MTM Music 0681-31
Produced by: Not Listed

Released: OUT
Relatives: Dream Theater, Yes, Queen
GENRE: Progressive AOR

  1. Take It Easy
  2. Hippest Flop
  3. A Supposed Tour
  4. Biggest Mistake
  5. Imaginary Friends
  6. She/Male
  7. At The Alter
  8. Svetlana
  9. No Perspective
  10. Second Thoughts
  11. Mr. Unfaithful
  12. Gamophobia
  13. Little Beauty
  14. And They Lived Happily Ever After

Act is an interesting outfit and certainly not your average standard melodic rock out fit. They are primarily a progressive European rock group, with plenty of Dream Theater, Yes and other more recently popular progressive acts such as Enchant and Magnitude 9.
They are also Swedish, which in recent times means that they are a deft hand at creating instantly memorable rock music.
It's a MTM release, but should not instantly be thought of as an AOR or hard rock release.
This is for people with open minds and wide taste pallets. My personal range doesn't quite cover some of the tracks on offer here, but I can still see that this is a quality production. In fact, I really didn't like their debut album at all, so this is an obvious leap in song quality. The opening track Take It Easy is a gem of a progressive rock track. If every song was as good as thins one, it would be a fabulous album.
But that is one of the more straight ahead numbers, after which the band do digress a little bit, heading into a more pompish Queen meets Yes style with lots of over the top operatic vocals and squeals, not to mention plenty of progressive fret-slaying!
This album has all the ingredients of a good progressive rock album. Lots of fast keyboard swirls, over the top pompish choruses, high pitched vocals and seven different style changes in the one song.
The album is cut in two - with a 6 track opening sequence, then a second run of tracks described as 'Relationships - The Long One'.
BOTTOM LINE: Some of the parts of this album are way over what I consider cool progressive - but then again I have always been fairly conservative as far as my progressive tastes have gone. Give me my Rush and Dream Theater and that keeps me happy. Fans of the more adventurous side of progressive should check this out. It is immaculately produced and I guarantee it will give you enjoyment.
I really didn't get into the band's debut album, so this must be a step up, but still a little left of center for me.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of the more adventurous side of progressive and symphonic rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Today's Report . Imaginary Friends

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