Columbia 5020292000
Produced by: The Boneyard Boys

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Beyond Beautiful
  2. Just Push Play
  3. Jaded
  4. Fly Away From Here
  5. Trip Hoppin'
  6. Sunshine
  7. Under My Skin
  8. Luv Lies
  9. Outta Your Head
  10. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  11. Light Inside
  12. Avant Garden
  13. Face*

This has been a harder CD for me to review that it should have been.
I have been really torn between two minds when it comes to listening to the record.
Aerosmith have been around a long while now, but it has been in the past decade that the band have released their most commercially successful material.
As recently as 1999 the band recorded their best selling single ever.
Their last album Nine Lives followed a more predictable path and to be honest I found it a little tired as a whole.
In 2001 the guys have tried to spice things up a little bit and take in some more contemporary sounds. Their appearance at this year's Superbowl with N'Sync and Britny Spears was part of that plan.
The album utilizes several modern production techniques such as sampling, some hip-hop rhythms and in several places, programmed instruments and vocal effects.
This has been welcomed by some fans, but in turn, has alienated some other sections of their fan base, while in reality, probably not picking up any new ones.
I don't have a problem with experimentation, as long as it is done well. The one essential ingredient to a good album is the songs contained within.
On Just Push Play, some of the experimentation works perfectly and sounds as if Aerosmith have been doing such things all along.
In other places it sounds completely out of place and a little forced. The difference between the two examples are the songs.
Half of the album contains great Aerosmith songs. The other half contains songs that just don't match the quality expectations placed on a band of such a high caliber.
The album opens with Beyond Beautiful. Not your traditional type of opening album track, but a classic track in just about any circumstance. Although it's not a big chorus, it still has one hell of an infectious hook and melody. Recorded with a modern touch and a few special effects, the song really harks back to the guitar sound and of their classic Pump album and is a song of such infinite quality, it should be loved by all.
Just Push Play is one of the tracks that borrows from the old and from the new. The style and delivery of the song is typical Aerosmith, but the production is straight from the street and has a more modern experimental edge to it. Catchy for sure, but the heavy effects filled production might put some off.
Jaded everyone knows, with it's contemporary guitar sound matching that of 90's superstars Smashing Pumpkins. The song seems to be the band trying to update their sound to create a commercial single to lead the album out with.
Fly Away From Here is the album's first ballad, typical Aerosmith album ballad with a few of those modern production touches and the second song in a row to use orchestral feel. It's a good track and isn't as sugar sweet as their big hit I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.
Trip Hoppin' is one of the album's more obscure numbers. Not sure that everyone will be able to dig this, but it's big and bombastic and catchy enough - in a slightly annoying way!
Sunshine is another track that captures some of the instrumental feel of Pump, but with a modern pop rock edge. A track that grows with repeat listens, but still hasn't got the legs of their classic hits.
Under My Skin starts of with a couple of drum loops, but then it is straight into a hard edged blues rocker. A great swaggering guitar riff, but no big hooks.
Luv Lies is a typical Aerosmith big ballad that has been standard on their last 4 releases. Nothing new, nothing amazing, but another good ballad to sit alongside Angel, What It Takes & Crazy etc.
Track 9 is where the band go a little further awol and lose me a little bit. Outta Your Head is heavily influenced by modern commercial trends, including a full rap verse. But in this instance, the quality of the song shines through. Strip back the production and it could have come from any recent album.
Drop Dead Gorgeous follows on in slightly alternative mode, complete with samples and drum loops. Like the title track, this is not in the same league of some other album tracks.
It's not the effects or the samples that I don't get - it's the occasional dip in song quality. I think the guys have saved the weakest few tracks until the end, as Light Inside doesn't do anything for me either. Light Inside rocks hard, but there is no real hook to grab you.
Avant Garden is a better track. It's a more stripped back acoustic driven song and also has a better and more likeable hook.
Face is an Australasian bonus track and could easily have found it's place on the wider release. It's a cool hook filled accapela track, with vocalist Tyler in fine form.
BOTTOM LINE: In my opinion, the guys have successfully updated their sound, now all they have to do is work a little harder on the songwriting.
For the most part this is a very enjoyable listen and already I have played this more then it's predecessor Nine Lives, so they must be doing something right!
The only thing that has let it down is some out of place experimentation and a few below average songs and weak choruses.
But at the very least, this album should guarantee the band's continuing existence and relevance.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most Aerosmith fans, but especially those with an ear for modern rock.

