RE: Kevin, it's true/About Chris' post...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: October 01, 2000 02:06PM

...Chris is right, Johnny Gioeli is simply getting better with time. He really tears it up with ARP, and the songwriting is top-notch too (although waaaaay different than the Hardline stuff). I also respect his top five list - he's listed some bloody fine vocalists there.

I must admit, though, I have a hard time understanding the point of Chris' initial post. If Jon Bon Jovi (or Vince Neil, or Barry Manilow, or whomever...) rocks some people's worlds, then is that such a crime? Should that be everyone's criteria for whether or not they listen to (or enjoy) and artist's music: that he/she's a top-notch vocalist? Does a vocalist need to be one of the best (or even very good at all?) in order to create some worthwhile music? Certainly not, in my opinion. Jon, Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Jani Lane, Dave Mustaine, Stephen Pearcy, and Biff Byford are just a few of the vocalists whom I consider to be mediocre, but whose music I still enjoy. F.O.R.D. is gonna blow a gasket (pun intended) at this one, but I don't consider David Lee Roth to be particularly gifted in the vocal department either. Yet, along with guys like Robin Zander, Steve Tyler, and Eric Bloom, I consider his voice to be unique. And, what's even more important to me, all of the aforementioned singers happen to have made some music that kicks royal hiney. To each their own and everything, but I just don't understand the need to tell people to stop listening to an artist because their technical skills aren't quite as proficient as some of the other artists out there. If that were the case, we'd all just be listening to Kansas, Dream Theatre, Rush, and the like. It's like suggesting that we should only eat vegetables, because they're filled with the most vitamins (aren't they?!). There's a lot more to quality food (and music) than just that one dimension.

I'm not tryin' to ruffle feathers here or start a flame war or anything. I mean no disrespect towards Chris at all. I was just a little surprised to see a post like his come up. It may even have been said (written) with a tongue firmly planted in his cheek. It's so hard to hear (read) people's "tone of voice" over the internet. Anyways, I'll step down off my soapbox now...
Rev. Don

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