Release Dates & Events



Mr. Big Live In Milan + Japan 2017 Official Bootleg 2018-07-05 Victor
Vixen Live Fire 2018-07-06 Rat Pack
Gioeli Castronovo Set The World On Fire 2018-07-13 Frontiers
Clif Magness Lucky Dog 2018-07-13 Frontiers
Two Of A Kind Rise 2018-07-13 Frontiers
Halestorm Vicious 2018-07-27 Warner


Jim Shepard Jaded 2018-08-10 MRR
3.2 The Rules Have Changed 2018-08-10 Frontiers
Airrace Untold Stories 2018-08-10 Frontiers
Daniel Trigger Right Turn 2018-08-10 MRR
Mad Max 35 2018-08-10 SPV
King Company Queen Of Hearts 2018-08-10 Frontiers
Primal Fear Apocalypse 2018-08-10 Frontiers
The Radio Sun Beautiful Strange 2018-08-24 Pride & Joy
The Sign The Sign - Remasters 2018-08-24 Escape
Taste Moral Decay 2018-08-31 AOR Heaven


Hank Erix Nothing But Trouble 2018-09-05 Cargo
Alter Bridge Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2018-09-07 Napalm
Dream Child Until Death Do We Meet Again 2018-09-14 Frontiers
Ann Wilson Immortal 2018-09-14 BMG
Treat Tunguska 2018-09-14 Frontiers
Groundbreaker Groundbreaker 2018-09-14 Frontiers
The Unity Rise 2018-09-14 SPV
Uriah Heep Living The Dream 2018-09-15 Frontiers
Livesay Chronicles 2018-09-15 RFL
Black Majesty Children Of the Abyss 2018-09-21 Pride & Joy
Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Living The Dream 2018-09-21 Roadrunner
Hardcore Superstar You Can't Kill My Rock N Roll 2018-09-21 Gain


Creye Creye 2018-10-12 Frontiers
Seventh Wonder Tiara 2018-10-12 Frontiers