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Date: December 07, 2012 11:49AM

"Boys in Heat" is my favorite. Remember thinking at the time they came out that Dizzy was a Tom Kiefer knock-off (not to mention both from Philly) and I'm not really into that vocal style anymore, so most of the first 2 albums sound dated to me now. However, some of those songs off the 2nd where he sings more natural hold up surprisingly well. "Dream On", "Long Way From Home", "Long Road"...can still listen to those guilt free lol I could even imagine "Long Way From Home" getting played on some modern rock stations if the timing had been better, so I guess you could almost (...almost) say they were ahead of their time in some sense, but then they would have had to change their name by then to have any shot at radio play, of course.

Never checked out the 3rd album. Anyone know the story of what happened between Dizzy and Britny Fox? I was still a kid when he left and was still pretty loyal to singers, usually choosing them over the band if there was a split (I chose Vince over Motley, teens are funny like that) lol Plus I didn't really have the kind of cash at the time to be taking chances on bands where I hadn't heard any songs on the record, and Britny weren't really getting played on MTV anymore, so...yeah, never checked out "Bite Down Hard". So anyone know the story? I don't remember Metal Edge (yes Edge, not Sluge...ahhh the good old days) saying anything about it. I asked Dizzy on his Myspace a few years ago and never heard back. Was it ugly?

As for Blackeyed Susan, never checked them out either (despite what I just said about being loyal to singers lol), since...again...I was a kid without much cash. And this was before the days like now when I could check out a band on the Net and then decide to buy. Kind of tempted to check them out now, if anyone has any Youtube links maybe?

Its funny though, I did actually see one of their CDs at a Christian bookstore. This was right after I'd gotten into Christian music, around late '92, high school sophomore. Said "featuring Dizzy Dean Davidson". I was like "Dizzy from Britny Fox? He's doing Christian music now?" lol Anyone know the story on that?

Please pardon the big post and all the questions lol I may not post a lot, but when I do, I make them count (usually as the topic gasps its last breath) ;-)

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