RE: Let me get this straight...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: November 22, 2000 05:41PM

"What I'm advocating is a CONCENTRATION on certain bands that don't get a lot of attention elsewhere. You can turn on MTV and watch SR-71 or Sum 41 or whatever.. but are you going to see House of Shakira rocking out between videos by Ten and Two Fires?? Hell, no! That's why I say leave the Top 40 to the outlets that specialize in that stuff"

...So the bands that we are "allowed" to discuss on here are the ones that aren't popular enough to be making today's Top 40 (but the Top 40 of 1970-1993 is okay)? They have to be the bands that MTV won't play? God help us if Journey has a hit single that gets heavy MTV rotation!! (Maybe it's a good thing that "Remember Me" didn't become a smash, LOL) Or what if Motley Crue's next album has a sound and/or spawns a single that mixes some of their new influences in with some of their old punk influences? It could wind up sounding suspiciously like Marvelous 3. In your other response to my other post you seem to suggest that we should focus on those artists that Andrew advocates and discusses on the various different segments of this website. Do you think that Andrew only wishes for us to discuss those artists whom he deems "pure" or worthwhile? And what if, God forbid, Andrew one day makes mention of an artist which doesn't pass your "purity test?" Like Rubber, for example, who, despite their past life as Harem Scarem, sound every bit as far removed from your vision of pure AOR as SR-71 do (further actually). Are you going to take issue with Andrew then? What's your reaction gonna be when you discover that Rick Springfield's name rears it's head on a regular basis around these parts? Or when you discover that Andrew is a big R.S. fan (along with a large number of other board posters)? Will it be okay with you to see news, reviews, and posts about him, despite the fact that his music always leaned much closer to pop than "pure" AOR (a la Foreigner, Survivor, Journey, etc.)?

"and let's zero in and keep this site a pure authority on melodic rock"

...So I ask again, are you volunteering for the job of being the "Pure Police?" Do you think that most this board's visitors want that? Do you think it bothers most of the board's other posters that bands which may, perhaps, fall outside the mould are, at times mentioned and/or discussed? To be honest, I cannot ever recall seeing anyone else complain about such posts. And that's the truth. On the other hand, it's not at all uncommon for a number of posters to join in on a thread about a band that isn't "pure AOR/MHR." Look at it this way: "Non-pure" artists' names have been rearing their heads on this board since its inception. Are we all to stop mentioning them so as not to disturb you? Is that what you want? Koogster, I'm not suggesting that we begin to hold regular discussions on the musical merits of Mel Tillis and Barry Manilow. But as someone who's been here a while, I'm just wondering whether or not I (we?) can expect to see you get your nads in a knot every time something that you don't consider to be "pure enough" gets mentioned (like in the thread about Christmas music). Can we?
A somewhat curious,

P.S. - Koogles, it has become evident to me that this discussion between us is beginning to look somewhat like a flame war. This is due largely to the fact that it is impossible to know what someone's "tone of voice" was when reading his/her words. Although I have found the whole thing to be rather interesting, amusing, and enjoyable, I believe I'm gonna let it lie. In my three years here, I have gone out of my way to avoid conflict and flame wars. Rather, have posted repeatedly that I feel that taste in music is very much like taste in food. It's a very personal thing, and nobody should ever feel shame, embarrassment, or that they have to apologize for his/her taste in music. (Can you imagine feeling that way about liking hamburgers, or pizza, or seafood? "I'm so embarrassed. I hope that my friends don't find out that I really like roast beef." IMO, music is the same, even if it means that you dig Yanni, or have all of Andy Gibb's albums, or that you're a card-carrying member of the Village People's fan club.)

In closing, let me say that I admire and respect your enthusiasm for and dedication to "pure AOR/MHR" artists, and your desire to be a part of a forum where such artists are discussed. And I still don't feel that we are miles apart in our views, because I too am dedicated to those bands and I also derive tremendous enjoyment out of coming here and discussing them. (I also think you must have concrete cahonies to try, as a relative newcomer to a site, to dictate what everyone should or shouldn't be discussing!) I just hope that you're not gonna become too disturbed WHEN (not "if") you see "non-pure" artists' names rear their heads...'cuz they most assuredly will. Over and out...

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