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Date: April 05, 2013 10:27PM

Captain Can Man Wrote:

> Duncan
> I come to this website and I see that it is well
> constructed, easy to read, well organized, and
> interesting colors.
> What is your problem with the website the way it
> is right now that is driving you crazy to the
> point that Andrew is having to take so much crap.
> Are you wanting to click on the front page and a
> line of chorus girls comes dancing across singing
> "There's No Business Like Show Business?"
> What is the heck do you want Andrew to do to this
> website that he hasn't already done. It looks
> great as is! I see no need for any improvements.
> So you gave him some money... he deserves money
> for the hours and hours of enjoyment that he has
> given us all over many years. Give him some more
> if you have it to spare. Andrew has never done
> anything to make any of us believe that he is a
> shady person.

The point is over missed it by a mile !

Andrew asked for the money to improve the site, Duncan didn't chuck him a couple of quid and ask him to improve it.

I don't know how much was raised, I didn't give a lot, just what I could afford at the time (not that the amount that was given is relevant anyway).

The point was, the money was asked for, it was given in good faith and then there was no outcome, which was what Duncan was questioning in a polite manner from where I was sitting. He accused no one of misappropriating funds, just pointed out that 3 years was a reasonable amount of time to build a new website.

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