Journey delay -- my opinion...
Posted by: Kevin ()
Date: October 01, 2000 06:08AM

BenzRules wrote:
Aaron - I could not agree more. I reached the decision not to buy the CD about a month ago when they postphoned the US release. At this point, I don't really care what the reasons are - I know initially, they said they needed more "set-up" time to promote the CD properly. What a bunch of shit! We the fans have known that they were recording the CD since April and managment and the label knew long before this. At this point, I am unsure if we will ever see the release. But like you are contemplating, I decided about a month ago not to be concerned about the release anymore and also not to be concerned with the CD or the tour in general. I have been a fan since the early 80s and have been disappointed over and over again with delays, cancellations, etc. Thanks to Napster I have heard the entire CD and think it is great - too bad the rest of the world may never hear it. Don't apologize for what you said - if anything, the band and the label should be apologizing for jerking around the fans.


well....according to that logic, you should have stopped being a fan when Raised on Radio was being recorded then. Do you have any idea how many times that cd was delayed for one reason or another?!?!?!?
If you are going to feel bad on someone, feel bad on Lou Gramm and Foreigner who CANNOT EVEN GET A RECORD DEAL!!!!!!!! Read the article that Andrew posted on the main page if you don't believe me. I guarantee you that if I went to the Foreigner board and told them there would be a new Foreigner cd in January that the fans there could barely contain themselves because at this point in time, they don't even have the hope of EVER getting a cd unless the band signs to a minor label where they might sell 10,000 copies if they are lucky.
Consider yourself lucky that Journey even has a cd coming out and they they are not playing county fairs like half of the other bands to 200-500 people. The members of Journey are just as displeased as you are that the cd is being delayed.
Maybe you haven't thought of this but Journey is attempting something here that VERY few bands have pulled off successfully--that is trying to go on without arguably one of the most distinguishable voices in rock music, or at the very least, without the person that 99.9% of your average public relates to Journey. If this cd comes out and flops, your days of seeing Journey in a live environment are SERIOUSLY numbered because Augeri won't be there much longer if that happens and the chances of reuniting with Perry again are very slim. Do you remember Johnny Edwards with Foreigner? How about Ray Wilson with Genesis? Remember Dave Bickler's reunion with Survivor even though he sung the one song that people know Survivor for (Eye of the Tiger)? How about Gary Cherone and Van Halen? Talk about the laughing stock of the last few years.....Van Halen is one of the largest selling bands of all time and their last cd barely sells 500,000 copies?!?!?!? Talk about a "marriage" that OBVIOUSLY did NOT work!!!!!
Personally, I have seen the band with Augeri and there is a lot of life in the band and if the powers that be think it's better to wait until after the first of the year to release a new Journey cd, give them a chance!!!
Have you seen the release schedule coming up before Christmas?? Kinda looks like a who's who in the current music scene---Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Sammy Hagar, Christina Aguilera and about 10 others (I'm thinking Backstreet Boys are releasing a cd also...). In case you missed it, Journey means NOTHING to the current population of cd buyers--they have for all practical purposes been dead since 1986 with the exception of ONE SONG which didn't even have a tour to go with it. If they are even going to attempt a comeback, at least give them an open slot where they wouldn't get slaughtered by the top sellers of 2000.
The most interesting thing I have seen about the songs that people have heard is that the reviews are VERY good for the vast majority. That means Journey at least has a chance of doing well, so at least see what happens
Am I dissappointed that the release was delayed again? Of course, but I don't let it worry me. There are a lot more things to get stressed out about like people dying and starving all over the world and soem that I know. I don't know about you, but I have a personal life that causes enough stress that I don't have time to worry about whether a cd is delayed. I listen to music for enjoyment to escape life's problems--NOT to create more things to be upset and angry about. You and I are just fans--there is no monetary or life-threatening consequence if the cd is delayed (or if there is, maybe you should tell what is really going on behind the scenes since you must obviously have personal involvement about this cd and you can tell the rest of us fans).

Sorry for the rant........I just can't understand people that get so uptight over music.

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