ARTIST/BANDS! - the things you do that annoy people in the music industry
Posted by: MSL ()
Date: December 19, 2012 11:07PM

Spotted this on Twitter..

"Biting the hand that feeds? More like deafening the ears that listen.

Dear Artists,

I love you all. I dearly do. You do something that is truly beautiful; you make music. You create lyrics wrapped in metaphors and similes that paint pictures within my over-active imagination. You produce melodies and harmonies of tones and keys, sometimes con brio yet other times melancholic and sombre that can elevate feelings of upmost joy or supress emotions of downright dejection.

But blimey, sometimes you don’t half annoy me.

I’ve asked a few of my industry chums from all different areas of the music business to tell me the things that artists do which annoy them the most. I’ve collated them here, chucked in a couple of my own and presented them to you, the great musicians of this world, to read, digest and hopefully influence your future actions.

Chances are you’re probably guilty of at least one thing mentioned below, but let us not forget the mantra of ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ so don’t beat yourself up about it. Although saying that, feel free to beat yourself up somewhat if you’ve done all of them and even after reading this will go on about doing it even more.

The contributors to this post are the people you need on your side. Keep them happy and they’ll help you, play you, push your music, talk about you etc. Annoy them and unless your music is perfect in their opinion* then they’ll push you aside and help someone else who won’t drive them to Echinacea/Heroin.

*chances are your music won’t be perfect to them as they’ll all be ‘too cool’ for current music and only like artists who are either dead, split up or are so obscure even they themselves are unsure if said artist ever actually existed/exists.

So, I’ll kick off shall I?

Artists who fail to apply self-censorship

I know you believe in your music and it should be no other way, but every so often you need to step back and think “Are we actually right for this?” My gripe here comes mainly from artists submitting tracks for the various synchronisation briefs we send out as a company. For example; a couple of weeks ago we sent out two briefs on the same day, one of which requesting a track that sounded like ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk (which you can listen to here) and one which requested a track that sounded like ‘Goodbye Mr A’ by The Hoosiers (which you can listen to here). I humbly asked for the artists to submit tracks they felt ‘worked’ for either brief and received a song from a certain artist X stating: “I wish to have this track considered for both the Daft Punk and The Hoosiers briefs”.

Needless to say it didn’t sound like The Hoosiers, nor Daft Punk, nor a bizarre hybrid of the two. HooPunk or whatever you will.

Basically, please don’t send me what I haven’t asked for. There are examples of other artist sending in the SAME SONG for any brief we sent out over a 12 month period until one day he inexplicably gave up. Great for us, but come to think of it a worryingly sudden change of character; I should send someone around to see if there are loads of milk bottles outside his front door.

Artists who don’t read an email/message/general correspondence thoroughly before replying

This usually results in them asking a question which has already been answered in the previous message. With me being kind, patient and proud owner of a Mother Teresa-esq personality; I cannot bring myself to simply write ‘see original message’ because let’s be honest; that’s a bit of an arse thing to do. So I find myself answering it again but worded differently as if to fool my conscious that I’m not actually wasting my time.

Artists who, for some INEXPLICABLE reason, don’t use the BCC field when emailing a number of people

Attention people who do this: WE’RE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. COME ON NOW, THAT’S ENOUGH. Apologies for the shout there, but nearly every single contributor to this blog had this as one of their gripes. If you don’t know what BCC and CC is when it comes to emails then read here.

Every time an email gets sent out to the masses and my name is on the CC list I die a little inside. Because I know that on the same list will be someone who’ll hi-jack all the addresses and add it to their mailing list and so on and so forth until I’m so inundated with emails I never asked for that I consider (insert something inappropriate here).

So they’re my three! Now for some others…"

Sean Adams – Editor of who bravely didn’t care about anonymity

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