quite impressed with this AOR Heaven release. It has all the hallmarks of classic rock n roll, with the most underrated lead vocals of Anette Blyckett as an added bonus.
The guys are European, yet the sound is more mainstream American FM radio in delivery and attitude.
If there was a male on vocals, we could compare them to early Bon Jovi.
The guys have a harder edge than I expected, with plenty of lead guitar in play and keyboards more as a support tool.
The songs importantly are all quite strong, with plenty of good hooks and varied chorus delivery to keep you interested throughout the album's 11 tracks.
The opening 2 numbers especially do it for me.
Great melodic hard rock with a powerful lead and a huge hook, just as both Fiona albums did it for me several years ago - and still do today!
BOTTOM LINE: These guys are on to something here. Their style and delivery has been seen before, but they have conviction and above all, some great songs.
Even though the album was recorded last year, they have their roots firmly planted in the 80's, with the mix of guitar and keyboards the most noticeable aspect.
Give them a try if you like female rockers and great catchy hook lines.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of female fronted American style melodic rock.

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