RE: Don, I love Canadian stuff, eh
Posted by: Don ()
Date: December 06, 2000 06:14PM

Hi Tom,

It's good to hear from you. It has, indeed, been a while. I'm glad to see you're posting here, because I lost everyone's email addys when my computer crashed.

"If you want a cdr of Regatta, let me know. It is a good cd."

...I have no idea, Tom. I'll leave it entirely up to you. I don't know what they sound like or if they'd be my cup of tea or not. My tastes are pretty diverse, but it's hard to say since I've never heard any of their stuff. Thanks very much for the kind offer, though.

"I personally love Stan Meissner, Gowan, and especially Kim Mitchell. I thought Kimosabe was a great, really personal album that he put out last year."

...I had pretty much stopped listening to Kim Mitchell until I pulled some of his stuff out of my collection to share with Mats. He's a pretty solid, consistent artist, eh? I also like his sense of humour. As for Stan Meissner, I'm probabaly gonna sound naiive, but I don't know if I have any of his work outside of the Metropolis album, which I adore, btw. Gowan I can take or leave. I have to be in the right mood to listen to his stuff. I'm still having a hard time picturing him singing Styx material.

"What about Wall of Silence, The Works, Brian Hughes, Korea,"

...Okay, you lost me here. I don't know any of these artists. Sorry. :-(

"Matthew Good Band, Brighton Rock, Coney Hatch... My list goes on for Canuck stuff."

...Well, MGB I can live without. They just don't do all that much for me. When it comes to Canada's newer artists, I much prefer some of our other ones (Moist, Great Big Sea, Our Lady Peace, Tea Party, etc.). I am NUTS about Brighton Rock, and the same goes for Coney Hatch, Santers, Killer Dwarfs, Rush, Triumph, Harem Scarem, Prism, Von Groove, and quite a few others. I'm also very fond of Helix, April Wine, Lee Aaron, Streetheart, Ray Lyell, Loverboy, Headpins, KickAxe, Haywire, Honeymoon Suite, Sheriff, Alias, Boulevard, Hanover Fist (was this ever released on CD?!) and a host of others.

"And hockey is by far the greatest sport on earth even though my Blackhawks suck!!"

...Ya know, I used to quite like the Blackhawks (I associate the team with greats like Hull and my childhood hero, Tony Esposito). And then back in the '90s, the Canucks faced them in the playoffs. Not only did Vancouver lose, but that series was the most boring playoff hockey I have ever watched. I hadn't realized just how defensive Chicago's play had been until that series. I have loathed the team ever since. Weird, 'cuz it's not like me to harbour a grudge, normally. But yeah, I love th game too. I've always cheered for our home team, Vancouver, even though they've rarely given me much to cheer about. I can't, for the life of me, imagine what it would be like to go to a game and route for the visiting team (unless, of course, you have ties in that other community). It'd be like cheering for the enemy during a war. The whole concept of "I hope the other guys beat our guys really badly!" is totally foreign to me. For me, I've gotta stand by our home team, no matter what they're playing like. I'm also fond of Toronto (Hi Koogles!), Ottawa, and Philly (since back in the good ole days when they were the Broad Street Bullies). I must say, though, that as much as I love watching hockey, I much prefer playing it. I've played ball hockey all my life (in fact, I just got home from a game), but this year I started playing ice hockey again on a regular basis. There's something totally addictive about having grown men firing that hard rubber disc at you at incredible speeds. It's such a rush! I especially enjoy giving 'em just a little bit of extra room on the glove side, and then taking it away. Shooters can rarely resist going for it. Anyways, back to music How 'bout that Bryan Adams?!...

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