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Produced by: Bruce Robbins and Allied Forces
  1. Allied Forces
  2. Medicine Man
  3. Thunder Nation
  4. Picking Up The Pieces
  5. All Out Of Love
  6. On The Run
  7. Lifetime To Share
  8. Eyes Of Wonder
  9. Party
  10. Stand By Me
  11. Take Me Away
Allied Forces is a project from several years back that has finally seen the light of day. The album was a project from guitarist Ronnie Wilde who is Danny Vaughn of Tyketto's brother. I thought this was another one of those demo releases, but Ihave been corrected, this was all recorded over the last year or so.
The opening track shares the name of the band and opens in fine style. A nice building power ballad mixed with a moody sort of rocker.
Medicine Man is the first of the 3 tracks to feature Tyketto vocalist Danny Vaughn.
While it doesn't come close to Tyketto, it is still nice to hear anything with Danny on vocals. The track is a harder rocker than the AOR friendly strains of Tyketto. It was good to hear Danny sing something heavier.
Thuner Nation also features Vaughn. This track starts slow, with a good vocal and builds to another power rock chorus. An anthem track of sorts and closer to the classic Danny Vaughn sound. Good track!
Picking Up The Pieces is in a similar melodic mold, only the production drops a little and the difference between Danny Vaughn and regular vocalist Jay Fischer becomes evident.
Still there is certainly nothing wrong with the song itself.
All Out Of Love will instantly appeal to Boston fans. The guitar and vocal sound is a cross between classic Boston and Triumph. Should appeal to fans of both, but keep in mind this has dated a little. Sounds flat out like Follow Your Heart by Triumph!
On The Run is another Boston type rocker. Catchy melody in the chorus, but just average other than that.
Lifetime To Share is another OK rocker. Better guitar sound on this track.
Eyes Of Wonder is a much better melodic number, featuring a good blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Featuring Vaughn on vocals again, the song is another highlight of the album.
Party is a hard rocker with a Scorpions feel, while the album finishes with a couple of solid hard rockers that use the guitar sound of Boston, but the vocals of Queensryche. Take Me Away is very 'Ryche - progressive feel and all.
A solid enough album, with the Vaughn tracks a highlight.
The only thing to let it down is the occasional production quality. Listen before you buy. If the soundbytes on this site do it for you - the rest of the album will do it easily.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Escape Music fans, some Danny Vaughn fans and commercial 80's hard rock fans.

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