My MRF3 Weekend
Posted by: GriffonNest ()
Date: October 23, 2013 07:44AM

So, for the past 3 weeks I was pulling myself together to write it (I am a pretty damn lazy person) and... well, I am finally doing it. Besides, what else is there to do at work? :)
First of all, I have to give Mr. Andrew McNeice a special "thank you very much" for organizing this truly great rock marathon and running (that's how my day actually starts, with MR.). I bow deeply before you!

Second of all, ROCK N' ROLL LIVE! At around 8AM on Oct 1 I got home, watched the finale of Breaking Bad and realized that while it wasn't the best weekend of my life, it for sure was one of the most fun and memorable ones.

OK, let's go back further. Sept 27 1AM, Toronto.
Fuck you, Greyhound. Never ever will I again use your services. My whole body from my waist down got numb. Old shitty buses, crappy small seats, and... no Wi-Fi? Really? I wouldn't usually whine about the lack of internet, but it would be nice to have it when you have to kill 10-12 hours of Greyhound.
Anyways, the way there and back was probably the biggest downside of things. Next time I'm flying!

Sept 27 12PM. Chicago.
Oh, the lovely Chicago. You're even better than I imagined. I wish Toronto had a harbor front like that! :P
After conquering the mission to find the iron donut (which I found later, is called Cloud Gate) we were on our way to Holiday Inn for some vodka and peace. After all, what kind of a Russian would I be without the vodka part?

Arriving at around 7PM to Holiday Inn, we had our first few shots and decided we'll stay in as no one could get a decent dream time in... fuck you, Greyhound!
My friend went to smoke a pipe (I'll refer to him as House MD from now on as he kind of looks like Hugh Laurie + the metal hair) and I stayed for another shot with my dad. After a while House stormed back in with some crazy observation: "Our neighbor must be a musician! I heard him playing the acoustic guitar and he's pretty darn good! We should invite him for some vodka."
What a great idea, we thought! Let's do it!
We had another shot.
As soon as House and I stepped out to the hallway I noticed the "do not disturb sign". So much for Houses' genius bulletproof plan. Well, we knocked on our door so my dad would let us in, and, guess what? Our mysterious neighbor opened up his door.


Eric Fucking Martin!
It's quite funny, because we didn't get the Friday tickets and were talking about how awesome it would be to see Eric Martin. And there. Our mysterious neighbor turned out to BE Eric Martin! :)
Double the awesomeness is the fact that I saw him a few months back in Quebec performing with Avantasia. Oh, that man is good. Man's a legend!
That was the first highlight of our trip (aside from the iron donut and... fuck you, Greyhound!).
We had a lovely chat there in the hallway and took some pics.
He did, however, kindly refuse our vodka offer as he had to perform in just a few hours. What a professional!
It was that moment when I realized that, he's a human too. Just like all of us. Just a guy doing what he loves and what he's good at. Much respects!
After about 47 seconds the images were posted to Facebook so my friends could envy me. Mua-haha!

The big day!
We wanted to start our day from "Newman" but House insisted that we go there right away in the morning. He had a very good argument: "Did you come here for some fucking Rock N Roll, or what?!"
13 hours of loud awesome music. I have to be honest, it was a bit tough.
Standing for 13 hours (with some breaks in between) and the loud music. You do get tired, but it was definitely worth it.
The highlights of the day for me were:

Heaven & Earth - I like the band, but never really got into them until MRF3. It was definitely one of the best sets of the festival. And the performance! Wah! Didn't have any expectation and it turned out to be so damn solid! ;) Besides, how can you not love that crazy Hammond player? ;)

W.E.T. - The biggest crowd. Everyone came to see Mr. Jeff Scott Soto? :) Yeah, great performance (obviously) and filled the room with energy. Too bad that the sound could have been so much better!
I've been listening to Soto since the Marching Out! days, so for me it was definitely a WOW moment.

Harem Scarem - Unfortunately I didn't get to see the whole set as we wanted to catch the 1AM shuttle back. But nonetheless, whatever I saw, I fucking loved! Go Toronto! ;)

Respect to all artists, it was a crazy day!
BTW, Is it me or was David Reece a bit... drunk? :) Killer voice, though!

My ears are blowing up from yesterday! No way we're going there until House Of Lords! And no, House MD, I ain't listening to your arguments today.
We went to grab some breakfast and we got to see... well, everyone. WET, Harem Scarem, Heaven & Earth, Newman... all of them, just sitting there eating some omelettes and bagels. That really moved me. Me being there, like a part of a team. What a feeling!
The first highlight came around 5PM when we ran into Mr. Kelly Keeling in the elevator. The first thing he said to us was "hooligans!" while pointing at every individual.
"We are going to jam on the 2nd floor, want to join us?"
And there we were. Hanging out with Kelly Keeling! :)
He jammed White Lightning with Tom Robinson (our shuttle bus driver) - in case if anyone is interested, you can check the video here:

He was very very excited to know that we - Russians - do not drink vodka on rocks. Just straight up. That really rocked his world! ;)

The other highlight is actually meeting Mr. Soto AND riding the shuttle with him. Wow! That's the guy I was listening to since I was... freakin' 4!

This place is filled with cool freakin' people!

Sunday wasn't too extreme. We got to listen to only 4 bands which rocked! And the sound was so much better than on Day 2!
But really, House of Lords and Eclipse took it all the way up to 11!
Again, we didn't get a chance to finish the Eclipse set list but what we've heard was definitely worth the entire trip.

Big kudos and thankses to all the artists in the festival.
We met a very cool guy from Brazil, Pablo, and he said something that I highly agree with; this whole thing reminds me of an oasis, we are in a desert and we came from all around the world to enjoy a common love for melodic rock. There aren't a lot of people listening to this type of music so we got to stay together. And this festival does it just fine. It brings us together.
And it's great. It's wonderful!

I am happy to be a part of it and I'll be even happier knowing that I'll have another chance to experience it over again.
Once again, thank you, Andrew!

I am definitely coming to MRF4! ;)

Some bands I'd LOVE to see as a part of the festival:
Europe (My #1 Fav band of all time)
Place Vendome
Fair Warning and/or Dreamtide
Royal Hunt
Gotthard (R.I.P. Steve!)
Pretty Maids
Danny Vaughn (solo or From the Inside)
Oliver Hartmann
David Readman
Wig Wam/Poodles/Bai Bang (something to put a smile on our faces!)
Brother Firetribe
Last Autumn's Dream

P.S. Andrew, if you need ANY help with anything. I would love to help. Let me know!!!

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