RE: Jack, in response to your post...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: November 04, 2000 03:14PM

Hi Jack,

I don't presume that your post was directed at me, but I will respond nonetheless. This whole thing is a facinating topic for me to read and post about. Like I said, I have an interest in the area of religion and I have spent some time studying the topic, at least to some degree.

I didn't mean to imply that I am paranoid or that I suspect there are satansists lurking around every corner. I certainly don't. I don't believe that there are many artists who are seriously involved in occult activity. In fact, there are probably more who feign to be than those who actually are. But, on the other hand, there are many people in this world who have dabbled in the black arts, and there are certainly satanists out there too. And most of them are not like Marilyn Manson or King Diamond. Most of them are very secretive about it, rather than flaunting it. Although I don't go looking for satanic messages in music (ie., the Def Lep thing that was mentioned), I don't doubt that some music does have some satanic messages in it. Some probably has other messages as well. I do believe that some musicians purposely might include occult references (whether subliminal or otherwise) in their music. To me, the Eagles song "Hotel California" is more like a story than anything else. It just so happens, that it's a story about an occult-ralated experience. Just like some other songs as well ("Devil Woman," etc.) And, to my knowledge, the band never made any attempt to hide the basis for that story. I am certainly not claiming that the Eagles are (or were) a bunch of practicing satanists. But, as someone (John Q?) pointed out, I'm not gonna completely dismiss the possibility that they may have been involved in occult activity at one time or another (or that they still are, for that matter) just because of the fact that they don't look like Marilyn Manson or sound like Slayer. To me, that would be a ridiculously naive standpoint.

I too have encountered those who feel that rock music is the devil's tool. I remember listening to a radio broadcast by a guy named Gary Greenwald or something like that. The guy just came off as a raving lunatic who had no idea what he was saying. I have since thought about that broadcast many times. The 8th commandment is "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." And this guy was making up all kinds of stuff. For example, in Queen's song, "We Are the Champions," there's the line about "You've brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it, and I thank you all." He claimed it was the band thanking satan and all of the demons who had provided them with their success in exchange for their souls. And that was just one example. I mean, the guy had to be completely twisted just to think stuff like that up. You're right, Jack, many Christians go searching for the devil in all kinds of places, and they wind up twisting perfectly harmless stuff in the process. Personally, I believe that music is, in and of itself, neither good nor evil. I believe that it can be used for either, though. Some of you (and a lot of narrow-minded churchgoers) may be interested to learn that many of the traditional church hymns that are so well-loved by churchgoers actually started out as old German drinking songs. No kidding! They were the most well-known songs around, so Christians (like Marin Luther, in particular) back in those days wrote and substituted Christian lyrics to fit the songs that everyone knew. They were frowned upon in that day and age by the established church, though.

Now if everyone will just turn to #348 in their blue hymnal...
(Choir-Leading Gargoyle Smasher)

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