Posted by: Don ()
Date: December 07, 2000 05:05PM

Melodic Lover ( SPAIN) wrote:
Hey DON , KOOGLES , what about the canadian band " WHITE HEAT" !!!!
A few days ago I/ve ordered the remastered cd from this canadian act , I was told that goes pretty much along the lines of
the classic Boulevard cds, and obviously was instantly hooked up !! , is this true !

...Sorry, bud, but I've never heard of it. :-(

The cd is called " Never heard of you either" !!

...The only CD I know of with that title is by Evan and Jaron, and it's "new breed" stuff.

Another cd that/s coming is the Q-WEST - " Dream Zone " CD ,
that it seems to be a real killer album as well , with a killer AOR track called " I don/t wanna break your heart" , their other cd is right there waiting for me in the shelfs , if I enjoy this one , I/ll go for the other which I/ve been told that sadly is not as good as " Dream Zone " , as a good friend told me the other day " IF YOUR WALLET IS BIG , BUY BOTH , IT/S VALUE FOR MONEY " , well I/ve got to say that mine it really ain/t that big but
maybe if i enjoy it that much , I/ll try to do whatever it takes to get the other !!!

...Bummer, I'm 0 for 2, 'cuz I don't know this one either. Sorry! And I know what you mean about wallet size: the only reason mine is big is because of all the bills in it, LOL!!! I am stoked about my latest order, though: the Santers boxed set. It's about time I replaced my vinyl.

The other CD that/s " cuming" is ORPHAN /s " SALUTE YOU" ,
that once again it seems that is a really good album and as happened with Q-WEST , their second effort " LONELY AT NIGHT" actually wasn/t as good as their first ....

...Okay, now I'm getting a complex, dude. I haven't heard of Orphan either. I'm hanging my head in shame...

There/s also a new Canadian AOR act that it seems to be really
nice with the classic hooklines that are a trademark in this kind of music ... it/s already in my want list !!! , the band is called " LOVERING" , have you guys heard anything from them !!

Closest thing I can think of is Loverboy, but, of course, they're not new. Could this be the band you're thinking of. They definitely have hooks!! They're one of Canada's premier AOR/MHR acts.

Hey DON , KOOGLES , did you guys know that some of the members of the band REGATTA are currently in the canadian act VON GROOVE with several cds already in the marketplace !!

...Von Groove ROCKS!!!! This is one band that I enjoy thoroughly. I love everything that they've done. There is just something about their overall sound that I really enjoy. Their self-titled album is especially classic. And I love the recent acoustic album as well. (I'm a sucker for acoustic/unplugged stuff.) It reminds me a lot of Firehouse's "Good Acoustics."

Hey Don , I/ve listened to JONH WETTON/s Battle lines today ,
great album indeed , his voice in songs like " hold me now " , "crime of passion" , is what really always keep me coming back for more !!

...Now you're talkin'!! I know exactly what you're gettin' at, and I agree completely. John Wetton has a voice like an angel, and he really shines on this material.

we are on the the same SHIP , mates !!

...You bet we are. All aboard!!!


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