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Posted by: jamesrock ()
Date: April 05, 2013 11:40AM

The problem is that if you try and micro manage all the pieces of the jigsaw that don't fit a picture out you end up with a very boring picture.

How many regular, daily posters are there in this board? 20-30? It isnt many. Yes there are thousands that stop by to read but if we add up the regular hard core posters it ain't many and so whilst his views weren't compatible with most on here with the loss of Rocknut we have lost one of our own.

Perhaps a simple apology to Andrew may have solved it but I suspect he's not the apologising type of guy and so that's his fault but his knowledge of music, his ability to see through hype and bullshit and his down to earth approach will be missed by me.
Again, similar to Tony M, I'm English and can possibly identify with where he is coming from than those if you from across the pond.

Having said that I am currently across the pond in a hotel lobby at Universal Studios on holiday and during my last few days at the parks of Orlando I have seen enough strange and rude behaviour to begin to see where Steve's attitude comes from. Shocking.

To paraphrase my Orlando experience into these few words:

1. Move out of the frickin' way!!!!!
2. Watch where you are going!!!!!!
3. Stop eating!!!!!!!!!
4. Just a polite 'thanks' would be enough.

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