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MTM Music 0681-09
Produced by: Roger Scott Craig

Released: March 23 / Website
Closest Relative: Harlan Cage

  1. Freeway Ride
  2. Run Like A Tiger
  3. We Took The Wrong Road
  4. Boat Out On The Water
  5. Nowhere To Run
  6. Your Razor Is Sharp
  7. Casualty Of Love
  8. She Walks On Water
  9. You're So Cold
  10. Nobody Moves A Mountain
  11. There's A Train Comin'
  12. Live For The Moment

101 South is the side project from Harlan Cage keyboardist/songwriter Roger Scott Craig. It features the vocals of Gregory Lynn Hall - who's voice is a mix of Johnny Edwards, John Parr, James Christian & Troy Reid.
This is an album for every classic or traditional AOR fan. Lots of keyboards (as expected), but also a ton of great melodic songs in the vein of Harlan Cage, with a few new twists.
There are a couple of different styles used on the album - the opening rocking track is not really representative of the record. That harder sound is only used on maybe 3 or 4 tracks.
Track two is where the more familiar sounds of Harlan Cage filter through. An epic style track with all the familiar Harlan trademarks.
We Took The Wrong Road has almost a Giuffira feel to it. A great mid-tempo AOR track with a monster hook and some killer John Parr-ish vocals.
Boat Out On The Water uses the typical Harlan Cage metaphor's but with the soft piano intro leading into a more anthem rocker, it's one of the album's strongest songs.
Nowhere To Run & Live For The Moment are good examples of keyboard filled, but not keyboard dominated tracks - uptempo, urgent, rocking.
Casualty Of Love is a happy poppy track with a new side of Craig showing. Big pompous AOR!
She Walks On Water is one hell of a ballad. Slow, passionate, really classy stuff. How about this song on a soundtrack sometime?
An album that needs to be listened to from start to finish in order to capture it's mood and the true quality of it.
BOTTOM LINE: This album is a must have for any Harlan Cage fan. It's passionate, moody and filled with great harmonies and plenty of big pompous AOR.
It is very familiar to Harlan Cage's Forbidden Colors with some tracks mirroring the feel of Thrill Of It All, Last Plane Out, Hard Yellow Line and Late Night Escapades.
Not quite as good as that album, but the best Harlan Cage or related album next to that.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Harlan Cage fan, pomp/keyboard driven AOR fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Harlan Cage - 3 albums . 101 South

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