27/01/09: Joey T -
Rating: 83
it's no Pump, but it's a decent enough album. can't believe it's coming up on the 8 year anniversary of this release and still no follow-up.

25/07/05: TT -
Rating: 90
I have listened to Aerosmith since their roots and all of you assholes who cant except that they want to try something new need to degenerate into the children that you were say 30 years ago. oh and they have more balls for not sticking to one style. Their are degrading bands today of which all their songs sound the same. Thats weak!!!!

12/04/05: ecko r.z -
Rating: 90
it's cool dude...,yeah..!

27/03/05: RKS -
Rating: 80
I love Aerosmith. They have the music I want to hear when I am in that mood to kick ass. I have always thought Steven Tyler to be a very clever lyricist. I think the writing here is lazy. Most songs I find great until the choruses. Then they fall flat. "Trip Hoppin'" case in point.

23/04/04: Cassie Allison -
Rating: 80
I love Aerosmith and though their early stuff kick so much ass but With Jush Push Play they've lost a little edge. I like the album don't get me wrong but I want so more kick ass music. Stuff that I can just put on after a hard day and vibe to. Come on Aerosmith if your listening please! KICK ASS AGAIN!!!

13/02/04: Simon -
Rating: 80
If this album had been released by a new band everyone would be raving about it. It's got great funky guitar riffs, sweet melodies and the singer's voice is amazing. However, because it's Aerosmith everyone knocks it because they've got preconceptions about what an Aerosmith album should sound like. 'Beyond Beautiful', 'Just Push Play', 'Sunshine', 'Trip Hoppin', 'Drop dead gorgeous' - these are all great songs. And 'Face' is a brilliant track, an acoustic number that's quite different from their usual stuff. Their new album 'Honkin' on Bobo' is meant to be a return to their blues roots so maybe that will satisfy some of the moaners who feel that this album isn't a re-work of 'Rocks'!

29/11/03: Paul -
Rating: 50
A very listenable POP album. The problem is, most Aerosmith fans don't want to hear that. Where's the attitude? What's next, AEROSMITH- THE ELEVATOR TUNES?????

21/06/03: Boz -
Rating: 83
This CD is really Aerosmith in 2003. Jaded is one of the best produced Aerosmith songs ever. Other highlights include: Luv Lies, Beyond Beautiful, and Fly Away From Here. Just Push Play is also a good song, but takes a little longer to get into your blood. The only question is why the track "Sunshine" was choosen for MTV. It is a bad representative of this CD.

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 60
Wow! How the mighty have fallen. This is Aerosmith's worst record to date. Despite two memorable tunes ("Just Push Play" and "Jaded"), this disc is full of crap that is trying to gain airplay. It has no edge and is a disgrace to their legacy. Will Justin and Britney guest on their next record?

02/11/02: Ignacio -
Rating: 40
I just heard the album a couple of times long ago, and i have to say that i only liked 'Jaded'. Cool song, cool video, but the rest i feel they are just fillers ... sadly ... my expectations on aerosmith are highers

14/10/02: mike -
Rating: 45
Zweimal gehört und steht bereits wie festgewachsen im Regal.
Ohne Biss und ohne zündende Ideen.

29/08/02: Eric -
Rating: 2
Aerosmith should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this crap. Horrible.......I can't believe they've sold out this much. I have even boycotted their concerts because of their last few releases.

13/08/02: Joe -
Rating: 0
This Lp should have been called, "Just Push Eject" Guys, write some fuckin' Rock 'N' Roll. If you half to, go back to drugs!!!! Let N'Sync and Britny Spears write the shit. Aerosmith have been my favorite band since day 1. Not anymore!!!

27/07/02: X -
Rating: 95
ah another band strays from their past and trys CHANGE and gets ripped by all rock fans....this is a great album......peace!!

22/06/02: Skyboss -
Rating: 10
Just push play, then Fukin A... What happened??? God help them with their next project. At least they're writting new stuff.

