Re: New Aerosmith...My take
Posted by: nobycane ()
Date: November 11, 2012 11:53PM

This album is a certainly a tough nut to crack, I went ahead and purchased the deluxe version with the 3-song bonus track cd and the dvd extras. I was impressed with the packaging overall...especially the price.

However, the album overall... oh boy.

Aerosmith has certainly had its ups and downs with releases over the last 20+ years.I remember picking up "Done with Mirrors" back in 1985 on cassette...especially after a cousin of mine gave me a bunch of old Aerosmith records - and was disappointed. Then "Permanent Vacation" came along and everything was alright...Aerosmith was back on top.

Many people claim that Aerosmith started losing their sound and essence right around "Get A Grip" / "Nine Lives". Well, "G.A.G" was certainly commercialize in all spectrum' was 1993, they had too - and it paid off, even though it was a little too heavy on the softer side with ballads.

A lot indicated that "Nine Lives" was it, and they went down hill from there, and eventually bottomed out with "Just Push Play". I agree partially here... I thought "N.L." wasn't too bad, I thought it pretty good, a lot of great tracks. Even the bonus / b-sides were relatively good too. Plus, coming off the great Armageddon soundtrack thing in 1996/ wasn't all that bad considering the state of the music and genre going to hell in a handbasket around that time.
BUT, it was a disaster with "Just Push Play".... that sucked, and I feel bringing in Frederiksen & Hudson really tanked the whole album and vibe.

Now comes "Music From Another Dimension" here in 2012.
I just cannot wrap my head and connect to this sounds like a cluster f**k of tunes with no purpose, feeling and flow what so ever.
Out of 18 songs (this is including the deluxe version)..... there is about 9-10 that are worth even listening to. The rest are fillers, and not even worthy of b-sides IMO. I'm sorry but Jack Douglas has lost his touch in producing, or he was outvoted by the Toxic-Twins on this album because its a train wreck. We hear Jack Douglas and Aerosmith saying they are pulling material from the vaults to coat them with a fresh coat of paint - where? From the Just Push Play shelf?
And I swear to god that if I hear another Frederiksen penned-track or another bloody Diane Warren penned track by these guys I am going to puke.

Like I said, 9 - 10 out of 18 tracks are worthy for this album...the rest are junk, throw aways IMO. There were a lot more better tracks in the vault that could have been selected and reworked to make a better album that would have put them back on top in the vein of Rocks or Toys with Vacation flavor.... they band dropped the ball "again" on this one and it is going to sit on my shelf right next to "Just Push Play" and be long forgotten about.

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