RE: Hi Hot Stuff!! ...It's me, Luke Warm
Posted by: Don ()
Date: November 22, 2000 01:15PM

"Sure- let's allow every form of rock into this message board. Open the flood gates of punk, ska, rap-metal, modern, death metal,
black metal, doom, thrash, garage, industrial, alternative, gothic, glam, progressive, pomp, AOR, country-rock, MOR, classic and-
ah, what the hell- throw a little Frank Zappa in for good measure. Would you enjoy sifting through all those posts?"

...Well, I don't know how long you've been coming here, but many of those genres have been brought up in the time that I've been here.

"Not unlike sifting through all the mediocrity at the record store just to get to what you like, huh?"

...Actually, personally speaking, any time I set foot in a music store, I'm like an kid in a candy shop. I love "sifting through" the variety of stuff.

"You guys who are flying and waving the
same flag for bands like Eve 6 and Matchbox 20 etc. are the reason groups like Danger Danger lost their major label deals, can't
be found in North American record stores without a special order form and all but disappeared from MTV. You guys are totally
hedging your bets- as if to say "we like those old bands, but we hide behind the modern rock of today because it's 2000 not
1988." My thought is this: maybe you never really liked those old bands in the first place for their musical merits. Maybe you only
liked them because you were following a trend."

...I'm having a hard time deciding whether this comment is more full of pomposity or B.S. It's so ridiculous that it's laughable. You sound as though you're the only person in existance who has put any energy or resources into waving the flag of "old school" MHR. Is that how you feel? Well, let me let you in on a little secret...
You're not alone. You never have been. There are more people than you realize who have never given up on, turned their backs on, or lost interest in "your" kind of music. Most of the posters who visit this board fall under that category. I don't hide behind modern rock. I listen to it right alongside my King Kobra, Icon, Danger Danger, Savannah, and Hugo CDs (at a ratio of about 1:5 in favor of "your" stuff).

"I stuck with AOR through thick and thin. Back in 1994, when it was grunge down
one street and up the other, I was buying Shotgun Symphony albums."

...Once again, you're not alone. Be assured of that. Because some of us buy and dig Collective Soul doesn't mean that we're passing up on the latest Von Groove or Two Fires album. Back in the heyday of "our" music, didn't you ever add anything to your collection that didn't qualify as AOR/MHR?! I do not believe that you can possibly be that one-dimensional, so I'm assuming you did. When did it stop being alright to do so? And how far removed from "your" music do you think that "the new breed" is?

As far as commercial radio fodder is concerned, I am
aware that tag was attached to many of the bands like Journey, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger etc. and presumably used by thrash or
punk fans who felt alienated by what was on the radio over a decade ago. I liked 99% of what was on rock radio in the 1980's

...So "commercial radio fodder" is okay, as long as it has that '80s sound?

"Now I use the term
"commercial radio tripe" to describe the SR-71, Eve 6, Blink 182 and other alpha-numerically named, Green Day clones because I
am one of those people who feels alienated from rock radio just like Joe Slayer Fan did back in 1988."

...Do they really sound all that different to you? You can't hear any similarities? If it has balls, catchy melodies, cool harmonies, big choruses, and a fun vibe (like SR-71), why would you feel alienated?!

"that's why I am on this board- to celebrate the past, present and future of melodic hard rock/metal."

...Join the club. You're not alone. (Where have I heard that before? LOL)

"So what do I do? I find a
cool message board on seemingly a safe refuge from the three-chord power punk that is saturating my radio
and TV dial- and what happens? I get people trying to sell me on the same bands that I came here to escape."

...You sound as if you feel that I was trying to talk you, personally, into buying this album. Well, for the record, you can be assured that I wasn't. My initial post (the one that started this whole thing) was basically just meant to be a celebration of the fact that in SR-71 I heard "balls, catchy melodies, cool harmonies, big choruses, and a fun vibe." That's all. You really give the impression that since you've discovered this board, you'd like us to okay the bands we post about with you. Sorry to disappoint you, but I for one don't think it's gonna happen, my friend.

"Journeying into real music..."

...Do you know what came to my mind when I read that? "There's that pompous attitude again." I don't know what you wanted to sound like, but to me you came across as being the judge whose job it is to decide whether or not artists have merit. That's a scary thought, dontcha think?

Anyways, when all is said and done, I still think that we're more similar than we are different in both our tastes and our attitudes. But I also think that you have over-reacted to the fact that on this board we sometimes discuss bands that aren't quite as "pure" in terms of their placement in the whole AOR/MHR spectrum as you'd personally like. I'm sorry if that's the case, but it's not like those posts are taking over the board. And if they bug you, well, in my mind they'd be really easy to ignore. No?

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