03/05/02: Jon -
Rating: 20
This album sucked. These guys are total sell-outs. It's ok to take musical risks, and to change style. When you change it to a style that the fans who made them rich will hate, then there's a problem. They're screwing over the people they owe their careers to in order to make more money by attracting fans of the shitty music today. That is the definition of a sell-out. Now, if they made an album of big band stuff, that would be lame, but it obviously wouldn't have been done in the name of the almightly dollar. Great album cover, though.

15/10/01: James -
Rating: 10
The new Aerosmith cd simply kick ass from start to finish. The songs we very creative and imaginitive and that is the best type of cd and you can expect more stuff like that from Areosmith in the future.

18/08/01: Frank Kloppenburg -
Rating: 100
Very asskicking Album. Cool!

16/07/01: Martin -
Rating: 90
...listen to kidego! Are bands expected to re-issue the same material under the guise of a different title or should there be a progression over time with each successive release?? Instead of putting out "Rocks II" or "Permanent Vacation II", Aerosmith have produced a killer album that, yes, incorporates modern elements (raps and loops), but is unmistakenly Aerosmith. Only 2 or 3 ballads too, the rest rock! Stand outs are "Beyond Beautiful", "Just Push Play", "Trip Hoppin'", "Under My Skin" & "Drop Dead Gorgeous". This is Aerosmith 2001 and should not be compared to Aerosmith circa 1978 or 1987. That is what makes Aerosmith still popular today!! If they relied on old material, there would be no MTV and they would slip into obscurity with every other band still trying to re-capture their glory years. My only complaint?? Using Autograph's "That's The Stuff" album designs.

06/06/01: Glenn Odin -
Rating: 65
Not fkn good enough! Rocks is one of the best albums ever recorded and the last 5 studio albums have been somewhere between great and classic but this one just doesn't have the songs. Maybe John Kalodner does need to rule over them with an iron fist after all. Where are the classics of recent years like "Nine lives", "Pink",Eat The Rich" etc etc - on other albums thats where!! VERY DISAPPOINTING

02/06/01: Bigburn - bigburn
Rating: 59
A few decent tunes but an overall disappointment, then again, Aerosmith goes in cycles so this is "no surprise". I prefer the old stuff but don't want 15 different copies of "Get Your Wings". I loved "done with mirrors" and "permanent Vaykay", "Pump" was a classic but then "Get a grip" was terrible. "Nine lives" is one of my favs, now "just push play" pretty much blows! I guess the next album is due to bring them back around.

01/06/01: Jimmy - jclee@peoplepc
Rating: 15
It's too bad that the hard edged sound of the 80's and the early 90's are no longer playing on the airwaves. I always enjoyed Aerosmith's stuff in the years past, but when I heard this entire CD at a, what a disappointment this turned out to be. Sure, you have to change your sound to fit the new music era, but this ain't the rockin Aerosmith anymore. I though only one or two songs actually hit the spot. I agree with Kim Smith, return to the roots (not just Aeorsmith, but to all of the rock bands), bring back that ass-kicking sound from the past! Thank god I decided to hear the album first before I almost wasted my money.

16/05/01: Vince -
Rating: 65
I put the cd in, and was blown away with "Beyond Beautiful." Good groove, great vocals, just an all-out great rocker. After the song ended, I almost puked. I mean, what is this "rock-rap" crap. There are 2 or 3 of these Limp Bizkit-type songs. I looked at the cd cover to make sure I bought Aerosmith's new cd. To my amazement, I did. This is not Aerosmith however. As Kim stated above, Journey stayed true to their sound. Why couldn't Aeromsith. They go into the Hall of Fame and instead of staying true to their fans, they try to please the Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock fans, which I am NOT one of. Guys, get back to the rock. That's why they put you in the Hall.

15/05/01: Matt -
Rating: 75
Joe Cool said it, "either you like em' or you don't." These days with Aerosmith, there is really, "no surprise." You get a ballad or two, a few hooks and grooves and some silly stuff. It's Aeromarketing at its finest. Listening to this disc just makes me reach for "Rocks" or "Draw The Line." I miss the rockin' "Get It Up," "Sick As A Dog," My Fist Your Face," "Young Lust," etc. I know they have it in them, they just need to lose the additional song writers. Too much fluff and not enough rough ya know? The title track has a great groove and all the songs have a punch until after "Luv Lies," which sounds like the bastard child of "Crazy." The rest of the CD is Aerosafe until the nice "Avant Garden." Stupid title but cool song. Besides, someone should have done their album cover homework because Autograph released a CD in 1985 called "That's The Stuff" with the same robot images. These guys have plenty a fan base not to rock harder and better. Take a chance next time. We want a CD that "Rocks."

