Z Records
Produced by: 24K

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Von Groove

  1. Black & Blue
  2. Consider Yourself Lucky
  3. Get While You Can
  4. Bulletproof
  5. Anything For You
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Put The Blame On Me
  8. 2000 Years
  9. Last Time
  10. Bad Day
  11. Stone Heart (European Bonus Track)

This album came as a bolt from the blue.
24K is fronted by Canada's nice guy of rock 'n' roll Phil Naro. As their debut, the core of the band is Phil and Von Groove's Mladden.
Their debut was enjoyable, but a little varied in production quality and also felt like a band project.
This album is 100% better produced and sounds like the same band from the first track to the last.
But it still sounds like two different albums. The guys really mix the styles up, with some heavy ass funk rockers mixing with psychedelic modern rock and a few pure classic AOR anthems.
But what holds the album together is the consistent feel and the improved production and above all else, the never better sounding Phil Naro.
For those that have followed Phil, his vocals have never sounded better than on this.
Black & Blue opens the Bulletproof account in rather a unique way. Rather than the predictable heavy hitter up front, the guys have chosen this very cool, very melodic, kinda laid back psychedelic pop/AOR anthem.
Consider Yourself Lucky goes the other direction, this is Phil and Mladden the rockers, going for the flat out double bass sound that is similar to the opening track off the debut. Just better mixed and produced.
Get While You Can slayed me the first listen. This is a pure AOR anthem, with a happy upbeat tempo and feel good. A pure gem who's lead riff sounds dead ringer for David Bowie's Heroes.
Bulletproof sees the guys loose it completely and go ballistic! This is a real metallic rocker.
Anything For You heads back into cool laid back mid-tempo ballad mode.
Pennsylvania continues the trend of one 'normal' track, one 'out there' track! This one rocks hard, with some vocal effects and distortion.
Put The Blame On Me goes back to AOR territory, mixing in a little laid back blues rock for good measure.
2000 Years is a mid-tempo pop rocker. After the intense tracks that precede it, this softer track is well placed.
Last Time gets things rocking again, it's a cool straight up guitar rocker.
Bad Day is an OK mid tempo track, but doesn't quite have the allure of some of the other tracks. Stone Heart is an European bonus track and is a darker, heavier retro style track. It's Ok...
BOTTOM LINE: If the debut album did it for you in any way, this album will do it easily and in an even bigger way.
If you were unconvinced, then take another look at the guys, this is a much better and more rounded album.
There is a problem where the band could be splitting it's audience with the two distinct styles employed on the album. The definite difference between the two style could see some fans liking one half of the album, with others liking the other half.
The band seems to be hedging their bets with half an album of classic AOR and the other half more experimental hard rock. They would do better to stick to the one style.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of the debut album, some Von Groove fans and all Phil Naro fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:24K . Bulletproof

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