RE: I don't think you get it
Posted by: Joe ()
Date: October 16, 2000 07:59AM

A short answer would be to admit that I don't care.

However, you have misunderstood what that means. And you have somehow misinterpreted that simple statement as some kind of broad conclusion about how I think or feel about people, feelings, and justice.

I don't really understand how people can make such strong statements about who is being cheated and who is being hurt in this case. Clearly no one here is intimately involved with any of the band members and is privy to all the official and unofficial agreements and disputes between them. Clearly no one here has viewed and understands the legal contracts that are in dispute. Support of one side or the other may be construed in some bizarre way as loyalty, but it is blind loyalty. It is fan loyalty.

There are two separate sides to this dispute and each side makes an absolute claim to truth and righteousness. 35 years of living on this planet have taught me that the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle and that people that pick one side over the other aren't choosing for any reasons other than individual bias.

What I wonder is if you people really get this wrapped up about human feelings, and people, and injustices that happen in everything that touch your lives in some way. I don't. I'd go crazy if I tried. I care intensely about my family. I care greatly about my friends. I care a good bit about acquaintances. I care somewhat about complete strangers and would help out in some kind of good samaritan kind of way. Beyond that, I don't have the time or emotional energy.

I think most people are that way. However, some whacked fans go so far as to include their favorite artists into that inner circle. I think these types of people are instable. I don't personally know you Captain Chaos so it is difficult for me to judge, but your posting does imply that you feel justified about the strength of your feelings. I don't know, maybe Dennis is an old friend to you.


Captain Chaos wrote:
You and Joe are saying that you could care less about the musicians themselves and their feelings. You don't care if someone is making money off of the other guys songs. None of those things bother you at all as long as they are doing something musically that is pleasing to your ear. Human feelings and people getting cheated in real life are just things that you don't need to concern yourselves with. After all they aren't humans anyway, they are just musicians and it's their sole purpose to make good music. Who cares who gets hurt in the process.

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