MTM MUSIC 0681-19
Produced by: No one apparently!

Released: OUT
Relatives: Lou Gramm, Brett Walker

  1. Blowing Up Detroit
  2. Better Than Goodbye
  3. I'm Ready
  4. Angel
  5. Blue Hero
  6. Out In The Cold
  7. No Way Out
  8. Am I Fooling Myself
  9. Let Me In
  10. Don't Let Our Love Go Down
  11. In The Groove
  12. Things That Make You Cry

Without much fan fare and without a lot of pre-release hype, this album has come almost out of nowhere to knock my socks off!
What a great record. Another one from the Swedish school of melodic song writing. This past 12 months have seen these Northern Europeans move clearly miles ahead of their nearest competition in the songwriting and album production department.
The former lead singer of Jagged Edge has released an interesting and mixed record that is primarily pumped up mature melodic rock. It's neither a hard rock record, nor a pure AOR record.
It's a well produced commercial rock album filled with great songs.
The album ranges from pure AOR to funked up hard rock, to the much loved but hard to do right high-tech AOR. The majority of tracks go towards commercial FM radio style US rock. The style of the album compares to one of my personal rock favorites Charlie Sexton. Not surprisingly, Alfonzetti does a ripping cover of Sexton's Blowing Up Detroit to open the album. Other Sexton like production tracks include No Way Out and Don't Let Our Love Go Down - especially the guitar solo!
Better Then Goodbye is a Brett Walker / Jim Peterik composition and sounds like it could have been lifted from Walker's awesome Nevertheless album.
Let Me In is a Michael Morales written track that also mimics his trademark sound, while remaining faithful to the rest of the album's original songs.
Blue Hero deserves special mention for it's fantastic change of pace of funked up rock into the chorus - a genuine piece of classic melodic rock.
Out In The Cold is also a classic piece of acoustic driven anthem AOR. Lou Gramm could not have done better!
Speaking of Lou, Am I Fooling Myself could have been lifted from the Foreigner Mr. Moonlight album. Very smooth and very cool.
I am not surprised to see a Charlie Sexton song covered on the album as the pounding Alfonzetti rhythm section is much reminiscent of both Charlie's own two solo albums - especially the monster sound employed on his 1989 Self Titled album.
Things That Make You Cry is a great way to end the album - not quite totally acoustic, Matti has the backing of electric and acoustic guitars, but no rhythm section. It's a haunting track.
BOTTOM LINE: The very best thing about this album is the quality of songwriting. Each track contains enough hooks and melodies to hold your attention and remain embedded in your memory for the next time it's played.
Too many AOR releases these days have songs that fail to ignite and drag you in hook line and sinker. These songs do. The sound is also a modern touch to an old favorite.
It's basically the difference between a good album and a classic. We need more songs like these that capture the essence of melodic rock - great catchy hooks and memorable choruses. Alfonzetti has all of this and is topped off by a killer vocal performance.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of great high-tech AOR and melodic rock. Fans of all good things Swedish.

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