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Date: November 04, 2000 01:48AM

Peter wrote:

>Did you make it back home okay?

Yes, however, I didn't know that Germany also follows day-light savings time, so I ended up at the airport an hour earlier than I needed to be... 4:30am for a 7:30am flight. Ouch!

>Well, I had a really great time and Styx were awesome! Being a huge Tommy Shaw fan, it was a real treat to finally see him live. <

Just remember what we told you... Stand right near the women, and you get a great show from the guys. ;-)

>Now as far as this whole John Young vs. Dennis DeYoung subject goes: I'm not really an expert on the subject. I didn't really get into Styx until a couple of years ago. Back in the day, they were too POPpular over here for my taste ("Boat On The River") and I was more into the heavier bands. <

Yeah, me, too. I never really appreciated BotR until I heard it live. I prefer the heavier, more guitar-oriented stuff myself. Guess that's why Cornerstone didn't do much for me -- however, I *love* "Lights."

I think the Young-DeYoung comparison is really irrelevant myself. To me, Styx has always been the *sum of its parts* not one individual's contribution -- they all have something different and special that they add to the mix. People may argue that Dennis *is* Styx, but I disagree. Of course, he contributed a great deal, but after seeing his solo show this past Wednesday, there seemed to be a great deal missing in the Styx songs for me.

His voice is still incredible, but I really miss the contributions of the other members. Together they all create a magical combination. Ironically, the new Styx sounds more like "Styx" to me than the Dennis show did, and that was *not* because of the orchestra. The harmonies were lacking and the musicians (although talented) just didn't connect like the other guys in Styx do. And, I gotta tell ya, I was missin' the 'Human Piston'... Todd Sucherman. That man has a power behind his drumming like few I've seen.

I also found the song selections that Dennis chose to play a little strange: Light Up (not exactly the best suited for an orchestra or the setting that was portrayed) and Mr. Roboto (although it sounded okay, there were tons of other Styx songs that Dennis wrote that would have really benefited from the addition of the orchestra sound and anyone who attends his show certainly knows who he is and would have undoubtedly known the less-popular material anyway).

What I also found strange was that he played very little of the keyboards himself. He had a keyboardist in his band who played most of the stuff including "Claire de Lune," which I became very disapointed when it wasn't followed by "Ballerina." Could you imagine what that would have sounded like with an orchestra??? It would have been just amazing.

And, please don't shoot me, but I think having Matthew dancing all around the stage with a Roboto mask on was just plain ridiculous and unnecessary. To me, it really cheapened the quality of the show. I mean, here is Dennis, Mike Eldred, and Dennis' sister-in-law, Dawn-Marie, all dressed to the hilt (including the members of the orchestra), and there you have Matthew come out with plain pants and a T-Shirt (with his gut hanging over the waist of his pants) doing these goofy moves on stage with the mask on his head. Huh? Also, knowing how particular Dennis can be about everything looking, running, and sounding "just so," it seemed like even the set list was hastily thrown together and didn't seem to flow right to me.

I *am* glad that I went though, because I do enjoy his music. I also finally got to hear some of the Hunchback material live (I didn't get to see the production in Nashville), so that was a treat (Mike Eldred played Quasimodo in the production). However, I was disappointed that he didn't do "Pilates Dream" from "Jesus Christ Superstar" (from his "10 on Broadway" album) and that he only chose 2 solo songs of his and one of them *wasn't* "Call Me." :::shrug:::

It was a great show and I'm glad that I went, but I don't know if I would go again (if the show was exactly the same) and pay those prices again (once you tacked on the TicketMobster fees, it was a whopping $73 for about 40th row). I was told, also, that after the next two or three shows that are coming up, they will probably be the last for him. It turns out that he has not been getting the response and interest that he had hoped for. Too bad.

>At any rate, these guys put on a great show and seemed to have a lot of fun up on stage. Heck, Tommy even let you play on his guitar there for a brief moment - what was up with that?!? <

Heh, heh... He does that a lot, especially when there is no barricade in front of the stage. He gets a big kick out of letting other people play his guitar, but this was the first time that I had seen him allow another person to hold their hands on the frets as well. Brandy was so excited when he reached down and took her hand to do that. ;-) He was so sweet and nice to us that night.

>Venice delivered too. Nobody does harmonies better than these guys, that's for sure. A bit more juice on the guitars and these guys would be every Melodic Rock lovers wet dream. <

Yes, their vocals *are* incredible. They do a fantastic rendition of Stevie Nicks' "Landslide" that is to die for. And Kip's imitation of Mick Jagger was histerical! :-D I agree that they are a little too laid back for my tastes as well. What they could do with some more "uumph!" And, I really like Mark Lennon's voice a lot.

>P.S. Were you able to pick up some Spr√ľngli chocolates?<

Actually, no. Since we had run ourselves so ragged, we opted to sleep a little later and didn't have much time before we had to catch our train. Guess we gotta come back there, now, huh, Peter? ;-)

It was *so good* to finally meet you. I can't tell you how much we appreciated the good care you took care of us. Thank you for everything. You are truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. Thank God for the Internet. :-)

Rocker Chic

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