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Date: April 05, 2013 10:48PM


First of all, Andrew does not favor me in any manner whatsoever. I can read people very well and I am about 70% positive that Andrew doesn't even like me! I brought that on myself by oversaturating his board with my silly behavior. Like you said, it became weird and not that funny at some point.

So why do I defend a person that probably doesn't even like me? Because I am a passionate person about doing what is right. In no Universe is it ok for people to come to a man's website and berate him on his own noticeboard. It pisses me off that people think that's ok. If you don't like Andrew or his website then stay the fuck off of it. It's really very simple.

After seeing what happened yesterday, I knew a lot of people would be all over him for kicking out the most popular poster of the board. Not that he needs my help in any way, but he wasn't posting yet and the insults were flying high. I jumped in and tried to mediate/field the comments. It's just my nature man, sorry that it bothered you so much.

I am not trying to suck his dick, kiss his ass, gain brownie points or get leverage so he won't delete my threads.

My personal plight with Andrew about my threads is a work in progress and I am still trying to figure out what will be allowed and what will not be allowed. To say that he favors me is beyond ridiculous. If you have really been paying attention, I get deleted more than anybody else on the board. I assume the reason he lets me hang around is because I am not an asshole and disrespectful to him. I am truly in awe of this website and that's a fact. Even though he isn't a "Can Fan", I am sure he knows my intentions are true.


The older I get, the older I become...

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