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Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: May 06, 2000 04:57PM


You really have some good points there man. I hope you're right.....for my sorry ass sake! LOL! On the bonus track don't get me started.....I hate that idea totally! But, most Japanese labels will not release your product unless you do it. It's a very visible line in my contract as well. I've been told that they pay more for their Cd's and that is one of the reasons they get bonus tracks. I'm a firm believer of "10 songs is enough." And I find myself tiring of an album no matter how good it is if it has more. These bands with 14 tunes just give you filler stuff sometimes. I try to give 10 quality songs without fillers, and nothing from my last album that didn't make the grade will go on my new one. Leaving the number at 10 gives the listener just enough to be curious about what will happen on the next one. So what I will try to do this year as to not upset my Japanese, Euro or US friends is I will attempt to give everyone different bonus tracks in hopes they will have to buy 3 different albums....hahaha...just kidding, but seriously, that thought HAS crossed my mind, but not to make any more money. I just want to please those that feel "why are they so special?" I can't tell you how many mails I've gotten regarding this subject!

That lil love ballad I did on my Japanese version got allot of my fans upset with me for NOT putting it on the other releases. I really didn't think anyone would go for a Richard Marx type song, but the Japanese seem so much more understanding with versatility, I knew there wouldn't be any bashing going on. So I'll most likely put that song on my next UK/US release along with a few that WON'T be on the Japnanese release. But that all depends on how the songwriting goes and if the album is consistant sounding. Some of the AOR fans are a tough crowd, and this being my sophomore album, it's important to make the right decisions. So if things go as I hope they will, we very well may see bonus tracks on the US/UK version, but that will still leave those buyers wondering what songs are on the Japanese copy and that brings us right back to your why did I type this...hahaha....we're right back where we started in a sense, but at least everyone will have some sort of "bonus" and I think it's only fair. If I have to do bonus tracks for Japan, I might as well give everyone else a lil something too. What do you think? Peace....

Danny Danzi

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