The song & satanism-more than you ever thought
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Date: November 03, 2000 02:29PM'd know...

Hi guys,

Although I don't have all of the details, I have been fairly aware of the story behind this song for quite a few years now. I honestly can't remember where I heard it, but it seems to me that it might have been during a band biogrpahy or an interview with one or more members of the band. It definitely wasn't from any kind of religious fanatic trying to convince the world that all rock music is "of the devil." Anyways, you guys did basically piece together the story that I read/heard.
Here's some additional info. that might interest you...

-The hotel written about in the song was definitely a real hotel that was used/run by a group practicing satanism and the black arts. Apparently, at least some of the group did have contact with the establishment, although whether or not it was accidental I don't know. The song was inspired by the whole experience.

-The line about not having "that spirit here since 1969" did, indeed, refer to the fact that wine wasn't served or carried by the hotel because of its connection with the Christian sacrament of holy communion. See, religion is kind of an area of interest for me. I have studied numerous religions over the past twenty years or so purely for interest's sake. And, although I don't claim to be an expert by any means, satanism is one of the religions that I have researched in some detail. I don't know if that seems twisted or not, given the fact that I am very much a Christian. I guess you can chock it up to a genuine interest and an open mind. Anyways, there are many different branches of satanism, with The Temple of Set and Anton LaVey's (also spelled LeVay) Church of Satan being two of the more common ones. Regardless of which branch of the religion they follow, many satanists will try to "pervert" and renounce fundamental elements of Christianity (the most common example of which is probably the upside-down cross) as part of their rituals and even as a part of their every day existance. Thus, for a group of practicing satanists to avoid serving or partaking of wine (and red wine in particular), this would be a way of renouncing one element of Christianity. Some groups also practice black masses in which they drink a perverted version of communion wine, which could contain a mixture of such substances as blood, alcohol, urine, semen, vomit, etc. (Yum, eh?) LaVey himself performed a satanic wedding ceremony and baptized his daughter, Karla, into his satanic church.

-I believe that when someone in this thread mentioned the hooded figure on the hotel record cover, that they actually meant Anton LaVey, rather than Aleister Crowley. Although I have no proof that it was LaVey in the photo, it seems likely. A little background info. here will help to explain why:

As was mentioned earlier, LeVay was the founder of a very popular branch of satanism (again, known as "The Church of Satan"), and the author of several books, the most common of which is "The Satanic Bible." Apparently, since its inception in the 1960s, LaVey's branch of satanism has had quite an impressive following, including a surprisingly large number of celebrities (like, for example, Jayne Mansfield, Sammy Davis Jr., and more recently, characters such as Marilyn Manson, etc.). LaVey was known to be an extremely colorful character. He did not believe that satan was actually a being/character as some proponents of the Christian faith suggest. Rather, he believed that satan was a power or a force. He also believed that the devil was a scapegoat that was invented mankind so that we could blame our "evil" nature on someone besides ourselves. He delighted, though, in role-playing the part of the devil, and prided himself in looking the part. His head was shaved bald, and he had a dark goatee (to me, he looked like a circus performer, and, interestingly, he was at one point). He was known to wear costumes such as hooded cloaks and/or horns and a tail. His house looked the part, and he enjoyed playing eerie organ music at high volume for hours at a time (he was, at one time, also a professional organist). Here's an interesting sidenote: He died on October 29, 1997, but his death certificate states that he died on October 31st (Halloween). Anyways, I am sure that he would have enjoyed partaking in the photoshoot when the Eagles' album cover was being put together. It sounds like the kind of publicity stunt that would have been right up his alley.

-It would take too long to discuss the song in its entirety, but suffice it to say that it is, indeed, written about an experience with the occult. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that at least some of the members of the Eagles dabbled in or at least did some investigating in this area. You see, satanism is actually a very attractive religion. It teaches that Christianity has duped mankind by introducing to us the notion of evil and sin. Its followers believe that we are just another species of animals and that, like animals, we should feel free to follow any and all of our desires, whatever they may be. We should not concern ourselves with right and wrong, good and evil. In essence, satanism has a problem with the human conscience. Satanists would have us believe that we don't need a conscience or an innner voice, or even common sense to tell us what's right and what's wrong. Rather, they believe that we should feel free to do whatever we feel we want to do. See, it's a religion that encourages people to focus on themselves and their own interests, desires, etc. For this reason, and because of the fact that it does often seem to allow it's followers to increase their riches, power, etc., it is actually a very attractive religion. Unless, of course, you have any faith at all in God, an afterlife, and/or an existance beyond this world...

Geez, I never expected this post to be this long. Yet, somehow it's fitting given the fact that Halloween is just nicely finished for another season. The congregation is dismissed. I'll see you all again next Sunday, LOL!
Pastor Don

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