Perris Records
Produced by: Steve Fister

Released: OUT / Website
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Mama Kin
  2. Back In The Saddle
  3. Sweet Emotion
  4. Last Child
  5. Walk This Way
  6. SOS
  7. Train Kept A Rollin'
  8. Lord Of The Thighs
  9. Rock In A Hard Place
  10. Get The Lead Out

Perris Records have released a few tributes now and Aerosmith is the latest one. The personnel used on these tributes hasn't varied, as they are all from the Perris stable of artists.
The production quality and general sound of each tribute hasn't varied either. They aren't top notch, with a pretty rough and raw sound employed - just like it is on this record.
But that's OK, the songs have a great spirit, even if the performances are a little worse for wear.
I guess that's the whole point of a tribute anyway. The songs are always going to be high class, but the interpretation of those songs is always going to be varied.
The best tributes thus far have all come from the production house of Bob Kulick, where as the Perris Tributes have been somewhat less polished and rawer. This one is good fun, but isn't going to be for everyone. Rather it's probably more for fans of the artists involved than die-hard Aerosmith fans.
On board are Derek St Holmes (vocals on Mama Kin and Sweet Emotion), Ron Keel (vocals on Back In The Saddle and Walk This Way), Jason McMaster (Last Child & Get The Lead Out), Paul Shortino (Rock In A Hard Place), Davy Vain (SOS), Derek David on Train Kept A Rolling and Ron Taylor on Lord Of The Thighs.
Best tracks for atmosphere and style include both Derek St Holmes tracks and the Ron Keel sung tracks.
My less preferred tracks include the very rough version of Train Kept A Rolling and Lord Of The Thighs.
Featured musicians on the tracks include Carmine Appice, Tom Mathers, Keri Kelly, Marc Ferrari, Steve Fister & Gilby Clarke.
BOTTOM LINE: This tribute is number 2 or 3 for Aerosmith and features highlights from their early career. Probably just as well, as the production quality of this would struggle to cover the band's high-tech peak in the mid-late 80s/early 90's.
This is for fans of the classic 70's tunes and probably more so for fans of the contributing artists. Either way, I recommend die-hards only.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard fans of Aerosmith and the artists featured on this tribute.

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