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Posted by: Kauna ()
Date: January 20, 2013 05:27PM

I just finished Peter's book and I enjoyed the read, however lots of it really comes off as sour grapes. You may notice this as you get through the middle and the end of the book. I discussed this with a fellow KISS fan who also read the book.

I understand Gene and Paul must have been hell to work with, but it was Gene and Paul with the vision, and they were the ones that kept it going when Ace and Peter were too drunk and high to even know what planet they were on. If I was in the most successful band in the planet at the time, and two of my band mates were fucking it all up....I'd be getting on their ass too! He came clean on his drinking and drugs, but he never seemed to understand why the others didn't trust him.

He admitted that he was known as "The Complainer" of the band, and boy did it ever come through in the book. After he quit the band originally he still got 25% of everything they made for years after that. Then flash forward to 1996, he was getting paid $40,000 per show on the reunion tour. $40,000 for two hours work. Instead of being happy and saving all this new money (he was pretty well broke again by 1996), all he did was bitch that he wasn't getting what the others were getting. When Ace came clean he was getting $50,000 per show he lost it.

I'm sorry, but if I fucked up my life and quit my job....I'd be thankful that they were still paying me millions. On top of that if my old employers forgave me and wanted to give me $40,000 for two hours of work every night???? I'd be bloody grateful! I could care less if Gene and Paul were getting 10X that. But, all he does is bitch about Gene and Paul through the entire book. He was always the victim. Gene and Paul are without a doubt two pricks, but he needed to look in the mirror to see the source of his problems.

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