Johnny Lima Set and THE GODS in general
Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: November 08, 2000 10:18PM

Dear Sharon,
I think it`s time I explained the truth about this incident as it seems
to be the usual case of negativity on the net.

>You wern't there right ?? OK well he had done about half his set and the
>lights went off during touch of love -

He had only one more song to play after "Touch Of Love" so that is not really half his set done.

> where he usually does his crowd thing so he keeps saying through the song 'put >the lights back on' etc etc anyhow they do not come back on the lights guy tells >him there is a problem with the lights and to cut his set.

Not true. There was a technical problem with the lighting that is true. But no-one told him to get off stage at any time. In fact, the stage crew were telling Johnny to keep playing. They were at the side of the stage putting the keyboard rig together for MILLENIUM and hadn`t got it done so there was no reason for Johnny to cut his set at all. That`s why the gap between Johnny`s set and Millenium`s set was a bit longer than it should have been.

>So JL says ive been told to get offstage theres a problem with the lights - to all >my fans i am sorry I love you all and with that he stomps off and throws his mic >stand down. I spoke to him straight after and he was not happy - well you dont >fly all the way there to do half your set and get kicked off all his fans and all the >people who were there were totally disgusted. He was OK later on very >dissapointed as were we all.

Again, he played his full set minus one song, not half his set. He did 40 minutes rather than 45. Do you really think that we would pay to bring him over just to screw him when he is signed to our label? Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of the public as there seem to be very little sensible thought going on.
I spent Sunday night with Johnny, Josh Ramos and Andrew McNeice over at my house until 2 A.M. and we were laughing about the incident as once Johnny found out that no-one was telling him to get off stage he realised what had happened and it was funny in hindsight. I won`t go into more detail about the conversations of that night though as Malmsteen fans wouldn`t like it one bit. Suffice to say, old Yngwie won`t be making too much money if he ever decided to do an excercise video after watching the "Live In Brazil" DVD. LOL.

>Still I chatted later he had kinda got over it but I think it will be a while before he >comes back again,

He will come back when we bring him back. Johnny wants to play as much as any other artist does. I really think that people should learn that talking to a musician right after they play is not a great idea. They always think that they sucked and that everything went wrong for them. I have never met a musician yet that thinks they did a great show. They are still hyper after their performance and every little thing is blown out of all proportion.

> he said he wasnt impressed as much this year with the event itself,

What he actually meant as he told me on sunday was that he felt that the crowd weren`t as `into` it as they were last year. I think that`s because last year he had the element of surprise and this year most people knew that he`d be great so expectations are raised. It`s like Peter`s post saying that TEN were solid like they were last year. They played a blinding set, but they did that last year as well so it doesn`t have the same impact. How many second albums by bands do you buy and think they aren`t as good as the debut and then a few years later you listen to them and they are actually great? It happens all the time.

> which turned into a bit of a marathon starting at 12 noon and finally finishing off >at 2.45am with Tens last song.

I really can`t accept giving almost 15 hours of live music for £20 as a criticism. Next year we`ll do 10 days with one band a day and charge £20 each day if that is better. Sorry for trying to give value for money. Do any of you people realise how much time, effort, stress and money goes into putting this event on? Your flippant remarks after the event never fail to make me want to give it all up. How about just for a change emphasising the positive, such as the fact that the venue was sold out, despite terrible weather conditions, rail services being almost non-existent and floods all over the country blocking roads. We sold more CD`s / t-shirts in one day this year than we did in two days last year. Completely sold out of GODS 2000 shirts by early evening, completely sold out of THE SIGN and MELODICA`s "Long Way From Home" before each act even went on stage!!!
I guess that isn`t as interesting as whining about one little problem or another though is it? No wonder people laugh at us in our little anorak world. If we put JOURNEY on, no doubt we`d get complaints from people that it wasn`t Steve Perry singing for them.

Bye for now,

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