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Posted by: mark kennedy ()
Date: November 27, 2000 08:50PM

Thought some of you might find this interesting, found this on alt.rocknroll.ufo (I
think), sounds like the sad end of a great band. I know there's a few people from
Manchester on the board, was anyone there ?


Just arrived back in Nottingham meself having witnessed the Manchester debacle. At first I thought it was Phil who was the most pissed (especially when he introduced Miss the Lights as 'Mish the Lights'), but Michael soon put paid to that idea. I noticed that there were some words written on his forehead ('Spike did this' I think) with an arrow pointing to a black eye (his left one). Michael proceeded to hit his forehead on his microphone, then Phil managed to hit himself while attempting to swing his mic on its lead. Then he made a remark about one of the roadies playing extra guitar, and I thought uh-oh, who do you think you are, Graham Bonnet? Phil also wound Michael up by standing right next to him and staring at him during a couple of solos. The second time this happened Michael barged passed him and seemed to shout 'fuck off' angrily at his back, before finishing the solo centre stage.

Michael seemed to be affected more and more by the drink as the show went on and was swaying from side to side at times. Pete had his work cut out standing between Michael and Phil and physically stopped Michael from going over to
Phil several times. Pete being Pete however, he couldn't remain in one spot for too long and we were 'treated' to the sight of Michael walking into Phil and pushing him backwards with his chest, going down on his knees next to him and
giving him the finger, following him round exhorting him to take his guitar, and the already infamous 'this guy sucks' (into the main mic while gesturing at Phil) and 'I suck too' (into his own microphone). There were other less audible
comments made when Michael interrupted Phil on another occasion.

To his credit Phil didn't rise to the bait, although he was obviously rattled, forgetting his lines on one occasion ('I fucked up!') and declaring 'you weren't expecting a normal gig were you?' to the audience. Michael's playing was
frankly embarassing and it really upset me to see him in this state. The audience's reaction was predictable, with a lot of booing, but while all this mayhem was going on a large section of the audience started a 'Schenker, Schenker' chant, which lasted for some time. Work that one out.

After Rock Bottom the band left the stage and Michael staggered briefly back to the microphone to say 'thanks for the booze' (cue more booing). After he'd left the crowd went more or less totally silent. There were no calls for encores and
it was no surprise when the house lights came up. I waited around in the foyer for a while and could hardly believe it when a security guy said that Michael would still be doing a signing session. A couple of minutes later, however, he
announced that Michael's 'advisor's' had stopped him doing it because he was too drunk.

If this is the effect that UFO has on Michael Schenker then I would suggest that he leaves immediately before any further damage is done to both his and UFO's reputation. Oh well, fingers crossed that they kiss and make up. Stranger
things have happened!


mark kennedy

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