RE: Koogles, in a sense it all boils down to...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: November 21, 2000 09:51AM

...different strokes. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know what you're saying. No, SR-71, Marvelous 3, Eve 6, etc. are not as closely tied to most of what is considered as "classic" AOR/MHR as the bands you mentioned (although, to these ears, they're a lot closer to the sounds of certain bands such as Motley Crue than Ten or Magnum or whatever are). But to suggest that they have no place on this board is, IMO, somewhat narrow-minded. Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to start a flame war here. In truth, I suspect that our opinions are not too far apart. All I'm trying to point out is that classic AOR/MHR (the stuff that unquestionably "belongs" on this board, the stuff that isn't going to ruffle the feathers of the "board police") REALLY varies in terms of its overall sound. I mean, what do Asia have in common with Motley Crue? How much like Journey is Skid Row? What similarities exist between Richard Marx and Guns n Roses? The answer to all of these questions is "very little, almost nothing, nada." Some of these bands were at least as influenced by punk music (if not more) as they were by AOR. Yet, no one disputes their place on this AOR/MHR discussion board. And the punk music they were influenced by is a lot further removed from AOR/MHR than mainstream acts like Green Day (whom, btw, I've seen referred to as a "90s version of Poison").

I'm in my early '30s right now. I was raised on the likes of Journey, Loverboy, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, etc. And ya know, back in those bands' glory days, there were definitely many folks out there who argued that they were nothing but "power pop" bands. (Journey in particular were, associated with limp wrists and a lack of balls!! They're currently among my 3 all-time fave bands, along with Kiss and Judas Priest.) I remember the arguments that raged about whether or not Bon Jovi or Poison or Winger or Warrent or Ratt etc. belonged in "metal" magazines. The trouble comes with the labels. One person's idea of metal or AOR or MHR can differ tremendously from another person's. That's why, IMO, labels are really of very little use. They paint extremely vague pictures of what bands actually sound like. This is why when I am "researching" a new artist, I always try to obtain information about what they sound like. It is most helpful to me to hear comparisons so that I can get a picture in my mind of where a band fits into the spectrum. See, to my mother, who's almost 70 years old, and my in-laws, and my brother and sister-in-law, Bon Jovi sounds utterly obnoxious. They'd all unquestionably consider BJ to be a heavy metal band. Yet, to friends of mine, even bands that are significantly heavier than Bon Jovi would not qualify as metal. So who's right? More importantly, whose job is it to decide who is right? It's nobody's job. Nobody is qualified to do so. We all get to decide for ourselves what we conisider to be power pop or metal or MHR or AOR or whatever. We all get to form our own picture in our mind of what bands fall under what labels or categories. That's where the confusion comes in.

The way I see it, this board exists for fans of music that is melodic, yet has an edge to it. We come here to discuss our thoughts on such bands and related topics. IMO, if it can support discussions on bands like the Eagles, Shania Twain, Chicago, etc., it can surely support some discussion of the "new revolution" of music with an edge (ie., Marvelous 3, SR-71, etc.). And there's absolutely no need for the "Board Police" to get uptight. If they (or you) don't feel that SR-71 fit into their/your picture of AOR/MHR, then I would respectfully recommend that they/you just don't read those comments. (Again, if you could hear my tone, I'm not trying to sound "snippy." I'm not taking a shot at you.) I just think that this can easily be solved. If you find people's praise/enjoyment/discussion of these bands to be upsetting, if you feel that discussion of certain bands does not belong on this board, then you can avoid upset by simply ignoring it. But, as a person who HIGHLY RECOMMENDS keeping an open mind in terms of music (because it's like food, there's soooo much good stuff out there and life is a smorgasbord!), I would recommend that you give some of the new generation bands a fair listen.

In closing, at this particular moment, SR-71's "What a Mess" is blasting out of my speakers. To these ears, it just sounds like a really catchy, melodic, hook-laden rock song with an edge. As for what you hear, well, I guess that's your call...

p.s. - For the record, none of the artists you mentioned sound unfamiliar to me. In fact, I happen to be a big fan of most of them.

Koogles wrote:
Excuse me... this new breed of revolutionaries of which you speak happen to be MAINSTREAM modern rock acts. You guys are
in a melodic rock AOR message board. Melodic hard rock (i.e. Ten, Fair Warning, etc.) is the revolution that waits for a time and a
place to happen. Power pop like SR-71, Eve 6, Blink 182 and Zebrahead all started with Green Day back in 1994 and I eagerly
anticipate the day when this breed of COMMERCIAL mainstream radio fodder gets levelled by a powerful melodic rock
renaissance led by artists such as House of Shakira, Raine, Hugo, Savannah, Jaded Heart, Change of Heart and others. If these
names sound unfamiliar to you, then you're on the wrong board, gentlemen!

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