RE: the resurgence of rock
Posted by: Kevin ()
Date: November 21, 2000 10:34AM

sfk kurt wrote:

Mrpool wrote:
>companies will support rock once again. 3 Doors Down was a good start.

There are a gazillion bands now and radio is playing them but the MTV crowd is still hanging on Eminum and Limp Bizkit. Neve...Marv 3...SR-71...Nine Days...Evan And Jaron...the list is endless.

what I see that is happening is in years past you had the metal bands, the rock bands and then the pop bands. At the moment, you either have the new wave metal bands (Kid Rock, Korn, Limp Bizcuit, and going into the rap acts) and then you have all the pop/boy bands (Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc), but very little in the middle. Bands like Matchbox 20, Marv 3, SR-71, 3 Doors Down and the like are picking up a little of the market, but the mainstream is just beginning to accept them but the majority are going un-noticed and slipping through the cracks.
Something is going to happen soon because rock draws such a HUGE market when promoted correctly and the younger people don't remember much of grunge and are turning to the rap/metal acts at the moment for something to call their own, but you have a huge part of the population that doesn't really like rap-metal, but isn't too crazy over the teen pop scene either and those are the ones searching for a style to identify with. I don't know whether it will be the current crop of bands or something totally new but the current situation can't and won't last forever. Then, you have to count the huge number of rock releases by name bands (Journey, Boston, Van Halen, etc....) all scheduled for next spring. Bon Jovi has already picked up on a bit of the rock-starved market and it's only a matter of time to see what the next big thing is. If you listen, 3 Doors Down's "Kryptonite" isn't a million miles away from the rock we know and love.

>3. Country is headed for a brick wall. I see country music headed for the same
>problems that drove metal/rock downhill in the late eighties. Lot of the
>production, sound, artists, etc... are all starting to sound the same & seem
>recycled...not to mention lack of originality. ....

I totally love the new country as to me, it has everything we loved about 80s AOR (not stuff like Ratt, I'm talking AOR) and brought it forward. I just picked up the Keith Urban disc...sounds great! Could have been produced by Mutt or Dann Huff...same sound...a male Shania.

Country seems to be where a lot of the AOR fans went when grunge took over. They didn't like grunge, rap-metal or teen pop...and country was the only mainstream option left--and the genre is changing to meet the taste of these new listeners who didn't particularily care for "old style country".

But you make some good points...I just don't get how rap keeps going and going and going. The boy band stuff makes sense as
the little girls always need their pretty boys, and we've had boy bands forever...Osmonds, Jackson 5, New Kids, Nsync...different
times but the sound is the same.

well, I see the rap acts picking up the same audience that Metallica and Iron Maiden and the rest of the heavy metal bands would have picked up 15 years ago. The listeners want agression and they want power and both types of music (heavy metal and rap) offer that. The difference is that rap is being promoted as being "cool" and metal is not so the kids flock to Korn/Limp Bizcuit/Kid Rock instead of Metallica/Iron Maiden. As you said, different times but the sound is the same, just in a modern package--same with the boy bands.


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