10/05/01: Benno -
Rating: 85
This ain't the greatest 'Smyth CD I've heard - and even then I've only been a fan since Permanent Vacation, but its damn infectious. I was hooked on Beyond Beautiful from the first listen, Just Push Play goes out on a 'Smyth limb but is still catchy as hell, I love Jaded's cool groove. The ballads are ok (I'm not a ballad man myself unless its very good), but I really dig the lyrics to Love Lies. They're standouts for me, the rest of the album has a Nine Lives feel to it with a few more synths thrown in. I dig it, not gonna be everyone's cup of tea though.

05/05/01: Joe Kool -
Rating: 80
Every since Aerosmith reformed w/ Perry they haven't been the old Aerosmith. I have been there from the beginning. In the beginning they were a Hard R&B band. Each album having one or two standout tracks. But with a lot of Hard R&B. The reformed Aerosmith have had commercially successful records with 4 or 5 standout tracks of course written by a team instead of the band. Aerosmith is Aerosmith either you like 'em or you don't. If you like Nine Lives this is more of the same. Just give it a few spins before you judge.

29/04/01: Ed -
Rating: 91

27/04/01: JC -
Rating: 80
Well, this is not a masterpiece but an album of rock well made. Some songs are weird but some are really nice(Jaded, Just push play, Beyond beatiful, Luv Lies and Fly away are really good songs). I liked this album.

27/04/01: kidego -
Rating: 90
Get over it people..this aint the Aerosmith from the 70s anymore...if you take them for what they are now, youll enjoy this cd. I think its head and shoulders above their last 3 albums. Great songs, great guitar solos, and yeah it rocks...and album full of "Angel"?? Someone must be listening to a different CD than I am.

26/04/01: Tony - ~~~~~
Rating: 55
First things first, I give these guys credit for at least attempting to change & stay relevant in the music scene today. I wish bands such as Kiss or Sabbath gave even a portion of these guys efforts into new musical products. That being said you know there's always that one guy at the club who looks like he's just a little too old to be there? Well that's what this album is to me. You can almost feel the strain of these guys trying so hard to incorprate modern new sounds into their music. If it is natural sounding that is cool and fine but this album just sounds so forced. What amazes me still after listening a few times to this whole cd is how instantly forgetable it is. Nothing sticks with you and nothing stays in your head, it's just so "vanilla" I guess. I think outside writers have just diluted the songwriting of Tyler & Perry which is too bad. I'm fine with them trying not too constantly reproduce "Rocks" but I'm also not fine with bland, average , safe songwriting. I'll give them a little better than average because there's still a glimmer of vintage Aerosmith peeking out here & there but I would never think Aerosmith would settle for being ordinary and a pop band and this album reeks of just that.

26/04/01: Kim Smith -
Rating: 10
Yuck. I listened to this CD once. I really love Aerosmith, and even liked Nine Lives. Get Your Wings and Rocks are a couple of my favorite albums of all time. I do agree with Andrew that the band seems to be trying to update their sound. But, take Journey for example...almost a perfect new album, using the tried and true format. Is there really anything wrong with that? How about a return to the roots next time? I haven't given up on the band yet.....

25/04/01: Wil Engemann -
Rating: 40
Ok, now that they have completed the demo's (which is what this album is), they have released them to tease us for the real product. That must be it, because the sense of adventure here results in many sonic and songwriting mistakes. That is what pre-production and demo's are for. An objective personality, as opposed to "yes men" co-producers whould have molded this into a cohesive project. It reminds me of when Kiss put out Hot in the Shade using their pre-production demo material, it is an interesting look at the successes and failures in the record making process. In that respect, it has value; as an album, I'm afraid that Aerosmith has superbowled themselves out of relevance and as much as they may not want to miss a thing...have

24/04/01: patrick -
Rating: 10
As a lifelong lover of aerosmith, I find this an insult. They seem to have lost their balls. You would think they could have come up with something which really rocks, instead of a whole album full of "Angel". Very dissapointing indeed.

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