RE: Johnny Lima Set and THE GODS in general
Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: November 09, 2000 08:25PM

Dear everyone,
Please reread my original post. Nowhere am I complaining about one person saying that didn`t enjoy a particular band. I know that not everyone will enjoy all the bands, but at least by putting so many on we`ve got a good chance of having several acts that each person is into ( or why the hell did they bother turning up? ).
My point is that it seems like a lot of misinformation and negative niggles that gets posted after the show when in reality it should be a lot of posts about how bloody great the event was and the fact that there is such an event at all.
Imagine your own job of work. If you put together a particular project and invested your own personal money into it, spent months and months working on it and then when you had to present it you got fantastic reactions, but then went on the net to find people making irrelevant comments and dwelling on the negative when in reality the project you had worked on was only for the good of the business that you work in.
Wouldn`t that upset you as well? Or am I the only person that really gives a toss about making this scene more successful?
Saying one band was better than another is pointless as it`s all down to personal taste. I also know that it is human nature and impossible to stop. But going on and on with incorrect facts ( such as the statement that Johnny`s set was cut half way through when it simply wasn`t ) and inane complaints ( such as the dick on one site that complained that the gig went on too long and then in his next point said that TEN were the most overrated band in the world and why did he have to suffer them each year, when the simple solution would be to fuck off home after TWO FIRES, thus making it not such a long day. Then again, this same guy couldn`t even work out that to get a copy of a NOW AND THEN album in the UK he should probably contact NOW AND THEN, so we could hardly expect a reasoned post could we? ) really doesn`t do any good for anyone.

I`m not saying that we expect hundreds of posts raving about every album that we release as that isn`t possible. But, with an event like THE GODS ( or Z ROCK or any other such event of this type ) I really do think that criticisms are fruitless and mostly without foundation. Again, you may say that the criticisms will make the next one better but I disagree.
The only things that were faults with this year`s show were the power cut half way through Lost Weekend`s set and the light failure at the end of Johnny`s set. These are things that no-one has control over.
We have had complaints about the sound quality in the past. Well, MAXIMES is not the greatest venue in the world it has to be said. We spent a lot of money making the stage better and thus enabling us to make the positioning of the P.A. much better and this meant that the sound was very good this year. The nature of an all day event like this means that the bands don`t get to sound check so obviously the sound will never be perfect. Hell, was it ever perfect at DONNINGTON or any other festival? Those guys have rotating stages, soundchecks the day before and millions of pounds to spend on the production and they still have shit sound. I think we do pretty damned well considering the restrictions we have.
Anyway, my main point is that I don`t actually get involved in any of the posts saying that one band was crap if you look more closely. I have only become involved because I get upset when people just seem to be looking for things to be negative about when the event was a huge success and 995 people seem to have had a great day but the 5 miserable tossers who wouldn`t enjoy the gig no matter what we put on, seem to be the ones with access to computers and aren`t happy unless they are unhappy.

Bye for now,

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