Release Dates & Events



Michael Bormann Rock Hard 2018-05-05
Jizzy Pearl All You Need Is Soul 2018-05-11 Frontiers
Lords Of Black Icons Of The New Days 2018-05-11 Frontiers
Praying Mantis Gravity 2018-05-11 Frontiers
Vega Only Human 2018-05-11 Frontiers
Jon Butcher Axis Stare At The Sun 2018-05-25 Escape
Mass When 2 World's Collide 2018-05-25 Escape
Imperium Beyond The Stars 2018-05-25 AOR Heaven
Ryan Roxie Imagine Your Reality 2018-05-25 Belly Ache
Millennial Reign The Great Divide 2018-05-25 Ulterium
Don Airey One Of A Kind 2018-05-25 earMusic
Rust N Rage Tales From The Wasteland 2018-05-30 MRR
Rust N Rage Tales From The Wasteland 2018-05-30 MRR
The Senior Management The Senior Management 2018-05-30 MRR


Lipz Scaryman 2018-06-01 SSR
Amanda Somerville’s Trillium Tectonic 2018-06-08 Frontiers
Refuge Solitary Men 2018-06-08 Frontiers
Lizzy Borden My Midnight Things 2018-06-15 Metal Blade
Big City Big City Life 2018-06-22 Roar
The Night Flight Orchestra Sometimes The World Ain't Enough 2018-06-29 Nuclear Blast
Guild Of Ages Rise 2018-06-29 Escape
Dare Out Of The Silence 2 2018-06-29 Legend


Mr. Big Live In Milan + Japan 2017 Official Bootleg 2018-07-05 Victor
Two Of A Kind Rise 2018-07-13 Frontiers
Gioeli Castronovo Set The World On Fire 2018-07-13 Frontiers
Clif Magness Lucky Dog 2018-07-13 Frontiers


King Company Queen Of Hearts 2018-08-10 Frontiers
Airrace Untold Stories 2018-08-10 Frontiers


Black Majesty Children Of the Abyss 2018-09-21 Pride & Joy


Seventh Wonder Tiara 2018-10-12 Frontiers
Creye Creye 2018-10-12 Frontiers