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Posted by: Don ()
Date: October 24, 2000 03:48PM

Well, it could be that the icy cold air up here in my igloo has frozen my brain, but I've read all of the comments in this thread, and I must say that I love what many of you have said about this band (ie. Rogue, Kilzer, F.O.R.D. and esp. Joe). I guess I can see where pretty much all of you are coming from, with the exception of the comment about their music not aging well. IMO, it's aged every bit as good as any of the other similar music from that era (Foreigner, Journey, Survivor, Styx, etc.). Here's a few thoughts, anyways:

-It's absolutely true that their name and "the chick factor" earned them nothing but contempt from many guys back then. But Loverboy weren't the only ones. I remember when I went to high school, many guys lumped them in with the Journeys and Foreigners, and considered them to be lightweight radio fluff. In fact, I think that Journey was considered to be even more of a limpwristed blemish on the world of rock than Loverboy. “Open Arms” was especially hated. Real men in those daze listened to the much manlier AC/DC, Van Halen, Led Zep, Rush, et al.

-They probably were too popular for their own good. In the music business, it's often true that "the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

-They may have been a calculated, contrived slice of corporate rock, but they were also pretty talented musicians. And one of the things that I always liked about the band was Mike Reno's voice. I always thought of it as being much huskier than a lot of his peers' Steve Perry, Lou Gramm, etc. (But don't get me wrong, I am not slamming those other vocalists. In fact, Steve Perry is still among my all-time fave singers.) I totally agree about Mike Reno's not over-singing Loverboy's songs. He always gave an intense, inspired performance and did their material justice.

-Their first two albums still rock my world to this day. Now, as I've stated before, I cannot express how little I care about music sounding "dated." With me, I either like music or I don't. Whether or not the music sounds dated doesn't even enter into it. Tracks like "The Kid is Hot Tonight," "Turn Me Loose," "Gangs in the Street," "Jump," "Workin' for the Weekend," etc. are, IMO, among the catchiest tunz ever committed to tape. As many of you can probably tell, I am a fan of their earlier stuff. I began losing interest after album #2. It's not that I don't like their latter stuff, it's just that it didn't rock my world in the same way as their first two albums. I was especially turned off by their track, "Notorious." It REALLY seemed to me at the time like they had lost their edge and were trying to hard to write a radio hit.

-I know that tastes vary, and I'm fine with that. But I still have a hard time understanding how anyone who has heard their first two albums claiming that there's an abundance of filler on them (especially "Get Lucky"). To each their own, I guess.

-I can't help thinking that if these guys deserve to be playing in tiny little dives in the middle of nowhere, what the h*ll do a lot of the other bands from the '80s deserve?!

-I was highly disappointed with their "VI" album from a couple of years ago. I had high hopes, but it was one of the biggest wastes of money of that year ('98). The year before that, it had to be Keel's "VI - Back in Action." Hmmm, what is it about that Roman numeral?

The bottom line, IMO, is that any of you out there who haven't heard much from this band (and assuming that you are comfortable enough with your masculinity to not be put off by their name) owe it to yourselves to pick up at least something by them so you can judge for yourselves. I'd recommend either of their first two albums, or one of their G/H compilations. (Btw, of the three that I know of, I'd say "Classics" is their best.)

Well enough rambling. Besides, it's time to feel the dogsled team. Cheers all.

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