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Date: November 09, 2000 12:30PM

Captain Chaos wrote:
I am not as up on the Van Halen stories as you are but can you tell me did Eddie destroy it with Sammy, Dave or both? I was always under the impression that Daves acting like a fifth grader at the MTV awards was what caused Eddie to back out the last time Dave was supposed to come back.


Here's 1996 - the reader's digest condensed version......

Van Hagar wraps up the Balance tour early in the year. The band is scheduled to take a year off. Eddie and Alex are to get their surgeries done (hip and back, respectively) while Sammy Hagar spends time with his pregnant wife and becomes a daddy again.

Ray Danniels, acting out of greed, signs the band on to do 2 songs for the Twister soundtrack, without their prior knowledge. At the same time, he manipulates the tension between Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen. Reason? Sammy is the only member of the group who sees Danniels for the piece of shit he is. (The situation is very reminiscent of Paul Mc Cartney vs Allen Klein in the late 60's)

Meanwhile, Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt leaves the group to do a solo album. Extreme also is managed by Danniels. They choose not to formally disband at this time, with singer Gary Cherone considering the possibility of his own brother as a new guitarist.

Halfway through the already tense Twister sessions, Danniels informs the band that the second of the two songs they are recording, "Between Us Two", will not be released on the soundtrack, but held over for a greatest hits album. Initially the band is split down the middle on this issue, with Eddie and Michael Anthony in favor and Sammy & Alex against. Eventually Alex caves in to sign with his brother and his brother - in- law (Danniels) Sammy's well reasoned argument, that Greatest Hits albums are only released by bands who have nowhere left to go in their career, is ignored by the other band members, and the dickhead manager who points out that Hagar had just recently released a greatest hits album of his own. True, says Hagar, but it was forced on him by the label, and he didn't make a dime from it, all profits having gone to the divorce settlement to his first wife Betsy. After Eddie complains about Hagar's lyrics to the song, a disgusted Hagar says "I don't tell you how to play guitar. It's fucking finished" and flies to Hawaii to be with his wife who is by now 9 months pregnant!

In Hagar's absence, the Twister soundtrack climbs the charts. Danniels forces the issue of the Greatest Hits album again, but it's a little hard for the band to write songs without a singer present. Danniels calculates... On one hand(Van Hagar), he has a band with a singer he hates, and the feeling is mutual. On the other hand (Extreme) he has a band that will unlikely be able to regroup, but a singer who canl mold to his will. Danniels calls Gary Cherone and flies him out to Los Angeles in late May of 1996.

Meanwhile, WB records is publicizing the upcoming Van Halen Best Of Volume I collection. It becomes public knowledge that both Classic Van Halen and Van Hagar material will be used on the album. David Lee Roth is notified by the label and he in turn calls Eddie Van Halen, curious as to how he will be represented on the album. After the 2 old bandmates talk for a while, Eddie actually invites Dave to drop by the studio! Could it be possible??

Of course, let's not forget Mitch Malloy. At some point during all of this, he was invited to audition for the band. Probably because Eddie was not at all impressed with the first Cherone audition.

And keep in mind kids... Sammy Hagar is STILL officially in the band while all of this is going on!

Of course, that changed on Father's Day (note the irony) June 15, 1996. A drunken Eddie makes an early morning phone call to Sammy Hagar's home in Hawaii. Ed tells the Red Rocker "You've always wanted to be a solo artist, so you might as well go back to being a solo artist. We went and got Roth back and things are going great" Notice that neither Cherone or Malloy's name were mentioned.

Then the news broke....... "Sammy fired - Van Halen back together with DAVID LEE ROTH!!!" was the headline all over the world. MTV spends the whole summer showing a commercial of old Dave/VH clips set to the theme from "Welcome Back Kotter" and hyping the new Van Halen video as part of their upcoming fall season. MTV invites Van HALEN to appear on the 1996 Video Music Awards. Cherone, thinking he's got the gig, is confused and asks Danniels "what the fuck??" Ray assures Gary that it's all part of the plan. By this time, Malloy had already taken himself out of the picture. Who the fuck could blame him?

Sept 9, 1996 MTV Video Music Awards - Van HALEN walks on stage to a standing ovation to present an award to Beck. Dave acts like only Dave can (a fact that was later pointed out by many celebrities in attendance, including Beck himself). Mikey and Alex look on and laugh their asses off. Eddie stands apart from the other three, clearly uncomfortable....

After the show, the band is interviewed by Kurt Loder. At no point did anyone mention Gary Cherone's name. At no point did anybody say that David Lee Roth was not in the band. To the contrary, Alex said "You can't fool the fans" and Mikey said" The sky's the limit". Eddie, when asked about a tour, said that the band would have to record at least a 5 song EP of new material first.

Later, at a backstage press conference, Eddie loses it. He decides he would rather talk about a hip transplant than a tour. Maybe because he knew the whole world was watching and he was LYING to them? I believe at this point that Alex & Mikey really believed that a Van HALEN reunion was a done deal. Only Eddie and his fascist fuckwad manager had other plans.......

And we all know what happenned next..... No need to bring up the pain of VD III again. But the short answer to the Captain's question is the same now as it was on October 2, 1996

"Eddie did It!"

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