2007 - Your Best Predictions

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28/08/07: Andre Von Ah -
01 - Pride Of Lions - Roaring Of Dreams
02 - Two Of A Kind - Two Of A Kind
03 - Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life
04 - Gotthard - Domino Effect
05 - Frederiksen & Denander - Baptism By Fire
06 - Tempestt - Bring 'Em On
07 - Allen / Lande - The Revenge
08 - Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
09 - Circus Diablo - Circus Diablo
10 - Circus Maximus - Isolate

25/02/07: RockMan -
Pink Cream 69 will produce an absolute stellar disc. Magnus Karlson will play another gem with big name singers.....and somehow, someway, PRIDE will start recording melodic hard rock again! Matt and Chris, you guys need to go back to that sound and have belief that the sound will prevail in the end. The new stuff is....ok but PRIDE was FABULOUS.

23/02/07: Jonny B -
I have but two predictions:

Within Temptation signed a US deal, and with a high-profile record label (Roadrunner, the same one with the likes of Nickeback.) They'll FINALLY get exposure in the US and become the biggest band in the world! (and as a side-effect, will make Evanescence fans forget about that awful album that was 'The Open Door.') If you don't know about Within Temptation now, you will before the year's out.

Even if it doesn't get released until next year, my highest anticipated album will be the new JOURNEY! I'm indifferent as far as singers go. I have only their Greatest Hits with Perry, and Arrival, so that pretty much makes me a casual fan. However, JEFF SCOTT SOTO is my favorite male singer of melodic rock, and as far as I'm concerned, everything he touches turns to gold. With JSS at the helm, there's no direction for the band to go but sky high. I pre-qualify Journey for 'Comeback Band of the Decade.' Even a bad filler can still be saved with a brilliant vocal, and JSS is a brilliant singer.