Bands that look COOL....
Posted by: Kris ()
Date: November 29, 2000 03:55PM

There are alot of posts on the Gregg Giuffria post that are so annoying that I wanted to post something similiar to the discussion. ~~ What is the last band that has come out that looks cool, and I mean the whole band? I can't even think of one off the top of my full head of hair. To me, looks DO matter, why? well, I like an image of a band AND the music to be great, such as the band House Of Lords, to me, the whole band looked cool and sounded great. The band XYZ, another cool looking band, and what I mean by cool and that the band had hair, dressed in a rocker sort of way and wore dress shirts at times and generally cared about thier appearance. Why you ask does this matter? Well I believe it affects the music you put out, not before you start gagging, think about it. Poison, when they started out, they looked cool, had an image, chicks loved it! every single CD that came after they lost a little bit of thier 'Look', and each CD became increasingly worse. Cinderella...same story. ~~ Def Leppard, when they started out, they looked normal, jeans, T-shirt....boring!...'Hysteria comes out...Joe is styling his hair, Steve Clark is wearing a dress shirt and looks very cool, Rick Savage has a cool look.....Boom , Great CD!! ~~ Great White, this band barely has a pulse in the music world....Michael Lardie joins the band, has a cool look, Jack Russell, puts down the donuts and cares about what he looks like and ...Boom....'Once Bitten..Great CD! ~~ I can go on and on, and I know most don't want me too, but looks affect the music. I'm 31, I still have long hair, I still wear clothes that fit and have a style, so what if its' the year 2000 as I've seen in some posts...what the hell does that matter? A cool look is a cool look...period. ~~ I miss the days of bands that CARE about what they look like....anyone seen the latest pics from the Gods? Damn.............Ted Poley is the coolest looking one thier and that's a stretch, everyone looks boring, I like alot of the artists that were at the show, I wish I could have attended, but the normal look is boring. I'm not saying that bands should be wearing Spandex...I hated that crap too, I'm saying that the way Dokken looked on the 'Back For The Attack' tour or Steelheart look is cool. ~~ Now all of this is obviously an opinion, but to see posts about hair extensions, bands in the 'early 80's were cool but it became ridiculous are just annoying, the 87-90 look was by far the Epic time for this Genre of music, is content AND Looks................just look at your CD collection, you'll see I'm right.

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